The Croc That Ran on Hooves

  • Published on: 01 May 2019
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    In the Eocene Epoch, there was a reptile that had teeth equipped for biting through flesh, its hind legs were a lot longer than its front legs and instead of claws, its toes were each capped with hooves. How did this living nightmare come to evolve?

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  • Runtime : 9:8
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  • shindari
    shindari   15 hours ago

    Sure... The "Lizard People" don't want us to suspect that this creature could run on hind legs, because that would lead to questions...... questions they don't want answered!

  • Rizaam Ahmed Rasheed

    Other viewers: enjoying the video even though they r not science nerds Me: trying to pronounce all the names of the crocodilians 😂

  • Robert Trujillo
    Robert Trujillo   3 days ago

    Imagine a bunch of crocodiles Naruto running towards you.

  • Jay Joyner
    Jay Joyner   4 days ago

    lmao a drag racing gator lol😅😅

  • Oli
    Oli   5 days ago

    So this is dinosaurs two Electric boogaloo ?

  • S L
    S L   1 weeks ago

    This is like listening to a chipmunk! Slow down!

  • XSatampraZeirosX
    XSatampraZeirosX   1 weeks ago

    Do you hear the funny sound? do you hear the funny sound? its my hooves, my hooves!!!

  • AppleRain
    AppleRain   2 weeks ago

    Ok but what about a horse that swam like a crocodile. Webbed hooves and a long scaley tail.

  • Gardian 7
    Gardian 7   2 weeks ago

    why has everyone forgotten about Kaprosuchus, a croc that could gallop, and even rearup on its back legs and swipe with 4inch razor clawsoh and I forgot about its 3 inch fangs that gave it its name

  • DrtyDan
    DrtyDan   2 weeks ago

    Most all creatures “just showed up” in the fossil record. Your looking at the fossil record wrong. It’s not like a book being read for understanding. Sorry it’s just not like that.

  • KJ Ron
    KJ Ron   2 weeks ago

    I wish I was apart of this channel

  • caillustration
    caillustration   2 weeks ago

    Why do people like you use the word fodder so much. Do you also "geek out" about beer?

  • sockmonkey6666
    sockmonkey6666   2 weeks ago

    A lot of quadrupedal lizards do "pop a wheelie" for the first few strides of a sprint for better acceleration. That's probably what this animal did, and why it has those big back legs.

  • Ruby iscute
    Ruby iscute   2 weeks ago

    Can PBS make a walking with dinousaurs like show?

  • Ramesh EV
    Ramesh EV   2 weeks ago

    is it a crocodile or crocodile like komondo dragon

  • phat ho
    phat ho   2 weeks ago

    Crock with hooves:Horse with claws

  • FanGamer26 _RBLX
    FanGamer26 _RBLX   2 weeks ago

    Video: Has 419 dislikesMe: "Oh yeah, it's all coming together."

  • Kevin Masters
    Kevin Masters   2 weeks ago

    This monster might have been able to sprint metres at a time by pushing off the ground with its rear legs but I doubt it can run - too heavy and the rear legs are not big and long enough to walk on full-time.

  • Ham
    Ham   2 weeks ago


  • Mc Nakladak
    Mc Nakladak   2 weeks ago

    This must be something between today crocodile spiecies and their ancestor called postosuchus

  • Minecraft Steve
    Minecraft Steve   2 weeks ago

    Doctor: don’t worry, crocodile horse doesn’t existCrocodile horse:

  • Cory Kingbreaker
    Cory Kingbreaker   2 weeks ago

    Imagine we were riding on vicious horse-like crocodiles instead of horses today

    NOT HAPPY   2 weeks ago

    replace horses with these NOWNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW

  • Duane Hirini
    Duane Hirini   3 weeks ago

    Quinkana never died out in Australia until forty thousand years ago!

  • Charl
    Charl   3 weeks ago