The Untold Truth Of Harry Styles

  • Published on: 28 November 2019
  • Harry Styles launched a massive solo career following his One Direction days, with a legion of fans who follow his every move. Though his star burns bright, Styles still exudes the charm of a smalltown English boy. How does he do it? This is the untold truth of Harry Styles.

    After Harry Styles performed the still-unreleased track "Medicine" live in May 2018, Billboard reported that

    "Twitter users immediately called the song a bisexual anthem, claiming that [the] lyrics confirm the singer’s sexuality."

    It's easy to see what all the fuss was about, what with lyrics like:

    "The boys and the girls are here/ I mess around with him/ And I'm OK with it"

    Billboard also pointed out that it's difficult to discern the exact lyrics of the song, since the audio is really rather warbly. Either way, openly gay figure skater Adam Rippon had this to say about the song:

    In August 2019, Rolling Stone profiled Styles, writing that,

    "[He] likes to cultivate an aura of sexual ambiguity, as overt as the pink polish on his nails...On his first solo tour, he frequently waved the pride, bi, and trans flags."

    So why, exactly, did he do that? Styles explained to Rolling Stone:

    "I want to make people feel comfortable being whatever they want to be...I'm aware that as a white male, I don't go through the same things as a lot of the people that come to the shows. I can't claim that I know what it's like, because I don't. So I'm not trying to say, 'I understand what it's like.' I'm just trying to make people feel included and seen."

    As of this writing, the star hasn't publicly defined his sexuality, telling The Sun in 2018:

    "I don't feel like it's something I've ever felt like I have to explain about myself."

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    His sexuality | 0:17
    His bakery days | 1:46
    Styles' secret attic years | 3:06
    His first pop-punk band | 3:59
    He named One Direction | 5:05
    Other songs he's written | 6:22
    He loves a good rom-com | 7:30
    Respecting the fans | 8:05
    No rockstar cliche | 9:01
    A loving home | 10:13
    One Direction's break? Harry's idea | 11:01
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  • Nicki Swift
    Nicki Swift   2 months ago

    Who was the best member of One Direction?

  • Mary Cushman
    Mary Cushman   1 days ago

    Need help reaching this Harry's ppl he has disappointed my daughter they took her money and never sent her shirt help somme one

  • David Deleon
    David Deleon   3 days ago

    Does he is the most successful between all of the 1d members?I know they are all successful but i mean Does Harry was The most?

  • G W
    G W   6 days ago

    These videos grate on my nerves so bad. I thought I saw him recently in Sydney City. He had a beard and a suit on. He has a nice face, nice blue eyes and clear skin but really skinny legs

  • Krijn van Alten
    Krijn van Alten   1 weeks ago

    Is no one coming on the idea that it might all a big parketing idea. I mean with this sexual speculation in his songs, people are talking about him, and that is what brings the cash in!

  • Ella Rose
    Ella Rose   1 weeks ago

    If I ever meet harry imma say to him OMG UR THAT DUDE FROM THE WHITE ESIKMO just to see his reaction

  • SalonSavy64
    SalonSavy64   1 weeks ago

    Yes !,, when Us mothers hear our sons sing in the car ,, we know there’s talent ,, 👍🎧🎙🎤🎹

  • Cierra Styles
    Cierra Styles   1 weeks ago

    Literally my Idol since I was like 15😍 now I'm 24 and he's still my idol

  • diana styles
    diana styles   2 weeks ago

    Harry Styles: you hear this name and you know he was always destined for fame

  • Victoria Rose
    Victoria Rose   2 weeks ago

    "he never did drugs"Fineline : hold my nail polish

  • Christie Mayor
    Christie Mayor   2 weeks ago

    Yeah his former boss was absolutely right oh gosh Harry is sooooooooo polite... He knows how to respect people

  • anna sorokina
    anna sorokina   2 weeks ago


  • Snowflake Jones
    Snowflake Jones   2 weeks ago

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    sreeram sanal   3 weeks ago

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  • kamila Camara
    kamila Camara   3 weeks ago

    why the fuck fo people think dis angel is a womanizer

  • OCFam
    OCFam   1 months ago

    I love Harry but probably not in the same way his 1D fan base does in that I’m much older and didn’t really become a fan until he started his solo career. He reminds me of Paul Walker in the sense that nobody (but their close fans and friends) knew how amazing they are. People assumed Paul was a stupid surfer guy kind of dude (just like they said of Keanu Reeves who is also an amazing human being) full of himself because of his looks and fame. They didn’t think there was any substance to him. Then he died and the outpouring of love from his fans, close celebrities and acquaintances all said the same thing, they never met a more generous, loving, accepting and positive guy than Paul. Then the world caught on and said hmmmm why are there so many people deeply mourning him and all saying the same thing? Then the world realized he was not what they thought he was. He was a humanitarian, a lover of the earth, giving to people he didn’t even know and anonymously getting no credit for his gifts. Harry reminds me so much of him because he has all those same qualities as Paul and most the world just labeled him as an untalented, womanizing boy bander. His fans have always known who he really is and I think it’s awesome the world is finally catching on that he is a rare shining star. So full of depth and love, he literally radiates love and when he hugs his fans or anyone he holds them close with 2 arms and lingers long enough as to say hey, I care about you even if I don’t know you. THAT is what made me love Harry. There aren’t many like him ❤️

  • Vita Violetta Puspita. Pipit

    I want to fix his appearance, I want to fix his clothes, clothes that are suitable for a man, fix his hair, hairstyles that are suitable for a man, hairstyles that make him looks more handsome, the most important thing make him looks masculine, fix his dancing style, style of dancing that is appropriate for a men, and not overdo it, fix his facial expressions when taken a picture of him, proper facial expressions for a man, fix the attitude of his head gestures and the attitude of his body gestures, the attitude of head gestures and the attitude of body gestures that are appropriate for a man, fix his shoes and bags that he wears, shoes and bags that are suitable for a man, fix his nails in order that he doesn't use nail polish

  • Vita Violetta Puspita. Pipit

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  • Vita Violetta Puspita. Pipit

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  • Hate Lies
    Hate Lies   1 months ago

    I love him ☹Harry😭😭😭😭

  • Anais Cantillana
    Anais Cantillana   1 months ago

    Harry: "I don't like the Notebook that much"Also Harry: "Okay, I love the Notebook"

  • Marcello Bomfim
    Marcello Bomfim   1 months ago

    Awesome video! Thank you! He seems to be a fantastic human being, caring, thoughtful and sensitive to other needs. May he have a long and wonderful life.

  • Amelie Fernando
    Amelie Fernando   1 months ago

    I thought this was gonna be some sort of tea video and I was ready to throw some hands🖐

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    Future Mrs. Styles   1 months ago

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  • Trust Trust
    Trust Trust   1 months ago

    Great music doesn't have a target group and Harry Styles definitely produced some of the best and lyrically very strong pop-rock ballads. Rock world was waiting for someone like him for a while.

  • hefin rosser
    hefin rosser   1 months ago

    Who cares about his sexuality! None of us will get to meet him! Let's just love his music and performance xx and long may his amazing music keep coming xx