10 Iconic NYC Restaurants To Visit When Social Distancing Is Over | Legendary Eats Marathon

  • Published on: 26 March 2020
  • On March 17, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio ordered all bars and restaurants in the city to close or serve only delivery and takeout in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. To pass the time during social distancing or potential quarantine, Insider is taking a look back at some of our favorite New York City eateries. From pizza and hot dogs to pastrami sandwiches and falafel, the Big Apple is never short of legendary places to eat. We visited 10 iconic restaurants in New York to see what makes these places a rite of passage for locals and tourists alike.

    Episodes featured:
    Katz's Delicatessen - 00:21
    Ray's Candy Store - 7:43
    Dominique Ansel Bakery - 12:57
    Mamoun's Falafel - 18:58
    Keens Steakhouse - 26:18
    Papaya King - 31:58
    Sylvia's Restaurant - 37:48
    Peter Luger Steak House - 43:30
    Lucali - 48:42
    Nathan's Famous - 57:22


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    10 Iconic NYC Restaurants To Visit When Social Distancing Is Over | Legendary Eats Marathon
  • Runtime : 1:2:33
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  • Mohammad GM
    Mohammad GM   4 hours ago

    Well I guess it’s easier to be vegan unless you live in NewYork .. damn it never craved meat 🍖 like this before! 😳😥🤤💔

  • Huvk
    Huvk   9 hours ago

    Katz’s needs a shop like everywhere only been there once and I wanted to stay

  • colette s
    colette s   14 hours ago

    Chicago hot dogs are the best. They are on a vienna roll with poppy seeds, fabulous hot dog bun. The hot dog is way fatter than NY. They put a dill pickle spear in the bun and 10 or 12 toppings, chili, kraut, green peppers, tomatoes, onions, sweet relish, on and on. You choose however many you want.

  • Romeo Mariano
    Romeo Mariano   1 days ago

    sabi ko kayong mga dayuhan sa america irespeto nyo naman mga americano diyan,,,,akala nyo inyong inyo iyan,,,,,

  • Elenita Caseria
    Elenita Caseria   1 days ago

    Do not support any corporate restaurants,let's put the MC's and rest out of business. Independent is free enterprise.

  • Shalom CCS
    Shalom CCS   2 days ago

    Luger steaks the best of the best.

  • Shalom CCS
    Shalom CCS   2 days ago

    Papaya king juices became less heavy since 1980. In the lates 60s juices were more papaya than water.

  • Shalom CCS
    Shalom CCS   2 days ago

    Go to Patsy pizza E.117st and 1st Ave. NYC a taste Frank Sinatra favorite pizza . The best NYC pizza.

  • Shalom CCS
    Shalom CCS   2 days ago

    When a place is running on family generational rules and keeps the same food quality, no need for publicity ,People do it for you.

  • Shalom CCS
    Shalom CCS   2 days ago

    What makes these places food unique is the no commercial products ,just the best ingredients and an original recipe,traditions respect and cook with your soul.

    The DARKNESS   2 days ago

    Katz deli sucks!!! Overpriced and overpopulated with douche bags!!!

  • Appolo P
    Appolo P   2 days ago

    The best restaurants are in Montreal.

  • Liza Octavia
    Liza Octavia   3 days ago

    I hope someday I can taste all the foods in the list 😊

  • harjot singh
    harjot singh   3 days ago

    Me to my mom after watching this video....."I want potato"

  • Mohammad Sh
    Mohammad Sh   3 days ago

    well now my goal in life is to leave syria and go to usa in nyc, to show americansmore amazing syrian food and open my own resturant😂

  • LSP Beau TAY Princess

    One of the 1st places I’m gonna visit when I can is Katz’s 💯 meat lovers dream !!!

  • Cadam2019
    Cadam2019   6 days ago

    Im from the UK and I’ve got to say I regret the day I ever went to Katz Deli on my visit to NYC because it has ruined pastrami for me! I can’t even go near regular pastrami anymore , that British supermarket pastrami I used to enjoy is over. Thank you Katz XD

  • Chanelle Mulan
    Chanelle Mulan   6 days ago

    I wish I could love studying and exercising as much as I love food. 😣

  • uniqueflowsnake
    uniqueflowsnake   6 days ago

    stupid tattoo and an even more ridiculous beard my man. keep up the good work.

  • iman s
    iman s   1 weeks ago

    i wish i would live in NYC...

  • Jessica Fickes
    Jessica Fickes   1 weeks ago

    Ray is sooo sweet! I just wanna give him a hug! I hope his business survives this pandemic. 😭😭😭

  • amy merdieth
    amy merdieth   1 weeks ago

    fafelll not even freshly made. made at factory...

  • zekerija shabani
    zekerija shabani   1 weeks ago

    I didn’t even notice that the video was 1hour long till the end of the video.

  • ruffy
    ruffy   1 weeks ago

    Message to people in Asia especially, please stop eating bats

  • Semira Rose
    Semira Rose   1 weeks ago

    Great, now I wanna go back to Katz’s for a pastrami sandwich but I don’t even eat beef anymore 😭