Thundercat Draws Zack Fox

  • Published on: 18 May 2017
  • Zack Fox and Thundercat are true pals with a penchant for cracking wise. The two are known for their cripplingly funny back-and-forth Twitter antics, and recently touring together seems to have fully blasted their otherworldly comedic chemistry into a new galaxy.

    On a recent trip to Los Angeles, we got up with the two for a chill drawing sesh, in which the duo flexed their artistic chops, and flamed themselves and the world as we know it into oblivion. Of the final portraits, Fox said, “I think both of these are fantastic pieces of art.” See the interview for yourself above.

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    Director: Scott Perry
    Editor: Sam Balaban
    Graphics: Madison Buillard
    Director of Photography: Scott Perry
    2nd Camera: Andrew Sales
    Producer: Frances Capell
    Production Company: The FADER
  • Runtime : 5:25
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  • sweet smarts
    sweet smarts   5 days ago

    I talk crazy like this when I’m with my close friends.

  • jae702
    jae702   2 weeks ago

    this is the best interview i’ve watched, you can tell how much they’re really friends

  • DAM 4216-8
    DAM 4216-8   2 weeks ago

    Thundercat lost a lot of weight and gained hella swag respect

  • Lewis Fewins
    Lewis Fewins   1 months ago

    I would sit and watch this for literally hours

  • MomhatAV
    MomhatAV   1 months ago

    call it the molly rocket

  • Chief Savvy
    Chief Savvy   1 months ago

    😂thundercat made a uterus monster and zack made zack a dick monster 😂 true friendship

  • Amber Brinkley
    Amber Brinkley   1 months ago

    Dang, no one ever talks about thundercats weight loss.

  • mad max
    mad max   1 months ago

    Dude zack's drawing is actually really sick

  • suaryps
    suaryps   1 months ago

    damn i wanna be their fake friend

    YUNG SMUT   1 months ago

    Thundercat lost so much weight holy shit

  • Guido Gueta
    Guido Gueta   1 months ago

    Omg thundercat is looking real healthy in 2020, compare to this video´s date,

  • memejiwoo
    memejiwoo   1 months ago

    Its funny bc hitler actually got denied from art school

  • helmut lang
    helmut lang   1 months ago

    still one of the funniest videos of all time

  • Giorgio
    Giorgio   1 months ago

    Damn, 2017 Thundercat was not in shape. 2020 TC looks amazing. Props to him

  • Yessirthatsher
    Yessirthatsher   1 months ago

    Im mf CRYING laughing at these two 😂😂😂

  • DeepFreeze172
    DeepFreeze172   2 months ago

    The way Thundercat says "FUUUUCK" gets me every time.

  • Sonja Klusman
    Sonja Klusman   2 months ago

    can someone tell me why Zach’s thighs look so absolutely scrumptious

  • moistmymy
    moistmymy   2 months ago

    This deserves 100m views Guys

  • Mikel Smith
    Mikel Smith   2 months ago

    I feel like they didn’t edit this

  • Cosmikronic
    Cosmikronic   2 months ago

    The Shrek 2 DVD extras had an interactive "Far Far Away Idol" video where you choose a winner. I remember that shit vividly, so that killed me that he said that

  • MomhatAV
    MomhatAV   2 months ago


  • Taijo
    Taijo   2 months ago

    Yooo Thundercat lost so much weight since this

  • Hidden Spirit
    Hidden Spirit   2 months ago

    Seeing that Pentagram ⛧ Horse 🐴 Dick 🗿 makes Me want to bust to Ritual Porn 😂

  • Grotto
    Grotto   2 months ago

    why zack fox look like joe budden in the thumbnail

  • Higher Consciousness
    Higher Consciousness   2 months ago

    Yes!! I used to do the fingers in my eyes as a kid at school ! I used to call it MIND TV

  • yasfarao Abon
    yasfarao Abon   2 months ago

    Zacks picture could legit be a character in Rick and morty