Did This Dog Walker Just Steal From Customer's Closet?

  • Published on: 25 November 2019
  • One Queens, New York, homeowner spotted a dog walker taking more than just her pet out for a walk and sounded the alarm. Shayna Bryan hired a dog walker on the service Wag and instead of pay attention to the two dogs in the home, the owner says the walker tried to steal from her Long Island City, New York, home. In video of the incident, the walker headed straight for the bedroom and was later seen carrying a purse that belonged to the homeowner. Wag says all walkers do go through a background check.
  • Runtime : 1:46
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  • Alex Davis
    Alex Davis   1 months ago

    And once again this is why you don’t hire anyone from wag or rover. Ask your vet who they recommend they usually have someone they trust, in fact usually the techs will do it if you ask.

  • Chuwi Kitten
    Chuwi Kitten   1 months ago

    Dog Walker: Takes a napkinInside Edition:

  • robloxian _
    robloxian _   1 months ago

    Looks like WAG made a bad choice this time

  • keecefly
    keecefly   2 months ago

    The dogs were complicit and should be locked up. They set the whole thing up!!! 😶

  • Jeremy’sValentine
    Jeremy’sValentine   2 months ago

    lol the brown dog sitting there like “ oh no honey what is you doing”

  • d_am
    d_am   3 months ago

    This is what America is like now 😞, what happened to you don’t have the lock the door when you come home from school, don’t walk to school someone will kidnap you. It’s sad how America was so nice and now it’s trash 😭😭😭😭

  • ßrøkën
    ßrøkën   3 months ago

    What!! They should have refunds!

  • Jillian Scott
    Jillian Scott   3 months ago

    At the end of the day get home insurance to cover your expensive items

  • grass flowerz
    grass flowerz   3 months ago

    WAG has to be dumber than a box of rocks replace the pocketbook the money the company will lose in business is WAY more. DUH

  • punky chambers
    punky chambers   3 months ago

    As someone who dog sits and has house sat while dog sitting. This disgusts me. I can't even fathom doing a action to make people not trust me.

  • seasons seasons
    seasons seasons   3 months ago

    I know her heart started beating through her CHEST when the alarm rang 😭😭😭

  • Backshot Barbie
    Backshot Barbie   3 months ago

    She’s stolen before that’s why she didn’t care. That’s clearly a horrible wig and she Proably will just sign up under new account info to get her job back

  • Backshot Barbie
    Backshot Barbie   3 months ago

    Don’t do business with that company if that’s the policy

  • mikee smitty
    mikee smitty   3 months ago

    Nope she can win in a civil matter..the camera doesn't lie..easy slam dunk case..

  • Don Bags
    Don Bags   3 months ago

    way to represent, sistah.

  • Is that COOKIES
    Is that COOKIES   3 months ago

    Title: Did this dog Walker steal from the customers closet Me:No she’s just taking items with her, without permission

  • baumstuff
    baumstuff   3 months ago

    Why didn’t she call 911 so they could catch her in the act?

  • The jazzmen Rain show
    The jazzmen Rain show   3 months ago

    That's ridiculous, just like her lace front blond wig. She's a F**kn Clept-Hoe-maniac 😱👀👀👀Smh!!!!!

  • 18matts
    18matts   3 months ago

    Wag won't refund hahaha wtf?!

  • StopAnimal Abuse
    StopAnimal Abuse   3 months ago

    that’s just not enough wag. not even close. these aps let ANYBODY ABUSE THEM DONT TRUST THEM!

  • jzex
    jzex   3 months ago

    my dumbass thought that one of the dogs was the person who was stealing

  • Andy Morris
    Andy Morris   3 months ago

    Awwwwwwww. Those poor puppies😢😢😢😢.

  • Jay WhoLovesEveryone
    Jay WhoLovesEveryone   3 months ago

    Even the 2 dogs were like, 'WTF is she doing? She's NOT supposed to be in there...' But, question...Had she even taken the dogs for their walk?

  • Raymond johny
    Raymond johny   3 months ago

    and their dog just like BYEE HAVE A GOOD DAY

  • Kristins Rowland
    Kristins Rowland   3 months ago

    A receipt!!?? Wtf I'm pretty sure if it's name brand they can look up the bag and pay for it....

  • Morgan Freeman
    Morgan Freeman   3 months ago

    I would never let random people on the internet into my house let alone near my pets.