S'more with me and Marshmello | Charli D'Amelio

  • Published on: 21 May 2020
  • hi everyone!

    i wanted to keep things fun while everyone is quarantined so I talked to my friend marshmello and we decided to teach you how to make a tasty treat while you're stuck at home. make sure you get some stuffed puffs, if you've never tried a chocolate stuffed marshmallow you're missing out. i hope you enjoy the recipe! 

    stuffed puffs
    pancake mix
    powdered sugar

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    Song: Marshmello & Halsey - Be Kind
  • Runtime : 4:18


  • bee bee
    bee bee   30 seconds ago

    I love you Charli❤️

  • Julie Spaniol
    Julie Spaniol   14 minuts ago

    is it just me or have i never heard his voice..

  • Vitória Faustino
    Vitória Faustino   16 minuts ago

    Charllie you so perfect not deixe pessoas chatas te abalarem visse!!

  • Olivia Loved
    Olivia Loved   21 minuts ago

    Ahhhh you’re eating your cousins marshmallow

  • Glaze
    Glaze   26 minuts ago

    I love Marshmello and this shit looks good

  • Silvina Lorenzo
    Silvina Lorenzo   31 minuts ago

    I love you ❤💕💕❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • Gaming _Gamer
    Gaming _Gamer   41 minuts ago

    Why are you famous when are you do is just dances

  • Faviola Hernandez
    Faviola Hernandez   44 minuts ago

    Am I the only one enjoying how beautiful Charlie kitchen looks Ight lol

  • K Mp
    K Mp   47 minuts ago

    Wait what??? What jus happened??? 🤣

  • Olivia Ratts
    Olivia Ratts   54 minuts ago

    Hey YouTube, I don’t like seeing alcohol ads on a teens video

  • Emoji Friends
    Emoji Friends   56 minuts ago

    3 of my accounts follow you on tiktok and I just subscribe to you

  • Sad1ee Ajfort
    Sad1ee Ajfort   1 hours ago

    Charlie is amazing anyone giving her hate is actually an insult to the human kind

  • Jayla Gibbons
    Jayla Gibbons   1 hours ago

    Hi charlie stay strong don’t listen to haters

  • JCraft
    JCraft   1 hours ago

    marshmallows were harmed in this video

  • Zeena Mohammed
    Zeena Mohammed   1 hours ago

    اذا انت عربي اثبت وجودك ما ابغى ابقى انا العربيه الوحيده هنا 😂😭💔👈🏻(👍🏻)

  • Azaleah Leyba
    Azaleah Leyba   1 hours ago

    Charli is so beautiful 😍💕❤️💕❤️💕❤️💕🤗💋🔥🔥😳❤️😳❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🤝🥰😍

  • Small Cthulhu
    Small Cthulhu   1 hours ago

    This is the fastest channel to get to a million I’ve ever seen I don’t understand

  • Olivia Gonzalez
    Olivia Gonzalez   1 hours ago

    I love you charli!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am your biggest fan and I would love to meet you someday!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • fl!kzy XD
    fl!kzy XD   1 hours ago

    why do people even take their time to dislike the video just leave and watch something else

  • Cazy Fam
    Cazy Fam   1 hours ago

    Your merch went out of stock cuz I was supposed to get one for my birthday but I quit on Snapchat whenever I was doing something I had to go see if your marital still in there and it's it just went out of stock Charli

  • GAMINGtoday 21
    GAMINGtoday 21   1 hours ago

    u r cute charli this is my first video that i watched of urs and i can't stop watching

  • Oooof Bro
    Oooof Bro   1 hours ago

    I love you your so so so beautiful and I wish I could meet you and no matter what anyone says about that stupid body shaming you are always beautiful and always know that because who ever is body shaming you they’re just jealous because you have a beautiful body and they were just sad because they always have something going on in their Life because they don’t have as good as a life as you do