40 Updates NOTCH wanted in Minecraft (but never added)

  • Published on: 19 October 2019
  • Notch had so many ideas for Minecraft, let's take a look at some of the updates he wanted in game!

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    We combed through fan forum posts that are almost a decade old, all in the name of finding original update ideas that Minecraft's creator Notch wanted to add to the game but either neither or never got the chance to. And we found 40 of them! So we decided to add them to Minecraft ourselves. From Giant Pigman, quick sand and sharks, to secret doors, red dragons and so much more! 40 Updates NOTCH wanted in Minecraft (but never added) #Minecraft #Notch #Update


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    ✅ Map created by BlueCommander

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  • Runtime : 21:20
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  • Strelax
    Strelax   1 hours ago

    pigmans are scarier than the stalker

  • brianna wilcox
    brianna wilcox   2 hours ago

    I'd love a dragon that you can tame as a pet and fly on

  • BrennoC
    BrennoC   9 hours ago

    20:55 Terraria Doesn't Have Dragons at all, They Have Pigrons, Wyverns, Duke Fishron, and One of Lunatic Cultists "Dragon" but they aren't really DRAGONS.

  • BrennoC
    BrennoC   9 hours ago

    19:45 Terraria Event

  • BrennoC
    BrennoC   9 hours ago

    18:45 Terraria Glowstick, Why Does Too many of Notches Ideas are in Terraria? kind of.

  • BrennoC
    BrennoC   9 hours ago

    18:45 Terraria Glowstick, Why Does Too many of Notches Ideas are in Terraria? kind of.

  • BrennoC
    BrennoC   9 hours ago

    The Villagers are Kinda Like NPCS but not Expecific Ones, like The Merchant, Dryad, Steampunker, etc.

  • BrennoC
    BrennoC   9 hours ago

    15:50 Terraria Bosses, Sup King Slime

  • BrennoC
    BrennoC   9 hours ago

    14:15 Kinda like the Special Dyes in Terraria

  • BrennoC
    BrennoC   9 hours ago

    Lukcy Increase Good Things Rate and Decreasse bad Things, i Think, like low Hostile Mob Spawn and Higher Chance to Get Flint

  • Josh Day
    Josh Day   9 hours ago

    What mods are you using to actually put these in the game? I would love to add the ghosts. Lol

  • BrennoC
    BrennoC   9 hours ago

    10:34 Same thing you Find In Terraria Underground Some times

  • BrennoC
    BrennoC   9 hours ago

    8:38 Terraria Does that too, But they regen slowly

  • chico
    chico   9 hours ago

    Dude i want that stalking mob it would take the game to a whole different level

  • Aaron Badman
    Aaron Badman   10 hours ago

    i like the one where u can claim land. i would use it all the time to make sure that mobs cant kill me

  • Savannah Smith
    Savannah Smith   12 hours ago

    40 the dragons 🐉 bro that would be awesome I love dragons

  • Diana Auman
    Diana Auman   13 hours ago

    Whenever he said if somebody would work it Mojang I work at Mojang actually

  • Dave
    Dave   15 hours ago

    So basically notch wanted Minecraft to become terraria

  • Wakanda Foreva
    Wakanda Foreva   17 hours ago

    His ideas were so great.If they wouldv been added Minecraft would be a very challenging and never boring game and rise in popularity way more then now.I loved all of his ideas exept the tnt arrows and all the blocks falling exept the obsidian making building impossible.

  • Addalyn Wooldrik
    Addalyn Wooldrik   20 hours ago

    it would be so cool to be able to tame a dragon and fly it around and stuff

  • Addalyn Wooldrik
    Addalyn Wooldrik   20 hours ago

    have you ever realized that the creators of minecraft are just adding in mods officially into the game? just me? okie 😂

  • Dabe TV
    Dabe TV   21 hours ago

    Mining would be hard if the torch burn out happens

  • silverpeter
    silverpeter   22 hours ago

    Get that ugly face out of the screen

  • NoVa TicTac
    NoVa TicTac   1 days ago

    14:20 Tyler is the best name in the world!

  • Stina Ålslett
    Stina Ålslett   1 days ago

    Trols are frendly. But they turn in to stone is they are in contact with sun.And they have big noses and they have a long tail and they are rely hairy. I should know that cus I come from norway. And trolls lives in the maunten and it's just some trolls that are evil

  • kaki kaki
    kaki kaki   1 days ago

    Honestly all but like 5 are really good ideas that would only make the game more varied

  • Belle Doty
    Belle Doty   1 days ago

    imagine being able to ride dragons in minecraft :O

  • βLΔS TΣR
    βLΔS TΣR   1 days ago

    I am glad that that stalker update didnt get added the game so glad