Jeff Musial: Otters, Gibbon and Water Buffalo, Part 1 (Late Night with Jimmy Fallon)

  • Published on: 28 November 2013
  • Animal expert Jeff Musial brings by a lot of animals including a New Guinea singing dog. Part 1 of 2

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    Jeff Musial: Otters, Gibbon and Water Buffalo, Part 1 (Late Night with Jimmy Fallon)
  • Runtime : 4:59
  • Jimmy Fallon Late Night With Jimmy Fallon Late Night NBC NBC TV Television Funny Talk Show comedic humor stand-up snl Fallon Stand-up Fallon monologue latenight jokes funny video interview variety comedy sketches talent celebrities music musical performance The Roots video clip highlight talking youtube Water Buffalo (Organism Classification) Otters Gibbon Jeff Musial Animal Animals New Guinea Singing Dog (Animal Breed)


  • DeepBreath
    DeepBreath   9 hours ago

  • Fishy YT
    Fishy YT   1 days ago

    People like Jimmy Fallon and Jimmy Kimmel Need to respect that they have chances to meet amazing animals They need to cut there attitude off

  • Gary Angel
    Gary Angel   3 days ago

    Fallon's a little bit of a dick head.

  • Jenna Fain
    Jenna Fain   3 days ago

    And Robert Irwin brought all kinds of things for Jimmy to pet and play with.

  • Spadoosky
    Spadoosky   1 weeks ago

    This is like watching Micheal and Toby being forced to interact with each other.

  • Queen T
    Queen T   2 weeks ago

    Jimmy was irritated with him he was doing too much at some points

  • Mr. Scoot Scooter
    Mr. Scoot Scooter   3 weeks ago

    Jeff Musial is the best. He needs to be on Conan again and again and again

  • Herowebcomics
    Herowebcomics   3 weeks ago

    This is cute, but kinda mean!Jimmy is nervous around animals and this guy isn't helping!

  • ishika mazumdar
    ishika mazumdar   3 weeks ago

    As long as they are busy at one end, you are ok on the that statement isso right in so many level :3

  • Garrett Evans
    Garrett Evans   3 weeks ago

    I like Jeff Musial. I can see why Fallon does not though. He is a little obnoxious and all, and I could see why some people would not like him. I do though.

  • Jay Perez
    Jay Perez   4 weeks ago

    This guys better off at conan , conan would go along with this guys sense of humor

  • locafly
    locafly   1 months ago

    Yeah.... this guy was never invited back.

  • Carl Frederickson
    Carl Frederickson   1 months ago

    I think jimmy dislikes jeff cause of that time he put a tarantula on him without asking him

  • HolaSoyCarlitos
    HolaSoyCarlitos   1 months ago

    Come on Jimmy we want more videos of Jeff musial #jeffanimalguy

  • dasboot27
    dasboot27   1 months ago

    I love Jeff. Jimmy not so much.

  • Little Orange Dee
    Little Orange Dee   1 months ago

    God is kinda cruel.he makes the cutest animals but you cant touch them. T~T

  • Calvin 9
    Calvin 9   1 months ago

    I hate wen this fool tries to be funny, Where's Steve Irvings kid?

  • Marky
    Marky   1 months ago

    jimmy looks genuinely pissed off and trying not to look pissed off

  • Andrew Marshall
    Andrew Marshall   2 months ago

    Dang it , was looking forward to Fallon getting bit

  • NoTube
    NoTube   2 months ago

    every time he comes to the show, there is always a wired tension between the two of them .

  • Kalpit Sharma
    Kalpit Sharma   2 months ago

    Jeff is so hilarious... He should do stand up comedy with his animals... Just a thought 😇

  • Ariful Haque
    Ariful Haque   2 months ago

    I'm more satisfied at watching Jimmy being terrified than watching the animals lol

  • Eros
    Eros   3 months ago

    She is very cute good MonkeyđŸ”

  • Ryan Minor
    Ryan Minor   3 months ago

    Best 10 seconds of the vid at 4:09

  • Slayer Sigma
    Slayer Sigma   3 months ago

    Fallon and Musial have awful chemistry and obviously really don't like each other. So my question is...why does Fallon keep bringing him back onto the show?

  • ShaneTheRat
    ShaneTheRat   3 months ago

    Why y'all complaining about how Jimmy "doesn't like Jeff" like shut the hell up that's why it's funny

  • JJ Jr
    JJ Jr   3 months ago

    Me yes I have hugged a cougar but have you ever hug a lion

  • GrimJ Reaper16
    GrimJ Reaper16   3 months ago

    I REALLY want a pet otter,they’re SO cute đŸ„ș😍