Are These Shoes REALLY Indestructible?

  • Published on: 29 October 2019
  • Today we're taking the self claimed Indestructible Shoes and putting them to the test. How strong are they really, and can we break them down?

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  • Runtime : 12:27
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  • Merv Cann
    Merv Cann   2 hours ago

    No thanks. I don’t buy shoes or boots manufactured in sweat shops!

  • B Shinn
    B Shinn   17 hours ago

    Maybe you shouldve tested them against actual work boots/shoes. Honestly I'd trust the Hytest boots I have over those.

  • Rowan Cotner
    Rowan Cotner   2 days ago

    The company's a scam and they refuse refunds

  • Charles Hines
    Charles Hines   5 days ago

    If you want shoes that are difficult to destroy try cement hehehe

  • Charles Hines
    Charles Hines   5 days ago

    What about running over the steel toed part with a car or truck at low speed?

  • SuperNova
    SuperNova   6 days ago

    Who is the guy up on the wall? Does he host too?

  • Ben Doan
    Ben Doan   6 days ago

    Nobody cares about your wide feet dude

  • Hippos.99 Lee
    Hippos.99 Lee   6 days ago

    Did any of u guys see the lava lamp in the background

  • Stephen Hucks
    Stephen Hucks   6 days ago

    I used a butcher knife, cut right through it and their definitely not slip resistant

  • Fun625
    Fun625   1 weeks ago

    I bet Thor likes TKOR 😝😂😆

  • Thanos
    Thanos   2 weeks ago

    I have the same lava lamp

  • Viper
    Viper   2 weeks ago

    One of the purposes of a steel toe is for it to cut your toes off so they can be reattached later

  • Aleyna Inlow
    Aleyna Inlow   2 weeks ago

    Did anyone get anxious when he was slamming the shoe on the nails and when he put his foot on it 😥😥

  • Aydin Yeung
    Aydin Yeung   2 weeks ago

    From now on I know that nothing can survive a durability test with a TKOR twist

  • Jonathan Velazco
    Jonathan Velazco   2 weeks ago

    There ugly shoes I would never ever wear them in a million years idc how indestructible they are. If they made these into a nice looking boot maybe...

  • Angryjoshi16
    Angryjoshi16   2 weeks ago

    Something food-ish: existsCallie: proceeds to eat it

  • Timmy Gunz
    Timmy Gunz   2 weeks ago

    They only lasted 3-7 months in the machine shop until the coolant and chips tore em to pieces

  • lilla !
    lilla !   2 weeks ago

    Should we test it with the blow torch 😂

  • Boney Lockz
    Boney Lockz   3 weeks ago

    Did the guy from Cloudy With a Chance of Meatball make them spray on shoes for you guys?

  • Jason Camp
    Jason Camp   3 weeks ago

    Oh the shoes are 70 bucks that's 2 1/2 hours of work it they are lighter and more comfortable than any other work boot if it last 3 months it's worth it . U can't put a price on feet not hurting if u do construction and u own ya feet all day. I pay 300+ for red wings well I used to until I tried Thorogood boots there Cadillacs of comfortability . I switch my shoes out wear J3 one day my thoro the next keeps em from getting stinky and gives em time to air our

  • CallMeDuper
    CallMeDuper   3 weeks ago

    CEO of Indestructible Shoes: Wow we made some shoes that can't bend or break.TKOR has joined the gameCEO of Indestructible Shoes: Sweats

  • Jonathan Baldwin
    Jonathan Baldwin   3 weeks ago

    They really are indeed great shoes and feel very strong. However, the company is really bad. First off, they are in China. That is not clear on the website unless you dig. So your shoes will take 3 weeks to get to you in the first place. Then, my shoes were about a half a size smaller then I ordered and the company is now refusing to send me new shoes unless I pay return shipping and a ridiculous restocking fee even though their shoes ran too big. So if by some miracle you are able to get the right size I imagine you will love them. Just hope that everything is ok because they do not stand behind their products at all.

  • ElMariachi
    ElMariachi   4 weeks ago

    If there was anything indestructible, the world would inevitably only consist of this.

  • Randy Gregory
    Randy Gregory   1 months ago

    Can you use a magnet two spark plugs two pieces of wire and a light bulb and like the lightbulb up with the magnet

  • cooper christie
    cooper christie   1 months ago

    i was seriously watching this video then an advertisement for them came on8/

  • Noe Martinez
    Noe Martinez   1 months ago

    10:54 No eyes or hands protection on the liquid nitrogen test !!!! Pushing the shoe on the canister like that was scary to watch

  • Mason Jensen
    Mason Jensen   1 months ago

    It's probably still wearable I think so