I'm Pregnant! Taking the test, telling my husband, and the first trimester...

  • Published on: 13 August 2018
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  • Mrs georgia Baker
    Mrs georgia Baker   1 weeks ago

    God ,that's how hun ! This is why god saved u , so ur wish for baby could Come true.

  • Erica Renee Goats
    Erica Renee Goats   2 months ago

    That’s so sweet my sister is due in May for her second baby and it’s a boy and she also lives in Phoenix Arizona

  • Mommy_Bee1589
    Mommy_Bee1589   4 months ago

    I love that I just came across this video and now I can see you flash forward a year and see you with a chubby adorable baby!! I’m so happy for you, what a beautiful story you have ❤️

  • Phil Collins
    Phil Collins   10 months ago

    first time here ........and FAB news for you and ross too.....he's a lucky chap to have such a AWESOME person like you......hope you keep well.......thank you and do keep vbloging........regards Phil and Tee

  • Elizabeth McEwen
    Elizabeth McEwen   10 months ago

    Bless your heart. Idk how old this video is but congratulations beautiful!!! 💖💗

  • Apoorva Gupta
    Apoorva Gupta   1 years ago

    Is that the cricket match with India going on with the background? Congratulations guys!

  • Love and Faith
    Love and Faith   1 years ago

    This video was so so emotional. When you spoke about what u have been through I cried. I am so so happy that ure still here and it's so amazing that ure having a baby. I've subbed congrats guys

  • Shay Windsor
    Shay Windsor   1 years ago

    I'm basically a year late but still bawling my eyes out 🤷🏻‍♀️😭

  • JayLeigh B
    JayLeigh B   1 years ago

    God. Is. Great. Look what He can do!

  • Jodiedanielle-x
    Jodiedanielle-x   1 years ago

    My daughter has that same giraffe and named him raffie xxx

  • Hollyandthe Littles
    Hollyandthe Littles   1 years ago

    Wow I loved watching this Abi - such a lovely vlog and such a special one for you guys to look back on ♥️

  • Ashley Cox
    Ashley Cox   1 years ago

    That ‘magically’ thing is JESUS❤️ You had it in your heart to be a mother, and God answered that!

  • Ella Wadahl
    Ella Wadahl   1 years ago

    God Bless you, your husband and your future child❤️ god has a plan for you, he has for all good hearts❤️

  • VenturedHeart
    VenturedHeart   1 years ago

    I wish you all the luck and happiness with this pregnancy. A good thing to remember is nobody knows what they are doing at first, I know I didn't.. be kind to yourself and take it one day at a time. Also, I agree you truly are a natural beauty. <3

  • Aqeel Mushtaq Cheema
    Aqeel Mushtaq Cheema   1 years ago

    Please pray for my wife that she becomes pregnant as soon as possible thanks

  • Ikraam
    Ikraam   1 years ago

    Awww bless! I hope it all goes well and you have a great and enjoyable pregnancy journey x

  • AParkerRn09
    AParkerRn09   1 years ago

    That was the SWEETEST reveal to husband I’ve ever watched💕💕

  • Susie Welchman
    Susie Welchman   1 years ago

    Abi you are naturally beautiful such a gorgeous face just saying 🤗🦋💐

  • Susie Welchman
    Susie Welchman   1 years ago

    God loves you Abi ! He has a plan for your life 😊so happy for you! Congratulations honey lots of love 👶💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕🦋

  • Jayne Callender
    Jayne Callender   1 years ago

    Omg I actually bubbled watching this 😭 you're amazing and I wish you and your family all the health and happiness 💜 xx

  • Carlie Michalak
    Carlie Michalak   1 years ago

    Pregnancy is such a natural process and sometimes it can make your body healthier in some ways. I hope the best for you.

  • ItsGaoYouasWorld
    ItsGaoYouasWorld   1 years ago

    Wow! You are truly blessed!!! Such a beautiful medical blessing! Congrats to you and your husband. ❤️❤️❤️

  • Henley Phoenix
    Henley Phoenix   1 years ago

    I’m in a situation where I’m terrified too, I’m so scared of losing my miracle baby but I’m so early and there’s so long to go! I’m so happy for you ❤️

  • Kelly kraz
    Kelly kraz   1 years ago

    I love your axcent and that baby is so lucky to have you and u r beautiful You just gained another subscriber👪👨‍👩‍👧🦊♂️♀️

  • Prophet Kristina ortega Ruiz

    congratulations, im so happy for you. also your here for a reasom! to be that precious little babys momma . so GOD BLESS YOU

  • Lacy Lace
    Lacy Lace   1 years ago

    I am so beyond happy for you! I too am a cancer survivor and I've ALWAYS wanted to be a mom but I'm terrified to get pregnant! So glad I've found your channel!❤️❤️❤️

  • stacey sparkles
    stacey sparkles   1 years ago

    Oh my god what a beautiful reaction, beautiful story and beautiful woman congratulations sweetie, and you just gained a new subscriber 😘💋 xx

  • Phoebe Tee
    Phoebe Tee   1 years ago

    Oh Abi, congratulations! You are going to be an absolutely incredible mum and I am just in awe of everything you have been through. Honestly so thrilled for you both and I hope the second trimester is easier for you, eeep congratulations! xxx

  • Grace Duker
    Grace Duker   1 years ago

    Wow!! I genuinely feel honoured watching you right now. You are a medical miracle. Amazing. Massive congratulations to you and your husband. Enjoy this next adventurous part of life. Your reaction and baby bump was my favourite parts of this vlog. 😁😁😁😁😁😁

  • Charlie Fraser
    Charlie Fraser   1 years ago

    Aww congratulations on your baby son :) he's going to be so strong like his mumma x

  • Natalie Leanne
    Natalie Leanne   1 years ago

    It was so amazing to watch this! So excited for you both :) xx

  • Smithware
    Smithware   1 years ago

    Oh my god this was an emotional rollercoaster! So so so pleased for you and I’m so glad you are making videos ❤️ literally love it!! I’m getting my channel up and running again at Christmas 🎄🙌🏻 So pleased for you my love ❤️❤️

  • Hello Cuppies
    Hello Cuppies   1 years ago

    Ok... 2nd comment as I've just got to 12 minutes!!! His reaction and his hug... total sweetheart!! x

  • Hello Cuppies
    Hello Cuppies   1 years ago

    Yaaay! I felt so happy for you watching this, and I kept thinking "she's gonna cry, I can feel it" and I started feeling emotional for you! I've got a 13 year old, I had him when I was 22 and I remember that feeling waiting for the stick to turn! You're going to be an amazing Mummy xxx

  • Tina W
    Tina W   1 years ago

    I said congrats on instagram, but will say it again here. Congratulations! I’m very happy for you and Ross. Thanks for vlogging again and sharing your journey.

  • Frances Hemmant
    Frances Hemmant   1 years ago

    Oh this was the BEST thing to watch!!! I laughed and cried at the reactions, so precious to look back on. Your husbands reaction melted my heart, so so happy for you ❤️❤️❤️

  • Beth Wild
    Beth Wild   1 years ago

    Congratulations. Favourite vlog. Xx

  • Amy Cliff
    Amy Cliff   1 years ago

    I am so so happy for you! What a lovely way to remember those magical moments. I remember so desperately wanting a baby and then the second I found out I was pregnant, being absolutely terrified. And that’s without any challenges you have faced! Can’t wait to follow this new journey with you!x x