• Published on: 07 November 2019
  • this is embarrassing honestly

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  • Runtime : 10:55
  • emma chamberlain emma chambie vlog skateboarding learning to skateboard


  • Madi4 EVER
    Madi4 EVER   2 hours ago

    Ethan skates bro they have a ramp in there back yard🤨😂😮😮🤨🤨

  • Skate Girl
    Skate Girl   2 hours ago

    You should get into skateboarding for yourself.

  • Danika Belton
    Danika Belton   2 hours ago

    Emma: I’m ganna try some tricks Also emma: just jumps off the board 🤣💯

  • El Payaso
    El Payaso   3 hours ago

    She should've wore black and white vans smh🤔🤔

  • Moe Carry
    Moe Carry   4 hours ago

    Get a glass screen protector

  • Rman Nayr
    Rman Nayr   4 hours ago


  • Ally Wiedoff
    Ally Wiedoff   5 hours ago

    does anyone ever notice that she always drives with one leg up?

  • Cheynoodle
    Cheynoodle   5 hours ago

    flips skateboard overme: PICKLE RICKemma: "i got a Rick & Morty skateboard"me: :(

  • Matthew Hargis
    Matthew Hargis   5 hours ago

    You need someone to teach you. Learn to ollie, and then learn how to fall. Learning how to fall is one of the most important lessons that you need. I could go on...

  • rebekah crowson
    rebekah crowson   6 hours ago

    This is officially when i confirm i hate emma Chamberlain.

  • Eden Thompson
    Eden Thompson   7 hours ago

    i think i died when she had a white thing in her hair and put her fingers through it....!

  • Durag Don
    Durag Don   7 hours ago

    I'm sure it has been said a million times at this point......but Ethan likes to skateboard☺️

  • haz helen
    haz helen   8 hours ago

    I feel like you should not know how to skate so he can teach you and you will “accidentally” fall once and y’all will have a moment and it will be so pretty and romantic omg I just pictured it

  • Alecia Cleary
    Alecia Cleary   10 hours ago

    Ok I admit when she said skating I DID think of Ethan, I'm sorry I'm sorry I know shame on me and the scary thing is I don't even like ethma or at least I don't believe in it. The point is I'M REALLY SORRY!!!

  • Madeleine Swan
    Madeleine Swan   10 hours ago


  • Charnte Tua
    Charnte Tua   10 hours ago

    I mean not forcing ethma or ship them and all that stuff but Ethan/Grayson skateboards and surfs.

  • mette
    mette   11 hours ago

    the first minute is literally me at this momentexact this situation

  • Sarah
    Sarah   13 hours ago

    we all know “this guy” is Aaron ;)

  • Kermit 143
    Kermit 143   13 hours ago

    Me when my mom ask do u want the phone 11 5:17

  • Stephanie Liew
    Stephanie Liew   15 hours ago

    hello is tempered glass not a thing in the states because so far in Asia everyone I know swears by it

  • Koko Kaka
    Koko Kaka   16 hours ago

    Is it really you learning skate boaed or did ya boy already taught you??? Hhuuuummmmmhhhh

  • Jade Porter
    Jade Porter   18 hours ago

    No on: The wheels on the skateboard: 🐁🐀

  • Tilly P
    Tilly P   18 hours ago

    “Aaron has left the chat”

  • AJ A
    AJ A   19 hours ago

    Wtf do you mean?I don’t even skateboard