"It's time!" Bruce Buffer tells his fascinating life story

  • Published on: 28 June 2019
  • Bruce Buffer is synonymous with the UFC and now the legendary announcer tells his story to Caroline Pearce. From finding out he was related to Michael and who he gets most hyped for when announcing.

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  • Runtime : 24:31
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  • j dub
    j dub   1 days ago

    I wonder what his mom's last name is cuz buffer is not italian

  • j dub
    j dub   1 days ago

    Stitch Duran was always his friend.

  • j dub
    j dub   1 days ago

    Frank trigg living rent free in his head since they fought in the elevator.

  • loman
    loman   1 months ago

    wow i clicked on this video completely randomly and listened to a pretty huge chunk of it lmao. very well spoken and articulate dude, didn't expect this to be so entertaining.

    EDWIN RAI   1 months ago

    Bruce's " It's time ".... Goldberg's "it is all over"

  • Carlos Ruiz
    Carlos Ruiz   1 months ago

    Tell her to stand up just once per interview. She’s gotta fatty.

  • Danny Hodges
    Danny Hodges   1 months ago

    6:40 when he starts talking about Michael

  • Michael Ledgewood
    Michael Ledgewood   1 months ago

    What a fascinating interview and an inspiring man. The interviewer was excellent in the way she asked her questions and let Bruce tell his amazing story.

  • IamMe UAreU
    IamMe UAreU   1 months ago

    Great interview..but i cant keep my eyes off her crossed leg!

  • Hamzooni Moham
    Hamzooni Moham   2 months ago

    I like when he says"The Undisputed UFC lightweight champion of the World Khabib "The Eagle" Nurmagomedov"

  • Taylor Wilcox
    Taylor Wilcox   2 months ago

    Tony Ferguson.... the type of guy.... to be the type of guy!

  • Chris Seymour
    Chris Seymour   2 months ago

    JIMMY LENNON JR ITS SHOW TIME! this guy ripped it's time off from him. Sad.

  • Chris Seymour
    Chris Seymour   2 months ago

    He stole its time from the boxing announcer that goes "iiits showww timeee!" How does does nobody know this. That boxing announcer was doing that way before him . Makes me cringe when I hear him steal it every time

  • jizzy t
    jizzy t   2 months ago

    I wish to fight in the ufc and wish this man still alive when i do

  • Kk Kay
    Kk Kay   2 months ago

    I'm old enough to remember his brother long before ever hearing of him..so his whole "it's time" deal sounded corny compared to his brothers"let's get ready to rumble"..but its grown on me..

  • ethan
    ethan   2 months ago

    Bruce buffer is way more exciting than Michael buffer

  • Zmaj- Lee
    Zmaj- Lee   2 months ago

    This women want piece of his life story haha

  • Miranda Boxing Team
    Miranda Boxing Team   2 months ago

    "Its time" so lame!!!!! It does not stick or sound as good as "lets get ready to rumble" or "its showtime". And he dont look as classy he looks like a used cars sales man...

  • Mike T
    Mike T   2 months ago

    i had a feeling he might be italian i knew it he’s italian i was going to say Russ Bufalino mob boss lol from the irishman .

  • Mike T
    Mike T   2 months ago

    philly a? imagine all the things bruce has seen mob and more

  • karl karl
    karl karl   2 months ago

    Seems like a really nice fella

  • Comment
    Comment   3 months ago

    Listening to Bruce, but watching Caroline lol. Awesome interview

  • Mark My Word
    Mark My Word   3 months ago

    Which one makes me want to vomit,This clown, or the BareKnuckle flamer ?