Can YOU Beat An Expert At Disneyland Trivia?

  • Published on: 10 August 2019
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    Can YOU Beat an Expert at DisneyLand Trivia?
  • Runtime : 7:42
  • DisneyLand Disney Trivia Challenge Can YOU Beat an Expert at DisneyLand Trivia? can people guess can you guess can they guess kids describe people describe described by reaction react reactions reacts thefinebros fine brothers fine brothers entertainment fbe laugh challenge try not to laugh react gaming kids versus food staff reacts the 10s guess that poker face RCTONE1936


    REACT   6 months ago

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  • Bob Rosser
    Bob Rosser   6 months ago

    Not going too be perverted but Jair jumping made some boys get you know

  • Mr Potato
    Mr Potato   6 months ago

    How can that girl didnt know that what shes up againts are not really an expert after competing 3 of them...

  • disneybelle
    disneybelle   6 months ago

    It’s not so much that they learned to “beat the expert” as it is the fact they were given all the answers ahead of time 🙄👎🏻

  • Kaleena Gaeth
    Kaleena Gaeth   6 months ago

    I wish it was about disney world. I'd love to learn more about that

  • JuLy NekoGirL
    JuLy NekoGirL   6 months ago

    Props to Tori for her training. It was worth it!

  • Brittany Gidley
    Brittany Gidley   6 months ago

    I don’t do Disneyland, I go to Disney world, I stay in Orlando.

  • lexnikolle
    lexnikolle   6 months ago

    The blonde looks like Bridgit Mendler and Christy Carlson Romano.

  • Anthony Co
    Anthony Co   6 months ago

    Tori's buzzer training paid off

  • Mehrin Ashraf
    Mehrin Ashraf   6 months ago

    The way they coach says a lot about them.. (all 3 were excellent tbh)Tori: The aggressive, hardcore, competitive coach.Eric: The fun, loud and energetic coachMikaela: Friendly, proud and humble coach. All three are amazing thooo :)))

  • fabb4i2
    fabb4i2   6 months ago

    3:40 Against 4 people?

  • Sasuke Uchiha
    Sasuke Uchiha   6 months ago

    Jaxon, the true 9 yr old... Of course he'd win... aaaaaaaaaand I won the bet!! Thanks Jax and Tori

  • carsonsusie
    carsonsusie   6 months ago

    2:493:265:017:31I think I got them all.

  • fabb4i2
    fabb4i2   6 months ago

    I like how all the questions un the first part are actually used in the second one as well. 😄

  • MulanwithaD
    MulanwithaD   6 months ago

    2:48 3:21 4:22 4:59 7:27I almost counted the mickey on the board but I found all 5!!

  • Noelle Calara
    Noelle Calara   6 months ago

    even i was listening to the coaches and i was learning lmaooo

  • Jasmin Bolynn
    Jasmin Bolynn   6 months ago

    But but but, she already got a few tried and was reminded of he answers again and again. SOOO, not to fair. Haha just kidding

  • Crazy Fruit
    Crazy Fruit   6 months ago

    !Man! these people have disney as their heart😀

  • Cutebaby05 AJ
    Cutebaby05 AJ   6 months ago

    “How can you be an expert on Disneyland???” Ouch I’m offended 😂

  • Oscar Ake
    Oscar Ake   6 months ago

    FBE pulled the Reverse car on the React Gamers vs. Secret Pro Gamers lmao! (IN A DIFFERENT WAY LOL)

  • Rose
    Rose   6 months ago

    elders lyric breakdown to yungblud

  • Enita Cehic
    Enita Cehic   6 months ago

    I don't think you're training them to be experts. You're just giving them the answers beforehand.