Pup Quiz with Kendall Jenner and James Franco

  • Published on: 09 September 2017
  • Kendall Jenner and James Franco face off in a trivia game where the winner of each round gets an adorable puppy to snuggle.

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    Pup Quiz with Kendall Jenner and James Franco
  • Runtime : 6:56
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  • FAA
    FAA   2 days ago

    James is ADORABLE 😍

  • Susie Wolf
    Susie Wolf   3 days ago

    I couldn't stop smiling at James 😄😄

  • JK
    JK   4 days ago

    How are those puppies so calm and stay in place?😂

  • ayaan Khan
    ayaan Khan   4 days ago


  • Hà Nhà Mì
    Hà Nhà Mì   6 days ago

    thank you for adding english sub to learn english

  • M bipin
    M bipin   1 weeks ago

    Director: video start with fake laughJimmy:Yahn ha ha...yahn ha ha

  • gamingpony
    gamingpony   1 weeks ago

    I got all right where is my doggo

  • Lulu
    Lulu   1 weeks ago

    Who does James Franco keep staring at... he never once looked at the puppies

  • Annika Meier
    Annika Meier   1 weeks ago

    This is horrible. Iam freaking jealous😂😂😍😍😍😍the puppies are too cute.

  • Syed Ahmed
    Syed Ahmed   1 weeks ago

    Wow he just faked laughed at starting now I got it y everyone was saying

  • alice jung
    alice jung   2 weeks ago

    6:27 my dream , I love LOVE DOG'S

  • Activate The World
    Activate The World   2 weeks ago

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  • lucky rose
    lucky rose   2 weeks ago

    I just realised that in every pup quiz video, they start off with "oh great one"

  • Gwyneth Wong
    Gwyneth Wong   3 weeks ago

    lol i thot the answer to the second question was bitch

  • Anne Njoki
    Anne Njoki   3 weeks ago

    Can you please send me one please please😥😥😥😥😥😥😥

  • Sassy Daily
    Sassy Daily   3 weeks ago

    This really cool link which has all Kendall Jenner looks in one place with the exacts. Check it out: @t

  • Jee Mohamed
    Jee Mohamed   3 weeks ago

    Oh to be a puppy being pet by James Franco

  • Always Mali
    Always Mali   4 weeks ago

    I would just be purposely getting them wrong 😂

  • ArchAngel`
    ArchAngel`   1 months ago

    Is this the best video on the internet, or what?

  • Jasmine:3
    Jasmine:3   1 months ago

    I would live to be James but I love dogs!!!!

  • Sahaj
    Sahaj   1 months ago

    Honestly, this is the best game ever

  • Fini B
    Fini B   1 months ago

    Awww! That's so cute...

  • PhoenixBoy59
    PhoenixBoy59   1 months ago

    the puppies could have drowned eachother

  • zen kal
    zen kal   1 months ago

    Que raza son esos perros?

  • Abhigyan Dutta
    Abhigyan Dutta   1 months ago

    there is a supermodel right there but everyone kept their focus on James franco

  • Esha Dhadwal
    Esha Dhadwal   1 months ago

    I watched freaks and geeks in my English class and James is one of the main casts