Dwight Howard: Everything will come full circle in the dunk contest | NBA on ESPN

  • Published on: 15 February 2020
  • Dwight Howard sits down with Brian Windhorst to reflect on his second stint with the Los Angeles Lakers, his earliest memories of flying above the rim and previews his plans for the 2020 NBA Slam Dunk Contest. Howard even hints at his plans to involve Kobe Bryant.
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  • Runtime : 7:42
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  • X
    X   3 months ago

    what a nice interview!

  • JR Swish
    JR Swish   3 months ago

    Shoutout to J-Smoove 🔥💪🏾🔥🔥

  • John Minx
    John Minx   3 months ago

    I hope he really wins!!! for him and for the Mamba looking down on him....;)

  • Dequann Fletcher
    Dequann Fletcher   3 months ago

    Confidence in overdrive. Respect to you DH 🙏🏽💯

  • GoodGuy
    GoodGuy   3 months ago

    Basketball gods just let the Lakers win this year for Kobe. Dwight being on the team would make it even more special.

  • Your Name
    Your Name   3 months ago

    This looks like a bad intro to a bad porno

  • C Snodgers
    C Snodgers   3 months ago

    Aaron Gordon is going to win but I'm rooting for Dwight.

  • BlkDiesel
    BlkDiesel   3 months ago

    I feel so good to be witness to the rebirth of Dwight Howard. Alot of his criticism is warranted but alot is also very unwarranted. I believe that he is very a misunderstood man. Glad to see him living in his beliefs and truth and he seems happy with himself, basketball and life. Looking forward to seeing him in the dunk contest.

  • Thomas
    Thomas   3 months ago

    If you listen without watching the video you'd think he was interviewing Future.

  • Blaze Carr
    Blaze Carr   3 months ago

    full circle..... dwight keeping us on our toes! i know it has nothing to do with a 360 dunk. hes more clever than that. This means something more

  • Alex Garcia
    Alex Garcia   3 months ago

    I would love to see Dwight win again but I gotta root for Aaron - from a Magic Fan

  • Majki Tajszon
    Majki Tajszon   3 months ago

    Yeah, make this about kobe... Might as well compete alone, no reason for the others to participate.

  • Manny Guzman
    Manny Guzman   3 months ago

    Good to see Dwight happy and enjoying to play basketball.

  • jeph93718
    jeph93718   3 months ago

    I am so curious about this "full circle". I really thought he's gonna do 360 dunk. But......hmmmmm, since this is his redemption season, this could mean Superman is back.

  • Joshua Hayes
    Joshua Hayes   3 months ago

    Dwight technically is about 6’11” in shoes, but he’s like 6’9 or 6’10” barefoot so that’s why he’s listed at that due to the nba’s new measurement policy

  • ThreeCreators
    ThreeCreators   3 months ago

    So we just gunna act like Dwight never looked 6 foot 11 and isn’t clearly taller than Lebron and Kyle kuzma and Ingram etc... all guys who are 6 9, yet the same height as guys who are 6 11?!

  • WildSandwich
    WildSandwich   3 months ago

    I'm rooting for Dwight. I'm a longtime Laker fan.... I absolutely hated Dwight coming to my team the 1st time. I knew instinctually it was going to be a car wreck. But I have to admit, Dwight HAS CHANGED. BIG TIME. I'm not sure what has transpired in his life but the metamorphosis has been obvious. I'm now fully on board with him in a Lakers jersey. He has earned it. Respect!

  • koji madjos
    koji madjos   3 months ago

    Put vince next year and everyone anyone of all ages will see and cheer

  • A.J Westcarth
    A.J Westcarth   3 months ago

    Hes not 6'9!!!! Maybe 6'10, 6'10.5? Hes a easy 2 or 3 inches taller than lebron and lebron is 6'8 some say 6'9! okay I'm calm now :)

  • Luzvi Batingan
    Luzvi Batingan   3 months ago

    happy he is back ..he is a good player ..everybody have the right to give a chance. .that's DWIGHT 😍💪

  • Lord Dom Snow
    Lord Dom Snow   3 months ago

    He looks really happy with his life. Good for him

  • Kendrick Hudson
    Kendrick Hudson   3 months ago

    Dwight bout to show these youngbloods how its done!! 💯

  • Clip Corleone
    Clip Corleone   3 months ago

    Dwight can't stop grinning because he wants to reveal his shirt really matches his panties.. he jazzy

  • iClampNGL
    iClampNGL   3 months ago

    Windhorst needs to stop asking ‘was there ever a point where you knew you were the best player on your team?’ and ‘was there ever a point where you knew you weren’t the best player on your team?’. Obviously at a young age Dwight probably realized he was the best player on all his teams but he was too humble to say that. And even when in the NBA he had to have known he was better than everybody he ever played with on the Magic. It probably wasn’t until he got to the Lakers with Kobe that it even crossed his mind. But even so, to get to where Dwight is, you have to go out every night believing you’re the best player. Just silly questions in my opinion.

  • Survival
    Survival   3 months ago

    I don’t know who’s gonna win. Hope every single guy puts on a show.