What’s Hiding at the Most Solitary Place on Earth? The Deep Sea

  • Published on: 15 September 2019
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    Sometimes the world feels boring. All the remote islands are visited, the arctic conquered, the dense jungles discovered. Except, there is still a place to explore: A wet deadly desert where mysterious creatures live in total darkness: The deep sea. Let us dive down.

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  • Runtime : 11:36
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  • Miłosz Janus
    Miłosz Janus   6 hours ago

    Now i'm sąd becouse of this plastic bag🙎‍♂️🔪🐠with ☢️and plastic which is the same thing

  • Tom Ruiz
    Tom Ruiz   12 hours ago

    Vitamin Sea, Vitamin Sea....

  • GOD6
    GOD6   19 hours ago

    Someone please tell me where that Kurzgesagt video where they mention how scarcity of resources creates more biodiversity is! I can't find it anywhere PLS halp

  • nice
    nice   19 hours ago

    its hard not to imagine aliens exist when even at what seems to be the most uninhabitable place on earth we find life

  • boi YEET
    boi YEET   1 days ago

    Ahh yes.. the deep sea where only the dankest survive.

  • Riker Haddon
    Riker Haddon   1 days ago

    The biomass graphic was slightly misleading. Ocean biomass is so much smaller not because there are less fish than cows. It has to do with the sheer biomass of forests. Forests take time to grow and provide fruit or leaves that are eaten while the trees survive. Plankton is in sharp contrast and can reproduce rapidly while also being consumed rapidly. While low trophic levels account for most of the terrestrial biomass the opposite is often true for marine biomass.

  • Zachary Mabb
    Zachary Mabb   2 days ago

    Hadopelegic pressure...Eidolon wyrm detected.

  • CK Scores
    CK Scores   2 days ago

    I've gotta say, this is one of the best things Kurzgesagt has made imo.

  • João Sousa
    João Sousa   2 days ago

    Kurzgesagt: You know what they also found elegantly floating trought the water?Me: starts thinking of something majesticKurzgesagt: Plastic bagsMe:(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

  • Devis Azis
    Devis Azis   3 days ago

    Alright pokemon i see you. Thought i was crazy when i first saw corsola after 1 and half minutes watch the video, than i look around and almost all of them are pokemons.

  • TheRealBladex
    TheRealBladex   3 days ago

    is no one going to talk about the pokemon at 1:34 there is lileep on the right, goldeen in the middle, finneon on the top right, and qwilfish on the right lol how is no one seeing this

  • DRAX xd
    DRAX xd   3 days ago

    Wait, why are there Pokémon in the reefs? Look closely, and you’ll see the Qwilfish, Horsea, and Seaking.

  • nicole sarli
    nicole sarli   3 days ago

    Whats at the deepest part of the ocean? A plastic bag, how fucking sad is that, all thanks to humans.

  • Isa W
    Isa W   3 days ago

    I already sub to u when u are on 2M

  • Bayu Yasutora
    Bayu Yasutora   4 days ago

    I was expecting Cthulhu or Kraken at the bottom

  • oscarrr6
    oscarrr6   4 days ago

    0:57 Hats off to Jaques Cousteau's hat!

  • Ho12O
    Ho12O   5 days ago

    Imagine throwing away a plastic bag and it ends up at the bottom of Mariana's trench.