Takumi Minamino - Welcome to Liverpool All 64 Goals for RB Salzburg | HD

  • Published on: 23 December 2019
  • ► Takumi Minamino - Welcome to Liverpool All 64 Goals for RB Salzburg | HD

    Music 1 : False 9 - For The Night
    Music 2 : More Plastic - Summoning [NCS Release]
    Music 3 : Halvorsen - CTRL Z [NCS Release]
    Music 4 : Tritan - Hollow Life (feat. Ratfoot) [NCS Release]
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  • Runtime : 11:23
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  • Fatoniguava
    Fatoniguava   1 weeks ago

    kick like 🎾 tennis ball service

  • Only Arsenal
    Only Arsenal   2 weeks ago

    Who here in cancelling Chelsea v Beyer mumik

  • DawnOf Dave88
    DawnOf Dave88   1 months ago

    I was buying him in FIFA career mode since 2016!

  • Pela Vida
    Pela Vida   1 months ago

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  • U
    U   1 months ago


  • SB H
    SB H   2 months ago


  • Aura Merah86
    Aura Merah86   2 months ago

    Pace and sharp...he can uses both of his foot...

  • Akashi Domi
    Akashi Domi   2 months ago


  • RD7
    RD7   2 months ago


  • 和製和製

    久しぶりに顔の綺麗な こぎれいなヘアスタイルの男の子が上手なサッカー…観ててホッとする笑笑。

  • Rocky chy
    Rocky chy   2 months ago

    Minamino Liverpool me doom maca dega muje lagta hain...

  • Maycon Henrique
    Maycon Henrique   2 months ago

    Lembra o estilo de jogo do Firmino. Reminds you of Firmino's style of play.

  • Edwin Rosas
    Edwin Rosas   2 months ago

    He's great with his left and his right foot 👏

  • Jimmy Yeung
    Jimmy Yeung   2 months ago

    A good percentage of his goals scored seem to bounce infront of the keeper before going in. I wonder if this is a deliberate technique of his or just coincidence?

  • puru
    puru   3 months ago


  • lonely woft
    lonely woft   3 months ago

    Now I know the Asian have another talent who is lighting under the Europe's Sky besides Song Heu Min ❤🥰😘😍

  • Wilson Kong
    Wilson Kong   3 months ago

    Minamino + Firmino = Duomino 🔥🔥

  • ちば
    ちば   3 months ago


  • doku doku
    doku doku   3 months ago


  • Max Weiss
    Max Weiss   3 months ago

    Minamino I hope you will help Liverpool, but you know, only the Red Bull Salzburg 🔴⚪🔴⚪

  • Harry Sadler
    Harry Sadler   3 months ago

    All for the price of one of Rodris leg.

  • ryanpiyo
    ryanpiyo   3 months ago

    Wtf he alternates with both feet for almost every goal lmao

  • AshBNgaming
    AshBNgaming   3 months ago

    Klopp got scared of him at that 4-3 game at anfield

  • Almat Almat
    Almat Almat   3 months ago

    Я думал только апл играеют лучшие но этот япончик мочит со всех точек.ростом мальенкие они шустрые также по кровьи самурай ниньдзя белка.далеко поидёт.63 гола за сколько период??большие успехи ему порадуй ещё.

  • rei
    rei   3 months ago


  • 150
    150   3 months ago

    8:32 my Best goal