USA vs Jamaica - USWNT World Cup Qualifier

  • Published on: 22 October 2018
  • The Semi-Final of the 2018 CONCACAF Women's Championship Tournament for a spot in France 2019
  • Runtime : 1:48:58


  • leo leo
    leo leo   1 weeks ago


  • Ralph Smith
    Ralph Smith   1 weeks ago

    What are we going to do without wingers like Crystal Dunn and Megan Rapinoe? At this moment, there are no volantes (wingers) as fast as Rapinoe and Crystal Dunn in both male and female football categories. I recently read a comment in Spanish claiming that Dunn is a man because according to the commenter "It's impossible that a woman runs and avoid the opposite player like Dunn does." It really made me laugh the comment because she is married.

  • Soul Fly
    Soul Fly   2 weeks ago

    damn jamaica played defense the entire match lmao , rekt

  • Erin Graves
    Erin Graves   2 weeks ago

    Wait I’m confused. What happened to Julie ertz? I couldn’t rlly see :/

  • Carlos Da Silva
    Carlos Da Silva   3 weeks ago

    By the meantime politicians and Zionists destroying the American constitution into new bypass laws entertainment for the masses goes for my Jamaicans friends to

  • Elaf Heath
    Elaf Heath   1 months ago

    Is it bad that I screamed when Tobin heath scored its 1 Am ;-;

  • Camara Negue
    Camara Negue   1 months ago

    Dunn IS thé most Athletic player with ertz! Of USA team !

  • Dez AndyRam
    Dez AndyRam   1 months ago

    Wht do U Xpct. U S a Pwrhse. Jam gt a lng wy 2 go.

  • MZ FM
    MZ FM   1 months ago

    OMG!! Rapinoe is great!!

  • ghiagoo - War Robots
    ghiagoo - War Robots   1 months ago

    With the lighting set up, each player has fairy wing shadows. They are all soccer fairies

  • ly le
    ly le   1 months ago

    Love you all USA Team

  • Ben Haith
    Ben Haith   1 months ago

    "Women's Journey Is Our Journey"

  • Jesse Teague
    Jesse Teague   1 months ago

    Every "white Country" is dominating in the world cup.

  • Sattar Hack
    Sattar Hack   2 months ago

    What the hell! They hurt Hurts and no penalty???

  • Camara Negue
    Camara Negue   2 months ago

    Support USA,diversity-team with good and fighting spirit ! Dunn,raspino, Morgan,Lewis,saeurbraum,press

  • Guy Phaux
    Guy Phaux   2 months ago

    USWNT vs US 4th string team (with a few Jamaicans)....unfair!

  • byron byron
    byron byron   2 months ago

    Let's see how well Canada can take on the usa..maybe they need their size..

  • pugnturtle
    pugnturtle   3 months ago

    How the hell did Pinoe get up after that crash at 27’?! The girl basically landed on her chest/stomach at full speed. 😳

  • rdnw2978
    rdnw2978   4 months ago

    Oh lawwwwd 1:38:08 to 1:38:40😍😍

  • Tony Ho
    Tony Ho   5 months ago

    GOD i love our girls.

  • Girly Gatcha
    Girly Gatcha   5 months ago

    1:21:43 The Cursed moment of the game (66:06)

  • Audley Mclean
    Audley Mclean   6 months ago

    Didn't that defender fowl Brown from behind well into the box? no penalty was given, yet the U,S Although having 5 already, was given a penalty call from what looked trivial to me from what the 16 year old encountered.

  • Alan Velez
    Alan Velez   6 months ago

    Jamaica's goal keeper is a babe.

  • Bea Agranel
    Bea Agranel   7 months ago

    Hi, could you upload the video of USWNT vs Mexico 4/10/18?

  • Leafy
    Leafy   8 months ago

    Jamica tried. They really did but the us are just the better team.. Edit: Did they qualify or did Panama?

    LUIS VELEZ   8 months ago

    wealthy nations can put money into girls sports, Poor nations do not win in international sports, The Two riches nations in North America are playing for the championship. Bragging about scoring many goals on a weaker team is not sportsmanship.

  • tran hau
    tran hau   8 months ago

    Jamaican players should sing their anthem. It is also the way to promote their spirits.

  • Audley Mclean
    Audley Mclean   8 months ago

    JUST BEEN ABLE TO WATCH THIS GAME IN ITS ENTIRETY, the US Team played exceptionally well and could have scored more, the penalty was deservedly, although some Jamaicans thought otherwise,, that Swaby girl is always a risk in the penalty area, the men's and women's Team has the same problem in my opinion, both Teams have not mastered the Art of running into space off the ball, so the ball is always delivered back to the opponent as there's no clear pass to anyone, this might have to do with lack of confidence or tactical deficiency, which might also needs for the individuals to be super fit, they did there best, but was sorely lacking, keeper Schneider, did well, as always Jamaican teams always needs a super Goalie to remain relevant, the men's Team has super keeper Blake, class makes a great difference,, I use to play ping pong ''table tennis'' and was very good among my regular opponents, but the moment stepped up in class and began to play really great players, I realized I was not that good, however playing with them for a time improved my game immensely.

  • George Myers
    George Myers   8 months ago

    Critique of the Jamaican team. (1) Parking the bus, soaking up attacking pressure and playing the long ball to a lone striker is absurd against the best team in the world. (2) The Girlz could not complete a simple three pass combination, thus no quality possession time. The reason-because they played using flat lines of two deep blocks(midfield and defence) as opposed to the USA using triangles. Triangles always play circles around flat lines(3) Defensive coordination was non-existent, ball staring by the defence, contributed to the inability to setup the offside trap needed to expose the weakness in the American attack. (4) Insufficient pressing by the midfield allowed America to roam freely through the midfield and utilize their wide players and get behind the Jamaican defence. (4) The players did not appear to be executing any specific philosophy of play, either defensively or offensively, this is a weakness attributed to the technical staff. The good - The Jamaican team has strengths that other teams don't have (speed, acceleration and rapid pace). Technical staff need to improve the passing game and individual technical skills. Back to basics.

  • Maharajkumar Swamidoss
    Maharajkumar Swamidoss   9 months ago

    super dunn.this girl can play in any position any time of a game.non selfish person allways supllys judisious passes to the forwards.