Cooking, But Not Really: HOT POCKETS!

  • Published on: 02 November 2019
  • The cooking show for those that don't know how to cook... Today, we make our own homemade hot pockets!

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  • Runtime : 14:4
  • ryan higa higatv nigahiga cooking but not really homemade hotpockets hot pockets


  • KillJoy Lilis
    KillJoy Lilis   12 hours ago

    Ryan had NO BUSINESS being that thicc in the beginning

  • Jimmy Truong
    Jimmy Truong   17 hours ago

    Paco’s cool and all but it’s not the same without Sean 😔

  • M 21
    M 21   23 hours ago

    I think I could've Cooked Better Than Them

  • Jayden Rich Tanaja
    Jayden Rich Tanaja   1 days ago

    Dear Ryan,can you Cover one of your friends room entirely with LEGO without telling him

  • Melissa Sanzo
    Melissa Sanzo   4 days ago

    Anybody else feel like extreme anxiety when ryan was trying to cut the onion? because for me I just want to grab the knife and the onion from him and cut it myself because that was like torture for me to just watch and not do anything. Sorry no offense ryan

  • Aroobah2702
    Aroobah2702   6 days ago

    Aww i wish u guys would do more cooking but not really, i love this sooo much

  • sadisadra
    sadisadra   1 weeks ago

    Best show on youtube hands down. Dont why I didnt watch it 4 months ago

  • Dank Jbob
    Dank Jbob   1 weeks ago

    Ryan attempts to make a beef Wellington

  • Leo Boonstra
    Leo Boonstra   1 weeks ago

    Immediately liked the video because of the nacho libre reference

  • Jason Tran
    Jason Tran   1 weeks ago

    5:36 Ryan just be out here having a seizure.

  • Llama S
    Llama S   1 weeks ago

    more cooking but not really

  • Lady Sinovera
    Lady Sinovera   1 weeks ago

    Ryan doesn't know how to cook but has a fking banging kitchen. Meanwhile, I'm over here in my tiny ass kitchen juggling shit to try to find counter space lol.

  • Ghassan Abunwara
    Ghassan Abunwara   1 weeks ago

    Because all the nutrition.white sugar doesn’t have as much nutrition

  • JycMnll
    JycMnll   1 weeks ago

    make another cooking but not really, BUT WITH OTHER RHPC MEMBER! like will or greg

  • nekkoMaster
    nekkoMaster   1 weeks ago

    They have packaged dough there .. what the ....

  • Holy Namjoon give jimin some jams

    ITS BAAAACCCKKKKKK i have lots of appreciaSEAN for you guys to make this oml i’ve literally been rewatching the old ones ahhh

  • IOKE
    IOKE   1 weeks ago

    Dear Ryan Can u make a video of creepy clowns scaring people and your one of the clowns

  • DA Productions
    DA Productions   1 weeks ago

    Fun fact: brown sugar is actually healthier than white sugar :D

  • Lol
    Lol   1 weeks ago

    Ryan is so fancy he has a gold knife

  • Fearze
    Fearze   1 weeks ago

    Ryan please be nicer to Paco, he might "laugh it off" but it still might hurt him.

  • CoolAlex
    CoolAlex   1 weeks ago

    I need this for quarantine

  • Void
    Void   1 weeks ago

    It’s like paco is me and ryan is my elder brother if ryan makes a mistake it’s ok then if paco makes mistakes it’s like end of the world

  • Timothy Fang
    Timothy Fang   1 weeks ago

    I liked this but I miss the old ver without lower quality things

  • Etsy Pat
    Etsy Pat   1 weeks ago

    Renamed "Not really cooking"