Plastic Pollution: How Humans are Turning the World into Plastic

  • Published on: 01 July 2018
  • Modern life would be impossible without plastic – but we have long since lost control over our invention. Why has plastic turned into a problem and what do we know about its dangers?

    This video is a collaboration with UN Environment and their Clean Seas campaign, If you want to take action to turn the tide on plastics, go to and make your pledge.

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  • Runtime : 9:2
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  • Johan Larsson
    Johan Larsson   4 hours ago

    8:00 Be honest, it is not "just as important" its "much more important". China plus some specific third world countries release virtually all the non-recycled/burned plastic into the environment. As first world countries start to create plastic from sustainable sources and burning it when used they have almost erased the environmental impact of plastics, the rest needs to take their responsibility as well.

  • TNode
    TNode   6 hours ago

    At 5:10 you can see the blob fish

  • JS 232
    JS 232   11 hours ago

    Why not just melt the plastic and turn it into glue

  • JS 232
    JS 232   11 hours ago

    Im from IndonesiaMy cousin always litteringI did told him not to littering but he doesn't care

  • MWB Gaming
    MWB Gaming   11 hours ago

    Easy solution, pay us to recycle it It worked for cans, scrap metal, and PET bottles, and It can work for plastic in generalWhere there's quick money to be made, people will flock toward it, people might even go out to the Pacific garbage patch to collect plastic waste

  • J. Chuck Wycoff
    J. Chuck Wycoff   18 hours ago

    Do I determine correctly; that, humans are the worst thing to happen to this planet?

  • K S
    K S   1 days ago

    The video like this, often point the finger at China and India, but in fact per person in America and EU consume plastic way more than people in those developing countries. First-class countries still ship their plastic trash to Asian countries. While Asia is becoming developed in a modern western approach because of the world-economic pressure, and they look at those rich heavily industrialised, consuming countries and follow their way of 'successful lifestyles'.The solution for plastic is a complicated problem, indeed.

  • Ferricity AMV
    Ferricity AMV   1 days ago

    We can do this!!! We've solved Ozone Layer issue right? I know we can do this. Esp since bill gates focusing on Climate change we should be able to invent safe plastics

  • Spok
    Spok   2 days ago

    Why don't we just burn it all? That and maybe stop adding bad things to it. Why not add some nutrients? It seems to me that the presented "solutions" at the end of the video only makes things worse, much worse.

  • William Cox
    William Cox   2 days ago

    Pretty good communication. Liked (so to speak) and shared. Thanks for posting.

  • I Am The Carrot
    I Am The Carrot   2 days ago

    They are so meticulous for details; for example, I just realised that they state where they got the data from on the bottom right of the video.

  • Akeda Laevateinn
    Akeda Laevateinn   2 days ago

    So basically China and India ruin things for everyone again

  • Guess What
    Guess What   2 days ago

    To protect the planet you should be gay and vegan

  • Hijime Chen
    Hijime Chen   2 days ago

    Boss : plastic is very durable and easy to produce, any idea what to use it on? Dude 1 : disposable bottle! Girl : disposable bags! Dude 2 : use it on long term things Boss : Dude 2 : ( gets throw out of the window )I know this meme is dead but it's just too perfect

  • Crybaby. -w-
    Crybaby. -w-   2 days ago

    Hm.Most of the pollution is happing in India and China etc,If you’re in Australia you are safe.Australia is not even half of the people in New York City. You can give me hate as long as you research first.

  • Mahameru Music
    Mahameru Music   3 days ago

    Last vid part is rubbish.Our grandfather live finely without single use plastic.Too much energy consumption? Nah blah.500-1000 years polluting earth is more concernin and letal

  • SKD Gaming
    SKD Gaming   3 days ago

    Hey!!! I am from 2020 and now plastic is banned

  • Cronux Reaper
    Cronux Reaper   4 days ago

    Can someone make my plan a reality? I call it "Project Jollum"An alternative plastic material made from bio materials that can solidify its body composition and hardened like plastic and also melts like an organic ice. Its hard to explain in comment section. I hope this will solve the plastic problem.A plastic that melts after exposed to flame that does'nt turn poisonous when liquifies. "Its a Jelly thing but complicated"

  • David Davidson
    David Davidson   4 days ago

    You all want to avoid microplastics, but not me. I plan to infuse myself with so much of it that my body never decays!

  • Bill Carson
    Bill Carson   5 days ago

    I send it off for recycling wherever I can. Then I burn what I can't send off.

    GLENNJAMIN   5 days ago

    Furby-like characters represent the worst kind of plastic.I love it.

  • Tri Nguyen
    Tri Nguyen   1 weeks ago

    Midas was stupid should have just let the servants feed him xD

  • Mechanism
    Mechanism   1 weeks ago

    how did a drum get into the ocean?

  • idrak et
    idrak et   1 weeks ago


  • CMROB1000
    CMROB1000   1 weeks ago

    Did you know it takes 2 liters of oil and water to make a 1 liter plastic water bottle