Can You Name This Country?

  • Published on: 08 August 2019
  • In the interest of doing something fun and educational, we went out on the street with a map of the United States that we blacked out so you couldn't see the shapes of the states, and we asked people walking by to name this country.

    Jimmy Kimmel & Brad Paisley Welcome Immigrants to America

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    Can You Name This Country?
  • Runtime : 2:13
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  • Mehmetşah Sert
    Mehmetşah Sert   36 minuts ago

    After this video i Wonder where did all of U.S. education budget went since foundation of education department

  • GTA StratocraticRepublic Official Channel

    I can't blame them completely. You'd assume it's already in place (not upside down) so you don't really pay attention to the fact its upside down. Of course, then again, there are some key geographical features of the U.S. that allow it to stand out from other nations.

  • NiMouh
    NiMouh   1 hours ago

    Europe is not even a country.....geez

  • SOPARA862k
    SOPARA862k   1 hours ago

    That Lori Laughlin line was brutal!

  • Alexandra Bailee
    Alexandra Bailee   4 hours ago

    If anyone not from America watched this video that would be very embarrassing. The people in California be makin us look like idiots

  • Gianna Volden
    Gianna Volden   4 hours ago

    No one’s gonna comment about the Laurie Laughlin joke

  • B
    B   4 hours ago

    Is your mom Laurie Laughlin.... OMG you freggin SAVAGÉ

  • Low Standards
    Low Standards   4 hours ago

    “Americans are dumb.”Correction. People from LA are dumb.

  • sir capitano
    sir capitano   5 hours ago

    The last guy probably thinks that africa is also a country.

  • Aminah Ward
    Aminah Ward   5 hours ago

    its funny because once you look at you know straight off the bat that’s America but when you turn it upside down it’s like” I don’t recognize you what country are you” or “ Europe” these things had me rolling 🤣🤣🤣

  • Canned Yams
    Canned Yams   6 hours ago

    Yeah, I would’ve messed this up. I sorta wonder what the results would be if we did this 100 years ago

  • Zentiphy
    Zentiphy   7 hours ago

    They probably had to ask thousands of people for then to find this many this stupid

  • Aidan Brooks
    Aidan Brooks   7 hours ago

    No one: Not a single person:Guy in Captain America costume: EUrOpE?

  • idc
    idc   7 hours ago

    No one:Absolutely no one:Captain America: ”iS iT eUrOpe???”

  • Mara Fae
    Mara Fae   7 hours ago

    i’m embarrassed to be american

  • CC C
    CC C   8 hours ago

    When they turn it upside down it looks somewhat like borders of the former Soviet Union with the Eastern Bloc included.

  • picolo2022 Games
    picolo2022 Games   8 hours ago

    Kinda triggering to “get it right” by saying “America” but I guess it’s cultural

  • Gabriel Valle
    Gabriel Valle   9 hours ago

    Do people know the difference between The United States of America(a country) and America(a continent)? That's why people need to learn Geography at school!

  • C_Soren
    C_Soren   9 hours ago

    Honestly I think it’s fake

  • Jacob blunt
    Jacob blunt   9 hours ago

    President Trump has a higher approval rating than Obama ever did despite 95% negative press from mainstream outlets... and you’re insulting him? I’m guessing you and you’re writers are anti American

  • TheLastBadWolf
    TheLastBadWolf   9 hours ago

    1:38 Did a car just crashed on them???Edit: Oh nvm it is like a car door or something

  • Hook'em in the Face
    Hook'em in the Face   9 hours ago

    America isn't a country people. It's the United States. America is a Continental reference. Did everyone forget about the rest of the Americas? Wtf

  • Moe Salamander
    Moe Salamander   9 hours ago

    The only dumb Americans here are the people that think that they didn’t cut out 99 percent of people who answered right

  • Martian Productions
    Martian Productions   10 hours ago

    This has to be fake. There’s no way someone wearing a Captain freaking America costume wouldn’t know what the USA looks like.

  • Dr Beer Games
    Dr Beer Games   10 hours ago

    Yo to be fair, the US upside down does look kinda confusing... Still wouldn't have got it wrong though hahahahaha fkn idiots

  • Ted Xiong
    Ted Xiong   10 hours ago

    @1:15 That's actually an elephant. I passed the Rorshach test? Yay!