Can You Name This Country?

  • Published on: 08 August 2019
  • In the interest of doing something fun and educational, we went out on the street with a map of the United States that we blacked out so you couldn't see the shapes of the states, and we asked people walking by to name this country.

    Jimmy Kimmel & Brad Paisley Welcome Immigrants to America

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    Can You Name This Country?
  • Runtime : 2:13
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  • DogoDraws
    DogoDraws   1 hours ago

    Nooooo it’s USA not America , America is a continent , you can call yourselves as Americans but when you are naming a country you have to say the name not America .

  • Strawn Brothers
    Strawn Brothers   1 hours ago

    Crazy person now e know jimmy kimiell irk crew does not like trump

  • Absolute Carnage
    Absolute Carnage   1 hours ago

    Let's play the game where we go out on the streets, find the dumbest people we can find, and act like they represent all of the USA! Isn't this great, don't you feel better about yourself!

  • Aiden
    Aiden   1 hours ago

    I mean its usa not America because america it is a continent

  • mlgmeistro's
    mlgmeistro's   2 hours ago

    I get Canada, because it would make sense that America upside down looks like Canada

  • Luis Alonzo
    Luis Alonzo   2 hours ago

    Right answer should've been north america

  • kingofbonngo
    kingofbonngo   3 hours ago

    no it is not America ... Agentina is missing ...

  • Gabe
    Gabe   3 hours ago

    Why no one is talking about the fact that the last guy was wearing Captain America costume but can’t even guess what country it was

  • narco73
    narco73   4 hours ago

    MOST of the united states...

  • Carl Jones
    Carl Jones   4 hours ago

    Land of the stupid home of the moron ,

  • Yannick
    Yannick   4 hours ago

    I understand why they are so scared of people taking their jobs.

  • Piotrek
    Piotrek   11 hours ago

    The first country in the video isn't "America" .... -.-

  • Diogo Mello
    Diogo Mello   12 hours ago

    That last man really said “Europe” with his chest

  • Lindsey Mercuria
    Lindsey Mercuria   13 hours ago

    "Is your mom Lori Loughlin?"Laughed so damn hard at that! LOLOLOL

  • Teddy Marks
    Teddy Marks   14 hours ago

    Wow captain America couldn’t do it

  • Jenna M
    Jenna M   16 hours ago

    They have strong Russian influence Girl: SyriaMe: 😶

  • Traveler
    Traveler   17 hours ago

    Democrats asking Democrats something Every Patriot should know... and They say Republicans are stupid... hey Democrats define Phycological Projection... You People are Very good at it... Good Luck in 2024.

  • mukund p
    mukund p   17 hours ago

    Looks like a wild hog when turned upside down

  • Korilian13
    Korilian13   18 hours ago

    Canada isn't a completely insane guess, since it does have that straight border on the bottom.

  • Kevin Dao
    Kevin Dao   22 hours ago

    I am wondering where the comments are “I came for the chick in the thumbnail”....

  • Predrag Simic
    Predrag Simic   22 hours ago

    1:39 Oh ofc she knows that in Syria is strong Russian influence, but she didn't see that it's her own contry upside down, l'm from Europe and l did. The influence of media and propaganda on dump people is so huge. Informate yourself before you speak of something you don't know about it(l'm don't support enyone l just say)

  • loll bruh
    loll bruh   23 hours ago

    thank god these sh*t heads recognize theyre own country

  • sjsksgwkwk sksjw
    sjsksgwkwk sksjw   1 days ago

    i love how americans still think europe is a country 😍

  • Seafox
    Seafox   1 days ago

    geez, slow down. maybe try to ask him what costume is it. i bet he had no clue.

  • Eric Carpenter
    Eric Carpenter   1 days ago

    I like he said that we elected a crazy person when he’s literally is gonna get a 2nd term bcuz ppl are starting to open their eyes and see that he has helped America a lot

  • Dean_thebestone
    Dean_thebestone   1 days ago

    But they’re wrong it’s not America it’s the United States only 2 people got it right