Conan O'Brien And Stephen Colbert: Whose Show Is This Show?

  • Published on: 08 April 2020
  • Somewhat reluctantly, our guest Conan O'Brien relinquishes control of the interview and allows our host Stephen Colbert to get in a few questions. #StephenAtHome #Conan #TeamCoco

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  • Runtime : 9:52
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  • Tharen Gore
    Tharen Gore   1 days ago

    Ah the game of who can out question who and comedic jokes...priceless.

  • Cyn Y
    Cyn Y   5 days ago

    Omg, Conan's hair. People, it's not hard to cut your own (shortish) hair. Stylists have convinced us all that we are not capable of doing it ourselves. Watch some youtube videos and get rid of that mess, dude.

  • jered willman
    jered willman   2 weeks ago

    anyone else here from Conan to compare edits lol

  • Mozarc2045 Mu
    Mozarc2045 Mu   3 weeks ago

    God what’s with Conan and Stephen..... kinda weird

  • Eddie Bear
    Eddie Bear   3 weeks ago

    Is this is simulcast? This is like Raw and Nitro airing the same broadcast.

  • Jamaal Curry
    Jamaal Curry   3 weeks ago

    You both are killing it.... Stephens bodycount is marginally higher

  • Vytas R
    Vytas R   3 weeks ago

    Oh, don't you worry! You bring us happiness and joy! Only this time it is natural and we do not need all those crowd warmers and cheerleaders to laugh, so it is natural.

  • Dyllyo
    Dyllyo   3 weeks ago

    What's with the Robot Chicken theme song?

  • beuhtrix
    beuhtrix   1 months ago

    anything you can do i can do better

  • Ephyra The Martian
    Ephyra The Martian   1 months ago

    Stephen looks better on Conan’s show than he does on his own show. There he looks professional, here he looks like an thin orange.

  • rjnagle
    rjnagle   1 months ago

    For another example of "this should be the show," look for the video where a fire alarm interrupted the Conan show in 2007.

  • Lu
    Lu   1 months ago

    Stephen: You wouldn't know him he went to a different school.Conan: My dad went there too!Stephen: That's mad bro

  • Milubee
    Milubee   1 months ago

    By Trump logic both of them are experts in medical field, specifically infectious diseases and leprocy.

  • Angela P
    Angela P   1 months ago

    Omg SOOO FUNNYYY 😂😂😂

  • Jd Richard
    Jd Richard   1 months ago

    Is that a Gretsch Tennessean on the wall, and signed by Chet Atkins? I really need to know....please....please......please; and another please on the side.

  • Doo waheed
    Doo waheed   1 months ago

    "and what about your show do you miss that? " Stephen is the king of comebacks 😊

  • Brad Ross
    Brad Ross   1 months ago

    Conan and Colbert - 2 very funny/witty guys just jabbing back and forth is GREAT content!! Had me laughing out loud- love it. More of this please!!

  • lordgolu
    lordgolu   1 months ago

    Wonderful word play :) Trust me sirs when I say, I am laughing my butt off

  • ivan cai
    ivan cai   1 months ago

    It's well known that comedians have the highest IQ of all entertainers.

  • rocky
    rocky   1 months ago

    Where is Conan 's eyebrows?

  • Eti Tripathi
    Eti Tripathi   1 months ago

    I watched both show (btw same interview 😅)

  • wakechester
    wakechester   1 months ago

    That Bottle Of Gin Has Been There For Over A Month. I Remember When Ryan Gave It To You...Lightweight. ✌️😛👍

  • Amberlyn Olsen
    Amberlyn Olsen   1 months ago

    Lmao!!! This reminds me of my 5 year old daughter and 4 year old nephew doing a video chat and showing each other all their toys!! 🤣

  • B C
    B C   1 months ago