Jimmy Kimmel Asks President Barack Obama About His Daily Life

  • Published on: 13 March 2015
  • Jimmy asks the President about cooking, driving, daylight saving time and the dentist.

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    Jimmy Kimmel Asks President Barack Obama About His Daily Life
  • Runtime : 2:44
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  • Zainal Muzaki
    Zainal Muzaki   9 hours ago

    When Obama child, he's live in Jakarta, Indonesia....

  • Dat Madlad
    Dat Madlad   19 hours ago

    They should have asked his last name .

  • Maurice Williams
    Maurice Williams   1 days ago

    God is good. Let us all practice righteousness in order for the Lord to give us heavenly rewards forever?

  • nunyadambizznez
    nunyadambizznez   1 days ago

    Obama= WORSE President in American History....Thank God for Trump ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ

  • Wade Pilkington
    Wade Pilkington   1 days ago

    Not liked by lots of Brits because of his Brexit comments, very strange dude to say the least and his wife

  • Gordon mcclure
    Gordon mcclure   3 days ago

    Left wing child molesters Obama how's mick and the adopted girls?

  • Gmmonica godsgotthis

    lol the United States is burning up and you say there is no evidence of what this young lady is talking about? lol if you get out if your own way of your own ignorance and research just on the weekend you'd be floored as to what's really going on. Look up the YouTube video of a scientist who has been recording the North Pole ice caps melting for 35 years from a glacier down to an ice cube and down to nothing. The United States of America and the world is flooding. YouTube it. People from around the U.S. and the world are recording it and posting it. Look up the lawsuits around the world that common folks are suing these companies that PROFIT from creating these clouds. One of the videos on YouTube is " We are suing these B@stards" it is not misspelled. You'll see that common folks who are asleep like you and many of us are. Thank God people are fighting back. I know a lot because I am a cancer survivor. I beat cancer naturally (including 3 blood transfusion). I studied cancer for 5 years and eventually beat it. Thank God. I know what I know by default because I wanted to live and not do Chemotherapy and managed to survive. I know that they have the cure for most cancers in 45 days. But the FDA won't approve it because they SAY THEY WANT MORE TRIALS, MEANWHILE people are dying like flies from cancer. Do you know what a 45 day cure would have done for me? I wouldn't have lost almost 12 years of my life trying to cure myself and recoup from being sick for 7 years with cancer. I wouldn't have lost my house and my successful trucking business. Look up the "Vice" show " the new cancer cure" something a long that title. They record a show and show a man who has stage 4 brain Cancer- and get rid of it within 45 days. Brain Cancer- is one of the hardest Cancers because the Brain is on a different lymphatic system than the rest of our body. John McCain died of brain Cancer- and not even him was privy to the stem cell cure, not evenon a trail basis. Wouldn't you be mad if you or a loved one had cancer and was dying and you KNEW there was an easier way or a less TOXIC way to curing cancer than going the chemotherapy route which is a horrendous route to take. Yet the FDA APPROVES TOXIC CHEMICALS IN OUR FOOD AND YET ALL WE TALK ABOUT ON THE NEWS ON FAKE NEWS ABOUT DONALD TRUMP...SHAME ON ALL YOU AMERICANS WHO ARE SLEEPING. WATCHING A STRAIGHT UP PUPPET SHOW AND WE ARE ALL TOO OLD FOR IT YET THAT'S WHAT YOU ALL ARE DOING. MEANWHILE WE ARE LIGHTING UP LIKE A MATCH!!There's a lot of ways to make a difference rather than posting here on things you know nothing about. I'm an older woman and I fight for my children, my grandchildren and the young people who are dying with cancer in unprecedented numbers. I fight the Medical system that pumping opiates to the AMERICAN public for injuries, depression (when years ago the doctors prescribed counselors and Psychotherapy of some kind and not opiates) for attention span deficit disorder they prescribe Medellin (look up the side affects of that on a child). My daughter when she was 10 years old was recommended that by the psychologist and her teacher in her elementary school and I refused. I was 28 years old at the time and I laughed and said absolutely not!!! I told them " you aren't getting my daughter on drugs cuz you have too many kids to handle, they said my daughter isn't focused and she gets off her seat and visits her classmates. I told them my daughter is a social butterfly and I will talk to her about that but you aren't drugging up my daughter and turning her into a zombie cuz you can't handle your class. Today my daughter is a successful Beatty salon owner in Los Angeles and If I would have listen to them My daughter would be strung out on drugs or Dead by an overdose. she is 40 years old now. I'm not asleep, never have been since I was a child. God has blessed me with knowledge and foresight on issues that affect us today. It is a gift and a blessing. Wake up, before you are knee deep in the murky Waters or your house is on fire literally. Come on the Amazon is on fire and we can't afford for that to happen. The rich get richer and the poor get poorer, we have got to try and stop the crooks from killing us and doing us in just for PROFIT.

