• Published on: 07 November 2019
  • this is embarrassing honestly

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  • Runtime : 10:55
  • emma chamberlain emma chambie vlog skateboarding learning to skateboard


  • kylarenee x
    kylarenee x   2 hours ago

    i clicked on this video not knowing it was Emma Chamberlain..okay then.

  • Guess Who
    Guess Who   2 hours ago

    Why do you dress like that plus the “skater boys” are just posers you can tell if they skate by looking at their boards it will usually have some wear and tear on it and skaters don’t paint there nails or where those damn chains and don’t dress all depressed af

  • everett ward
    everett ward   3 hours ago

    emma: talks about boysher cat in the back round zzzzzzzzzooooooooommmmm

  • megan g
    megan g   7 hours ago

    Can we have a part 2

  • Cyril Infuze
    Cyril Infuze   9 hours ago

    10mn of blabla for 1mn of skateboard. The titled need to be change :)

  • PumpSZN
    PumpSZN   1 days ago

    i hate this biggity bimbo big mouth bitch now what happened she used to be so good still love u tho but

  • Shookkxxkie
    Shookkxxkie   1 days ago

    yeah let me just throw away my penny board...not like it wasn't my first ever board...ahah.........

  • Jemin jemin
    Jemin jemin   1 days ago

    skateboard not about to impress boy.U are making this sport joke

  • Mia Donegan
    Mia Donegan   1 days ago

    I skateboard and I literally only like skater boys to ha but also I'm in middle school and I ride a skate board

  • Fandi Hastomi
    Fandi Hastomi   1 days ago

    when emma says she nvr played REAL skateboardsok how did she do that moves?!?!?!

  • Nazneen kadir
    Nazneen kadir   1 days ago

    U r making it akward but it was ok u r just making us feel awkward but it's not🤦

  • lily.editssx
    lily.editssx   2 days ago

    Emma u are literally the best person ever ur just a huge vibe like i-🛹🖤

  • cool.
    cool.   2 days ago

    imagine being emma chaimberlain's crush and not knowing it

  • a_n_n_a
    a_n_n_a   3 days ago

    She 100% likes Jack Dylan Grazer.

  • mel bel
    mel bel   3 days ago

    I’m kinda doing this ... I’m just trying to attract skater boys😂

  • Keyla Castillo
    Keyla Castillo   3 days ago

    Girl don't be scared but honestly, you could of went to Walmart or Target.

  • Riky Aji
    Riky Aji   3 days ago

    Step one- get some comfy flat sole shoes

  • Pup Kitty
    Pup Kitty   3 days ago

    I will buy a skateboard and I need you to teach me

  • Londyn B
    Londyn B   3 days ago

    Yessss u don’t skate with ur foot facing forward bc most girl do dat and I have the same wheels 👀

  • Londyn B
    Londyn B   3 days ago

    there’s different types of skaters it’s okay be yo self😌✌🏼

  • Londyn B
    Londyn B   3 days ago

    I feel like if u call your self a skater girl then u a poser I’m not saying Emma is but I just feel like it