FOOD ART CHALLENGE & How To Make the Best Avengers Pokemon Detective Pikachu Pancake Art

  • Published on: 11 May 2019
  • We’re back with an all new food twist on the pancake art challenge! This time you'll learn how to make amazing diy food art like Pokémon Detective Pikachu, Iron Man and Spider-Man from Marvel Avengers Endgame, an orbit galaxy from Toy Story 4, Pumba from Lion King and so much more! Try not to laugh as brothers (not twins) the key bros compete in a hilarious do it yourself cooking competition to make homemade delicious art from breakfast and lunch foods like giant IHOP pancakes, watermelon fruit, vegetables and Pizza Hut pizza. And the best part is that you can eat and enjoy it all after! It’s another awesome and funny viral video in this fun entertainment and life hack tutorial compilation series.
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  • Runtime : 20:2
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  • Takylah Wooden
    Takylah Wooden   1 hours ago

    I wish sometimes Collins would actually do something correct because he’s trying to hard to be funny and it like uhhhh🙄

  • Chi Hg
    Chi Hg   2 hours ago

    Devin will always win he's just so good.!😇👌

  • TeamTankedMotorsport
    TeamTankedMotorsport   2 hours ago

    WINNERS Round one DevanRound two DevanRound three Devan Round four Devan

  • hen ko
    hen ko   2 hours ago

    Make DEKU from my hero academia out of a brocoli of watermelon

  • Og FRoStY
    Og FRoStY   2 hours ago

    Devan said done with the blue now time for the pink but he was done with the pink then he did blue like if you heard it

  • Jessyca Shepherd
    Jessyca Shepherd   3 hours ago

    at 5:29 - 5:32Devan : It was youCollins : no it wasn't me do i look like this😆Lmao🤣🤣

  • deh107
    deh107   3 hours ago


  • lovly10000000000
    lovly10000000000   3 hours ago

    Right when I watch the vid Collins acts crazy in a funny way 🙂

  • Kai Zheng
    Kai Zheng   4 hours ago

    Godzilla is not green.......

  • furrys fur life
    furrys fur life   5 hours ago

    You didn't finish the iron Man 😰😰😰😭😫😢😑😐🙂😌

  • Bang Mamat087
    Bang Mamat087   7 hours ago

    Itu pizza nya memakan yg spider man dan bagus

  • Jx S
    Jx S   8 hours ago

    I love you Devin

  • Lucky777Ent
    Lucky777Ent   8 hours ago

    Guys if the guy in the blue shirt can make youtube videos. Then lorda mercy the most basic people with zero talent can do way better.

  • Gacha Dog
    Gacha Dog   9 hours ago

    I think Collins won all rounds :)

  • Jtsxxoo
    Jtsxxoo   9 hours ago

    I spelled Collins wrong

  • Jtsxxoo
    Jtsxxoo   9 hours ago

    Colins spiderman pizza looked like unmasked Jason Voorhees

  • Soha Shaikh
    Soha Shaikh   9 hours ago

    0:06-0:20 Me:Pauses videoAlso me:Calls 911Reseptionist:911 what’s your emergency?Again,Me:Collins is abusing a watermelon Reseptionist: IM SENDING ALL OF THE POLICE AND GOVERNMENT AND THE AMBULANCES!!!

  • Jtsxxoo
    Jtsxxoo   9 hours ago

    That’s way too much to clean up

  • Cross Reaper
    Cross Reaper   10 hours ago

    Like and your life will become more emo then ever....or is that just my