  • iRey MC
    iRey MC   4 days ago

    El mejor presidente de Estados Unidos i love you Obama โค

  • Jahid Samed
    Jahid Samed   4 days ago

    imagine trump speaking 1 sentence at least

  • Jamwash Joni
    Jamwash Joni   4 days ago

    I am not from the U.S., never been there before but from a distance Mr. Obama looks like a hell of a good President. Proud he comes from my Country thou .Kenya kenya

  • Jamwash Joni
    Jamwash Joni   4 days ago

    In Kenya we drive on the other side of the Road

  • SteelBustingBiker
    SteelBustingBiker   4 days ago

    God... we need sanity in the Oval Office whose finger is always a Case away from WWIII

  • Civil Villain
    Civil Villain   5 days ago

    October 2019 and Trump still looks like a clown compared to Obama.

  • Ray bassman
    Ray bassman   5 days ago

    That's right, getting rid of corrupt lier Obama and the rest of the swamp. Berry Obama will soon be going to prison and will be wearing an orange jumpsuit for spying on another president and for Obama's secret PROJECT PELICAN bringing in middle east missels to a FL. port for future sharia law war against the U.S. He is a traitor Muslim. Look up project pelican. BTY someone tell Obama he's not the fake president anymore. The U.S. was beginning to be like a third world country under looser Obama, who could not fix the economy in 8 whole years. He had no business knowledge like President Trump has. But Obama knew to spend 8 million of your tax dollars per each golfing trip to HI.

  • Rasputin
    Rasputin   5 days ago

    Obama was a disciple of Saul Alinsky. Look it up. He was a socialist.

  • Globsid
    Globsid   6 days ago

    anybody know his last name?

  • Jay Krueger
    Jay Krueger   6 days ago

    Trump would wake someone up to make him a sandwich

  • James Fitzgerald
    James Fitzgerald   1 weeks ago

    Back when we had someone professional, humble, and sane as president, even if I didn't always agree with his ideals.

  • Chesh
    Chesh   1 weeks ago

    Thank god hes out of the white house

  • T.N.S. A.
    T.N.S. A.   1 weeks ago

    He is the coolest president in the history of the entire world I know.

  • Tech Unboxing Videos
    Tech Unboxing Videos   1 weeks ago

    Who EIse is a true fan Of President Barack Obama and Jimmy Kimmel? ๐Ÿ˜ Iโ€™m gifting 10 subs at my next Tech Giveaway. LIVE on YouTube!๐ŸŒน SUB NOW!๐Ÿ˜

  • Ditkazbearz2
    Ditkazbearz2   1 weeks ago

    Obama was the worst president ever and a criminal

  • Shravan Balaji
    Shravan Balaji   1 weeks ago

    Who came here just to see people trolling each other ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  • Tonko
    Tonko   1 weeks ago

    How did you guys go from this guy to that imbecile trump.