The Croc That Ran on Hooves

  • Published on: 01 May 2019
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    In the Eocene Epoch, there was a reptile that had teeth equipped for biting through flesh, its hind legs were a lot longer than its front legs and instead of claws, its toes were each capped with hooves. How did this living nightmare come to evolve?

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  • Runtime : 9:8
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  • Peke Cellphone
    Peke Cellphone   1 days ago

    When I see the picture of the video I said bullsh it

  • Linear Wolf
    Linear Wolf   2 days ago

    Whos that extinct animal!Me: Horse thing!A crocodile!Me: Ammsmwkkwmdjdusnryfhtndoowmnr

  • Linear Wolf
    Linear Wolf   2 days ago

    Trot trot trotHunter: Aha! Horses! A high price!Crocodile appearsHunter: Aha! Im dead!

  • Glenn Radars
    Glenn Radars   2 days ago

    Man I can't believe they made a dinosaur based on the Deviljho from Monster Hunter...

  • NepNep
    NepNep   2 days ago

    Crocs be naruto runners

  • Stefano Dawg
    Stefano Dawg   2 days ago

    Heaven forfend that one might think for oneself and at least consider the possibility that this animal cannot be explained via evolution dogma and just might have had it's origin via intelligent manipulation...

  • Alexis Colton
    Alexis Colton   3 days ago

    How do these people know that these creature exists from 50 million yrs exactly? That still baffles me. U were not alive back then how would you know? Just curious.

  • Max Looter
    Max Looter   4 days ago

    Maybe that's a pre-historic politician fossil's.

  • Seichi Matsu
    Seichi Matsu   4 days ago

    I like to think there’s an alternate universe in which crocodilians defeated dogs, ancient humans domesticated them, and they now live with cuddly scaly bois

  • Robo
    Robo   4 days ago

    Years ago in watching a documentary as a kid about dinosaurs, they talked about this weird half mammal that used to lay eggs but used to feed his newborns with milk (Now I think is the same that you have allready dealt with it a bit in the syanpsids video (cynodonts)) but it would be nice to have a full cover on that I was way to yang to remember names and staff

  • Jack MacArthur
    Jack MacArthur   5 days ago

    Those crocs run on hooves look like postosuchus in the Triassic period.

  • The Comet
    The Comet   6 days ago

    As a child i had recurring nightmares of crocodiles that stood on two legs. There was two of them that would stand in opposite corners of my bedroom, and throw me across the room back and forth with my bed in the centre.

  • The Comet
    The Comet   6 days ago

    As a child i had recurring nightmares of crocodiles that stood on two legs. There was two of them that would stand in opposite corners of my bedroom, and throw me across the room back and forth with my bed in the centre.

  • StarkFungus76
    StarkFungus76   1 weeks ago

    anybody else got this recommended to them on their feed

  • Khanh Nguyen
    Khanh Nguyen   1 weeks ago

    My little crocodile: Friendship is tasty

  • Vincent Gonzalez
    Vincent Gonzalez   1 weeks ago

    human race, because its one earth and things like thisor even gators or snakesor ants

  • WystenDraco
    WystenDraco   1 weeks ago

    If I were a man living in the Middle Ages and stumbled across the skeleton of one of these, I would have thought it was the skeleton of a Dragon.

  • Khyrid
    Khyrid   1 weeks ago

    They Naruto run?

  • D O
    D O   1 weeks ago

    Wow, a croc who can Naruto run

  • ForcesNL
    ForcesNL   1 weeks ago

    People forget. No blame cuz you barely hear about all the rare evolutions nature takes, cuz they don't work out when things change again. The more succesfull a species the more space nature has to evolve over longer periods. This hooved animal helps us realise that every creature evolves in every way possible. But as I said usually without enough time to see big differences. I didn't realise evolution doesn't go just in a certain direction. It grows in every direction all the time. Which one to grow faster is on the environment.

  • Susan Farley
    Susan Farley   1 weeks ago

    Saw a video once of a saltwater croc running on land and it was kinda leaping and running at the same time and it was fast! The back legs really propel the crocs in the leaps. This one must have been even faster than crocs today. Scary

  • Paradox Veil
    Paradox Veil   2 weeks ago


  • Bro's Home 3
    Bro's Home 3   2 weeks ago

    The argument of whether or not it could be bipedal kind of sounds like the Spinosaurus! Spinosaurus is constantly being argued of having such an ability, and the same arguments are used for it as well!

  • Matthew Stephens
    Matthew Stephens   2 weeks ago

    I picture it standing like a pangolin and running like that.

  • Kain Hearth
    Kain Hearth   2 weeks ago

    Maybe it's back legs were for the proper lunging... I mean our crocks use their tails to themselves out of the water to attack. This crock didn't have that advantage so maybe it used it's longer back legs to help push off. You don't have to sprint on 2 legs for short bursts when the start of your short sprint is faster than that of your prey.