• Published on: 27 April 2017
  • This scene where Q discovers Bond has taken the DB10 was shot on this day in 2015 at Pinewood Studios. To find out more about the DB10 visit www.007.com/focus-week-aston-martin-db10/
  • Runtime : 19
  • Spectre James Bond Q's Lab DB10 Ben Whishaw Daniel Craig Aston Martin Pinewood Pinewood Studios James Bond 007 007 Bond Bond 007


  • Dark master
    Dark master   2 months ago

    and this is why... in NO TIME TO DIEHe says "HELLO Q, I MISSED U"

  • Candice Cheung
    Candice Cheung   6 months ago

    Q: oh shit. Someone stole my cats...no, the weapon

  • Dark Heel
    Dark Heel   6 months ago

    Which apart from Mr Hinx, sums up Spectre!

  • Gautham Ananthanarayanan

    Ben Whishaw: (0:13) Oh, Shit.Me: Seriously. What just happened?Adam Scott: The Last Jedi trailer is coming up.Mark Hamill: Because, it is a Padres Star Wars night.Paul Rudd: Well. She's gonna be with us so I'm gonna drive.Donald Glover: Yes. Very good idea. Benedict Cumberbatch: Yes. Maybe it's fun.Martin Freeman: Well. I'm gonna drive at the end.Stan Lee: Well. Maybe he drives at the end, now I have to just book the tickets.David Cross: Well. We might have to leave early, because it's traffic.Me and Gang: CheeringMe: I love you, honey.Daisy Ridley: Me too. Me and Ridley: Kiss

  • Johnny Pranin
    Johnny Pranin   10 months ago

    I remember at the theater everyone cracked up at this part!

  • Jacob Ramirez
    Jacob Ramirez   1 years ago

    Q: "Oh, Shit." 0:12That gets me every time!!! 😄

  • Monica Russell
    Monica Russell   1 years ago

    I always thought Q’s tip about the “alarm” was him acknowledging Bond would steal the DB10

  • mugensamurai
    mugensamurai   2 years ago

    He left him a bottle of something that is so classic James Bond.

    NOETIC_HOSEOK   2 years ago

    This is the perfect video describing me when I walk into an exam

  • David Roy
    David Roy   2 years ago

    Bond should be a Netflix series...Starting with Casino Royale, each season the next book in order and set in the actual time period of the book. That would be amazing!