Which Rechargeable Battery is Best (episode 2). Let's find out!

  • Published on: 18 February 2019
  • Rechargeable batteries tested for low self-drain/self-discharge. Eneloop, AmazonBasics, IKEA LADDA, Energizer, EBL, Harbor Freight Thunderbolt, PowerEx, Rayovac, and Duracell tested. Additional cells added to testing: Varta and ActiveEnergy (Thank you Tony for sending them to me all the way from Australia). Tested capacity after 25 days of use in exterior, solar-powered lights. Thank you very much for supporting the channel by watching the commercials and through Patreon support. https://www.patreon.com/projectfarm
  • Runtime : 9:33
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  • Project Farm
    Project Farm   1 years ago

    Many thanks to everyone who requested this video! Rechargeable batteries are known for self-discharging while not in use. So, is the Eneloop better than AmazonBasics NiMH AA battery? The IKEA LADDA, Energizer, EBL, Harbor Freight Thunderbolt, PowerEx, Rayovac, and Duracell were also tested. I also tested 2 new batteries, the Varta and ActiveEnergy (Thank you Tony for sending them to me all the way from Australia). Finally, I measured the capacity of the batteries after 25 days of use in exterior, solar-powered lights. Please keep the video ideas coming. 100% of Project Farm videos come from viewers. Thanks again!

  • tunnelwind1
    tunnelwind1   2 days ago

    do the rechargeable battery's lose their charge if you leave in the charger

  • GardeningZ
    GardeningZ   3 days ago

    I would suggest a different formular to caucate the daily power loss from the 42 days loss. (1 - daily_loss) ^ 42 = 1 - 42_day_lossThe factor needs to be compounded.

  • Michael Boroski
    Michael Boroski   3 days ago

    Considering price IKEA is clear winner.$6.99 / 4 pack!

  • 2010stoof
    2010stoof   1 weeks ago

    They lose the most in first month.After that the self discharge slows alot. Great video!!

  • MnktoDave
    MnktoDave   3 weeks ago

    Hello, I was wondering if you might have a video like this for testing/comparing AAA rechargeable batteries? If not, it would be great to see you do a comparison of them also. I use some AA's but mostly the AAA size, and have been using them extensively in headlamps and other things for many years. I've had great results with the Rayovac, Duracell, and Ultralast Green AAA's but not so much luck with a few other brands. And having used both types of chargers (fast and slow) I've also found that the slow charging method seems far superior to fast charging, at least in my own experience. I just discovered your channel tonight so I've been binge watching many of your videos already, and I'm finding the content most interesting, as I continue searching your channel. Thanks for doing all you do, and I appreciate the lengths you go to in your testing, and also how you offer a fair and impartial view, in your analysis.

  • Daniel Jonas
    Daniel Jonas   3 weeks ago

    Ansmann makes an Energy 16 recharger and also Ansmann 2850AA slimline battery. It would be nice to see those results

  • pbodymathis
    pbodymathis   1 months ago

    Great video. It would have been totally awesome if you included the price of each battery in the test so we could see the bang for our buck!

  • Music4TheSoul
    Music4TheSoul   1 months ago

    Panasonic has a 1.2V and 1.5V version of their Eneloop Batteries, I don't know if it makes a big difference or not, but the 1.2V are primarily for solar lights etc. Some electronics won't operate very well if at all with 1.2V batteries. My Amazon Fire TV Remote starts to act up below 2.5 volts.

  • Arariel3
    Arariel3   1 months ago

    I really enjoy these comparison videos. Please continue and yes, consider AAA's!

  • Bill B
    Bill B   1 months ago

    Minimum charge rate recommended by the PowerEx charger is .5C which is 1/2 the batteries capacity. A 2000 mAh battery should be charged at 1 amp minimum. Charging at a lower rate can and does cause incorrect termination. Which can lead to cell damage and poor results.

  • Bill B
    Bill B   1 months ago

    Minimum charge rate recommended by the PowerEx charger is .5C which is 1/2 the batteries capacity. A 2000 mAh battery should be charged at 1 amp minimum. Charging at a lower rate can and does cause incorrect termination. Which can lead to cell damage and poor results.

  • DamageIncM
    DamageIncM   1 months ago

    So, basically Energizer, Duracell and... IKEA (somehow)... But EBL is utter garbage and basically a rip-off.

  • Dan Ford stokes
    Dan Ford stokes   1 months ago

    All you have to do is don't charge rechargeable batteries when you don't need them. End of problem of discharge when not in use.

  • Matt Nelson
    Matt Nelson   1 months ago

    Like too see a video after the batteries have 50 to 100 charge and discharge cycle see how well they do on self discharging

  • actionjh
    actionjh   1 months ago

    Can you do a 1yr update on how these rechargeable batteries are holding up? I'm curious to know if the Panasonic Eneloop is worth the price as it was first advertised as a slow discharge battery.

  • Lawn Hair Lawn Care
    Lawn Hair Lawn Care   1 months ago

    Can you do what is the best and fastest way to charge a car battery ? Jumper cables? Battery charger portable charger ?

  • boko5292
    boko5292   1 months ago

    Please include GP(Golden Power) batteries next time. I have some 10 year old GP that can still take a charge, other brands I've purchased after GP died long ago.

