Luigi’s Mansion 3 Gameplay Pt. 1 - Nintendo Treehouse: Live | E3 2019

  • Published on: 11 June 2019
  • Delve into the Paranormal Productions floor and get your first look at a monstrous boss. Stay tuned for more coverage of the game from E3 2019.

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  • Runtime : 27:15
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  • Leo Legazpi
    Leo Legazpi   2 weeks ago

    Anyone wannna gameshare with me I have toki tori biolab wars and just dance anyone ?

  • Daemous
    Daemous   6 months ago

    Can't wait to play this tomorrow!!! :)

  • Stewie Dog
    Stewie Dog   6 months ago

    Only complaint is there is not alot background music

  • Asancu
    Asancu   7 months ago

    This actually looks like an animated feature, awesome

  • George Rick
    George Rick   7 months ago

    People hate virtual boy just saying Nintendo

  • Orion Banks
    Orion Banks   7 months ago

    graphics are really good models are great!

  • Kwazzle
    Kwazzle   7 months ago

    Anyone else notice the mario strikers poster?

  • Snicker Doodle
    Snicker Doodle   7 months ago

    who knew a couple of vacuum cleaners could defeat Godzilla 23:07

  • Sergio Aloisi
    Sergio Aloisi   7 months ago

    This Link's Awakening Sound in the background 😂

  • LoopiPlays
    LoopiPlays   7 months ago

    You know Luigi sounds like Waluigi. He even does the waahs.

  • Wendy Jaehnig
    Wendy Jaehnig   7 months ago

    At least Marty is the only friendly ghost in this game.

  • Legendary Kitsune
    Legendary Kitsune   7 months ago

    GOD i havent watched a Nintendo Treehouse live since 2017 on the good'ol Breath of the Wild gameplays... SUCH GOOD MEMORIES!!!

  • jrch mgn
    jrch mgn   7 months ago

    Gonna buy switch this week havent played any luigi mansion, do i have to play the first two before this or is it ok to start from 3? Hope nintendo make the 2 version available on switch. Sorry for my bad english.

  • Umut K
    Umut K   7 months ago

    No one mentions the Godzilla reference. Seriously?

  • Retr0 W4TCH3R
    Retr0 W4TCH3R   7 months ago

    For Luigi's slam move, I'm going to go out on a limb and say they played the Ghostbusters video game.Different method of slam, but similar concept of weakening the ghosts.

  • DragonMaster474
    DragonMaster474   7 months ago

    It feels weird watching Luigi not sucking up a ghost

  • Krishna McKay
    Krishna McKay   7 months ago

    12:40 It's 6 gems for each floor right? I'm kinda surprised it's not more. Dark Moon had 13 per mansion. But in Dark Moon the color changed with the level...Instead of doing over a dozen different colors it's much easier to just do the colors of the rainbow (except indigo I'm sure) & then let shape change with the level. I just hope it's nice challenges to obtain the gems, especially bcuz they could potentially make a great side quest

  • Oscar Salazar
    Oscar Salazar   7 months ago

    Nintendo has been asking me if one day they could make a sequel of the game Súper Mario Sunshine of Gamecube.

  • Ilker Chistes!
    Ilker Chistes!   7 months ago

    I think I go to buy Luigi’s mantion 3 I say WOW 😮

  • John Tziannis
    John Tziannis   7 months ago

    I can't wait til this game comes out. This is my most anticipated game of the year. I loved Luigi's mansion dark moon on the 3ds. I will definitely be picking this up.

  • Nicolás Manríquez
    Nicolás Manríquez   7 months ago

    good to see that videogames now look as they were advertised in the late 90’s/early 00’s

  • Coconattsu
    Coconattsu   7 months ago

    Only thing I can't get myself to like about this is the whole slamming the ghosts against the ground. Noy only does it seem to make the game that much easier, but the animation just seems incomplete

  • Christopher Carter
    Christopher Carter   7 months ago

    10:54 - 10:18 I LOVE how Morty always cries in a direction opposite from where Luigi is positioned 😂😂

  • Mr. Poof
    Mr. Poof   8 months ago


  • Naiko
    Naiko   8 months ago

    Virtual BOO, oh my god.

  • DatAlphaLion
    DatAlphaLion   8 months ago

    12:49 Nintendo acknowledges the Virtual Boy.

  • Akira Cutie27
    Akira Cutie27   8 months ago

    Can’t wait!!!! 🥰 I’m gunna be getting my gaming pc soon to stream this ! Follow at akiracutie27! And lots of other games! On twitch!

  • Michael Cortez
    Michael Cortez   8 months ago

    Loving it!the first boss is “Burger King”👏👏👏👏