"It's time!" Bruce Buffer tells his fascinating life story

  • Published on: 28 June 2019
  • Bruce Buffer is synonymous with the UFC and now the legendary announcer tells his story to Caroline Pearce. From finding out he was related to Michael and who he gets most hyped for when announcing.

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  • Runtime : 24:31
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  • Juan Abad
    Juan Abad   2 days ago

    whos that chick? she is hot. lol

  • John Gleeson
    John Gleeson   3 days ago

    Pure class through and through, this man.

  • Holy Sheet
    Holy Sheet   4 days ago

    Old people with their stories... rolls eyes.

  • Rob Baez
    Rob Baez   1 weeks ago

    This man is a G. And the lady is a really good interviewer

  • Carlos Martins
    Carlos Martins   1 weeks ago

    Bruce scream IT'S TIME, in the end of this interview

  • M M
    M M   1 weeks ago

    Underrated video!I mean this guy surely deserves more views. he’s the most shown face in the history of UFC. Even more than joe rogan 😂Edit: the interviewer is truly a MILF😍

  • Ms Finkish
    Ms Finkish   1 weeks ago

    Iiiiiiiitt's Tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiime,... Introduction First....

  • leónidas gonsales
    leónidas gonsales   1 weeks ago

    Perooo que hermosa milf sorry bruce pero esa hermosa mujer se llevo toda mi atencion

  • Th3Sc0rpi0n
    Th3Sc0rpi0n   1 weeks ago

    Bruce will never be as good as Michael

  • Danny Peculiarbleeps
    Danny Peculiarbleeps   2 weeks ago

    What a suave guy! May he reign supreme in the octagon for as long as he breathes!

  • Gemini
    Gemini   2 weeks ago

    This dudes ego is through the roof... His brother is the real legend.

  • Voistern_ Comedy
    Voistern_ Comedy   2 weeks ago

    Today i found out that Bruce and Michael are Brothers 😳

  • AirFouly
    AirFouly   2 weeks ago

    That woman oozes hotness...woah....

  • Machine Head
    Machine Head   2 weeks ago

    i would love to hear from brucejeremy who the fook is that guy-stephens

  • Jasjit Bajwa
    Jasjit Bajwa   2 weeks ago

    Bro this is crazy: both are brother, announcers, 2 fighting sports, has catch phrases.🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯. I love the buffer bros

  • Da_Kritick
    Da_Kritick   2 weeks ago

    i can't get over it but Caroline Pearce is FINE!!

  • Techmania marko stojanovic

    Bruce u are really an idiot write a book an sell it.. why tell it here for free.. its a good story./.

  • Hazem Jbara
    Hazem Jbara   3 weeks ago

    Great guy. Amazing story. He's a legendary announcer: "It's Time" will last forever with all UFC fans.

  • slasaus1
    slasaus1   3 weeks ago

    Of course he respects the fighters, he has been doing martial arts all his life.

  • WildCard
    WildCard   3 weeks ago

    Good guy ,but nothing beats "Lets get ready to rumble" from his brother

  • Tzim Tzum
    Tzim Tzum   3 weeks ago

    Classy Man!The voice of Adrenaline!Without Bruce Buffer we wouldn't love MMA as we all do

  • surality
    surality   4 weeks ago

    Dale Winton, supermarket sweep, lol

  • michael Tsho
    michael Tsho   4 weeks ago

    This man is extremely charismatic, a true martial artist.

  • michael Tsho
    michael Tsho   4 weeks ago

    just thought about this, this noooot an easy job.

  • rambo
    rambo   1 months ago

    He looks like sylvester stalone