  • pbrin
    pbrin   1 months ago

    In our school we use rechargeable to avoid putting a lot of alkaline in the landfill. Because they use a lot of cells we turn them over quickly so shelf life/self discharge is less of an issue. It’s also a significant economy as well as environmental improvement.

  • pbrin
    pbrin   1 months ago

    I think it best to ignore the EBL silly 2800 mAh capacity and just treat it like a high capacity 2400 mAh battery. It shows much better on all charts which compare to “rated capacity”. It’s a good battery at a great price if relabeled as 2400 mAh like a LADDA or something. EBL should try this.

  • Alarmmanjjj
    Alarmmanjjj   1 months ago

    well i don't use rechargeable batteries ever, but i do have some solar lights that have been working for years outside. I live in Southern Ontario Canada and we reach some ridiculous temperatures here from -30 F in the winter to + 110 f in the summer. a bit of a swing for 12 months. I use a lot of batteries in my job and will only use Duracell as they seem to outperform the competition. now i know why. I really learn from your channel and appreciate all your hard work. with regards to one thing you missed .... temperature swings with the batteries. please do a charge recharge in low temperatures. Batteries react different in very low temps. As always ..God Bless you and your family.

  • Tree Climbing
    Tree Climbing   1 months ago

    Lithium Batts are recommended to be Stored @ 70 +/- % charge.Not sure about older style rechargeable batts. Ni-Mh

  • gword256
    gword256   1 months ago

    EBL batts https://imgur.com/a/OiyacbkFollowup on EBL batteries from the EBL store versus a cheaper store. These are new batteries just ordered and charged last night.

  • Forestry Dude
    Forestry Dude   1 months ago

    Impressive....plz continue!!!!! EZ THUMBS UP!!

  • Jeff Snope
    Jeff Snope   1 months ago

    Hello Sir, I am a safe Technician Can you please test 9v batteries. In the industry we find the Duracell batteries work the best. The Duracell Procell, the Duracell Quantum, and the Duracell standard batteries are the recommended industry standard for UL Listed electronic safe locks. We catch grief from almost every customer about this. They think the safe locks should work no matter what battery they put in it. There are some specific locks that really only work well with the Duracell 9v's. Those being the Sargent Greenleaf 6120, the S&G Titan Pivot Bolt, the Securam Prologic, the Amsec ESL20, and the Lagard or LG Basic. if you need any help with this or have questions, please get in touch with me. I work for Northwest Safe Company in Enumclaw, WA.

  • Alan Prudhomme
    Alan Prudhomme   1 months ago

    Just where are you racing too! Listen to your video's, sounds like there are in fast forward. Slow down brother, you will still get there.

  • William Mathias
    William Mathias   1 months ago

    Great Job!! I love the no-nonsense delivery of the info. Keep it up Project Farm. Many thanks mate

  • James McNeil
    James McNeil   1 months ago

    Have you tested current cordless drills....

  • F-150
    F-150   1 months ago

    Yes, more videos on various aspects of rechargeable batteries, please. These are GREAT!

  • Blood Bath and Beyond - Pop Goes Metal Covers

    I've used several of these brands for the band, and the EBLs and Energizers have been the best for us. Why? Because they don't refuse to charge within a year (or fall apart, like the AmazonBasics Black). We go through about 20 AA and 8 AAA batteries per rehearsal/gig, and they rarely last more than one night (not that we would even take the risk at gigs), so we always charge after each use. The EBLs and Energizers do stop charging eventually, but I don't replace them as often as I did with other brands we've tried. For heavy users like us, self-discharge simply isn't an issue. Surviving the road is much more important, and those are the two brands that can best handle a metal band - slight edge to the Energizers, despite the lower capacity per unit price.

  • Peter Shipley
    Peter Shipley   1 months ago

    Yes it would be interesting to see the survival rate after a year of charging discharge..myself personally I see the average lifespan to be about two and a half to three years before the battery starts failing to keep the solar light on past midnight.sorry I can't give you numbers on the capacity of the worn-out batteries as I typically chuck them asap

  • Taimoor Gilani
    Taimoor Gilani   1 months ago

    Hi I liked your video. It was very helpful. So, many thanks. There is just one thing that I would really like you to include in your tests. There is something known as CDR (continuous discharge rating) for rechargeable batteries. What affect does CDR have on the self discharge rate? And which batteries perform well at thier advertised CDR? (Warning: this test can get dangerous so all reading this if you don't know about these things please don't mess around)In theory a higher CDR would mean that you can draw higher amount of current from the battery without damaging or exploding it. A high CDR also means the battery would self discharge faster. (I am not an authority on the subject so please don't hold me to it if I wrong :p )Best regards

  • Hot Rod Andrube
    Hot Rod Andrube   1 months ago

    Interested to see longevity updates, determining value.

  • Ryan Mercer
    Ryan Mercer   1 months ago

    Why doesn't this guy have a million subs yet...

  • rangergun
    rangergun   1 months ago

    Can you include the Eneloop Pro?

  • Leonard Epstein
    Leonard Epstein   1 months ago

    Please test the 18650 lithium batteries. I notice that they say 3.7 volts, but i get a charge of 4.2. Thank you very much. Happy Holidays!