Cory Marks - Outlaws & Outsiders feat. Ivan Moody, Travis Tritt, Mick Mars (Official Video)

  • Published on: 15 November 2019
  • Official music video for Outlaws & Outsiders by Cory Marks feat. Ivan Moody of Five Finger Death Punch, Travis Tritt, and Mick Mars of Mötley Crüe.
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    Watch Cory Marks' new song 'Better Off' -

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    Directed by: Jaclyn Cataldi
    Footage by: Ed Regan, Ben Guzman, Rob Anderson

    #CoryMarks #OutlawsandOutsiders

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  • Runtime : 3:18
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  • Better Noise Music
    Better Noise Music   3 months ago

    Check out Cory Mark's new song 'Better Off' - or Download 'Outlaws and Outsiders' -

  • Nick P
    Nick P   2 hours ago

    Sounds like every other cookie cutter radio song. 🙄 Thought it would be better.

  • Burak Hondoroğlu
    Burak Hondoroğlu   9 hours ago

    It's been a long time that I have not hear a strong sound song like this! Thanks for your soul to create this amazing song! 🤘👌

  • Hunter Corum
    Hunter Corum   1 days ago

    Don’t tell the guys from my hood I listen to this😂

  • DEE 300
    DEE 300   2 days ago

    Being a small town bai from Carrickfergus North Ireland love this song. Always stand tall and stand up for ur rights and what u think is right. ✌️❤️🤣🤘

  • matt nealy
    matt nealy   2 days ago

    M who else is singing this a good singer

  • Bryan Gougeon
    Bryan Gougeon   2 days ago

    This would of been better if someone other than mick Mars was chosen. He is just meh just like the crew forgettable

  • Outlaw Justin
    Outlaw Justin   2 days ago

    Well upchurch,adam Calhoun, colt ford should do a remake together

  • bob Joe
    bob Joe   4 days ago

    One of my all time favorite country singers, one of my all time rock singers in the same song? Hell yeah!! Dig it

  • George Kramer
    George Kramer   4 days ago

    Nearly an hour total spent listening to this and no signs of stopping.

  • SHAKUR 47
    SHAKUR 47   5 days ago


  • Timothy Martin
    Timothy Martin   6 days ago

    Hits home for me how seen’s I’m a outlaw of the 1983 Hard Core Echoe outlow Air Born Rangers In Fort Benning Georgia And I keep a small circle myself Gr8 Music sounds like you should be a little bit country and a little bit rock ‘n’ roll T,T

  • Level Seven Gaming
    Level Seven Gaming   6 days ago

    I'm not a country boy at all but I fucking love this we need more of this and less and that mumble rap shit on the radio

  • Kimberly Thibodeaux
    Kimberly Thibodeaux   6 days ago

    This is my jam! And Trouble of course. Finding all kinds of new music lately.

  • Robert O'connor
    Robert O'connor   6 days ago

    Man it's really beautiful when country and rock come together to make godly music keep it up boys!!

  • GameSin
    GameSin   1 weeks ago

    Girl: Do you like this songMe: 1:12 "MMMmmmm gurl"

  • Excess BOSS
    Excess BOSS   1 weeks ago

    I am not a rock fan but what the hell is that song it’s driving me crazy.. can’t stop to use the replay button

  • Dracolegacy
    Dracolegacy   1 weeks ago

    no clue who Cory Marks was before this but i gotta say he has earned my respect with this one. fantastic track guys and very cool to see Mick still rockin out.