The Voice | MOST REMARKABLE Blind Auditions and FUNNIEST MOMENTS of 2017

  • Published on: 29 December 2017
  • 2017 was an amazing year with many great performances! Check out this compilation with the most remarkable performances, funniest moments and other special moments of 2017 in all local 'The Voice' versions.

    1. Lawrence Hill sings ‘Save Tonight' (The Voice UK):

    2. Dave Crosby sings 'I Will Follow You into the Dark' (The Voice US):

    3. Joa James sings ''洋葱' (The Voice Sin/Mal):

    4. Aïrto sings 'Tears' (The Voice of Holland):

    5. Vincent Vinel sings 'Lose Yourself' (The Voice: la plus belle voix):

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  • Runtime : 10:21
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  • Throne
    Throne   2 days ago

    i'm not sure this is singapore & malaysia 4:42

  • Ivanna Barajas
    Ivanna Barajas   1 weeks ago

    Yo I’ve watched the Voice forever and I never noticed the 4 year old until now

  • Robin Nguyen
    Robin Nguyen   1 weeks ago

    If no one gonna talk about that Singapore & Malaysia dude.. Can u ehh translate it..

  • _Gacha_ Wolfie_
    _Gacha_ Wolfie_   4 weeks ago

    2:24 who else watches the crosby’s they’re pretty lit

  • Peejay Goh
    Peejay Goh   1 months ago

    i never expected a chinese song but awwwww

  • Carlos Pinho
    Carlos Pinho   1 months ago

    I was expecting a song in French from France..........crap.

  • Cali Roz
    Cali Roz   1 months ago

    i would turn my chair so fast for those people

  • Skibbs
    Skibbs   2 months ago

    at 5:50 you can hear the autotune

  • Mighty Lion
    Mighty Lion   5 months ago

    Donde ustedes aparecen no se puede ver nada con sus interrupción Son uno cretinos

  • Shikha Muden
    Shikha Muden   6 months ago

    I feel bad when the boy of last one don't get the 4 buzzer but only 3,her deserve 4

  • iHateMyLife
    iHateMyLife   6 months ago


  • Poornima K
    Poornima K   6 months ago

    Which is the last song please..?

  • claudine Gallardo
    claudine Gallardo   7 months ago

    Is anyone gonna talk about the audition In The Voice Singapore And Malaysia it was remarkable (even tho I don't understsnd the language it still enjoy myself)

  • Jean DC
    Jean DC   7 months ago

    the last performance left my mouth hanged open coz... the fucc.....

  • nicole fisher
    nicole fisher   7 months ago

    The man with red hair guy is in striking looks btw

  • Yuri Tarded
    Yuri Tarded   7 months ago

    Vincent: sings high note. YouTube: do you pee other colors then hello?!

  • Yuri Tarded
    Yuri Tarded   7 months ago

    Malaysia has great singers and clothes

  • Mike Chan
    Mike Chan   8 months ago

    I swear the last guy was possessed

  • Storm Rider
    Storm Rider   8 months ago

    I still see hannha montana when i see Miley Cyrus kinda makes it hard to watch when she's licking foam fingers or pretty muchshowiny her cookie at concerts

  • Tai Tasso
    Tai Tasso   8 months ago

    The Netherlands Voice doesn’t sing in Dutch?

  • Jenna Thompson
    Jenna Thompson   8 months ago

    I loved the song that the guy from Holland wrote. It's beautiful

  • Lennie Strong
    Lennie Strong   8 months ago

    I Love Dave Crosby’s audition and his little coming out to sing... Love them! ❤️

    HD GAMING   8 months ago

    I love will I am seriously 😍

  • Mr. Reus
    Mr. Reus   8 months ago

    Did the first man got eliminated?

  • Austin Osborne
    Austin Osborne   8 months ago

    That guys Daughter was so cute and hart warming it Bought a smile to my face.

  • Izzymarine99
    Izzymarine99   8 months ago

    I loved the last guys eyes during his performance

    LETS KICK ASS Boy   8 months ago

    LolI see LondonI see franceI see the Chinese mans but crack lmao