How to Replace a Clutch in your Car or Truck (Full DIY Guide)

  • Published on: 17 January 2019
  • Learn how to replace a clutch, flywheel, pressure plate, throw out bearing (aka release bearing), pilot bearing and rear main seal in this video!

    My clutch was fine but my throwout bearing was bad so I decided to show how to replace all of the wear items while the transmission was off. This includes replacing the pilot bearing which the transmission input shaft goes into, the throwout bearing which engages the pressure plate via the clutch fork, the flywheel which I upgraded to an aluminum light weight flywheel, and finally the rear main seal because that is a common wear item which causes oil leaks in higher mileage motors. With the transmission out, it is worth it to replace all of these parts now instead of having to do this all over again. Most clutch kits come with the throwout bearing and pilot bearing so you just need to buy a rear main seal.

    How to Replace a Transmission (Full DIY Guide):

    Thanks Advance Auto Parts for supporting the video.

    Flywheel I used:
    Clutch kit I used:
    Rear Main Seal:

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  • ChrisFix
    ChrisFix   1 years ago

    I set out to create the most in-depth clutch replacement video in the world! Hopefully the video was helpful! Follow me on instagram: Advance Auto helped out with the parts, if you order parts on their website you can get 25% off at checkout using the code "CLUTCH". I dont make any money off of that, it is all for you guys! You can get ChrisFix swag here:

  • Brian Velez
    Brian Velez   4 hours ago

    How does he have so much space under the car

  • Paul Salmon
    Paul Salmon   13 hours ago

    Bread and grease!!!!! sounds delicious. what an amazing trick: Chris is a true master...

  • Product Reviewer
    Product Reviewer   1 days ago

    I wish I could replace my car's clutch plates and pressure plate🥺

  • Eric W
    Eric W   2 days ago

    Do you have a video on replacing the clutch in a front wheel drive? (Scion xB)

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    Denz TM   2 days ago

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    神秘   2 days ago

    new to manual, where would i go to buy an oem clutch for a car? and say i want a specific clutch feel can i go for a clutch like that too?

    THE AYUWOKI   3 days ago

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  • Zamorakphat
    Zamorakphat   4 days ago

    Would love to see this video redone for front wheel drive transverse vehicles.(Currently halfway through replacing the clutch on a 1996 Mazda Protege)

  • MehdiBarka
    MehdiBarka   4 days ago

    I don’t even have a driver license lmao

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    Bharath Shetty   4 days ago

    that bread and grease combinations are mind-blowing :)

  • Adriana frcs
    Adriana frcs   4 days ago

    Your gauge is broken why is it at your mileage when you can’t see your mileage

  • Caleb Mountz
    Caleb Mountz   5 days ago

    My car came with a slave but the car uses a clutch cable 😬

  • Hax-A-Tomix
    Hax-A-Tomix   5 days ago

    omg I just watched a video from 2014 holy hell the change

  • Shark Finn
    Shark Finn   5 days ago

    Awesome video! I needed the refresh. Haven’t touched a car in years.

  • Brylan ward
    Brylan ward   5 days ago

    To remove the rear main seal cover on 90’s model Chevy small blocks, you have to partially lower the rear of the oil pan because the cover has a dowel pin pointing down

  • Ismail Onay
    Ismail Onay   6 days ago

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  • vlad kalina
    vlad kalina   6 days ago

    In changing the stock clutch to the newer high performance clutch what does an increased number of clutch springs do the the use or performance of how the clutch operates?

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    Nigel   6 days ago

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  • sam joyce1010
    sam joyce1010   1 weeks ago

    Hi, quick question what’s the benefit of torquing the bolts after the sealant is dryed on the cover to the crankshaft ?? Instead of when it’s drying ??

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    Nurse_ Akali2309   1 weeks ago

    Hes like online dad that we all wish we had that teaches you to fix ya car

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    Tebby   1 weeks ago

    Gee i stumble upon yur channel and man Im impressed cuz i dont know anythin bout cars but u made it easy to understand

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    Sage   1 weeks ago

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    Em3s1s   1 weeks ago

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  • Nuve Negra
    Nuve Negra   1 weeks ago

    Can a flywheel or clutch go bad by constantly parking your car with first gear, and now using the hand break?

  • Jeremy Lakenes
    Jeremy Lakenes   1 weeks ago

    I have used a small drill bit to drill two tiny holes on the edge of the pilot bushing and then used a punch to break the bushing inward. Then the tension is off and the bushing comes out.