Will Synthetic Motor Oil Cause Engine Seal Leaks? Let's find out!

  • Published on: 07 October 2019
  • Conventional Shell Rotella T4 15W-40 compared to Full Synthetic T6 5W-40 for causing engine seal leaks in a 45 year-old Ford 5000 tractor. I bought the oil used in this video and do not have any sponsors. Thank you very much for supporting the channel by watching the commercials and through Patreon support. https://www.patreon.com/projectfarm

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  • Runtime : 12:23
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  • Eremon1
    Eremon1   21 hours ago

    Watching you mow your brush and fields sure made me miss being on a farm. You have some nice land.

  • Pen2penguin
    Pen2penguin   1 days ago

    You just happen to have the only Ford in the world that doesn't leak

  • MCXero
    MCXero   1 days ago

    has been using synthetic since got the BMW i gotta say it really smooth never leak once..

  • The Muckler
    The Muckler   1 days ago

    Diesel oil is a lot different than automotive. I've always heard it only did it in some older gasoline engines

  • Jim N
    Jim N   1 days ago

    Its far superior and doesn't cause leaks

  • David Wagner
    David Wagner   2 days ago

    we run rotella in all of our jeeps...those motors heat soak somethin terrible.. rotella is as the shell fuel product... the only one worth buying for daily use

  • Rob Mogs
    Rob Mogs   2 days ago

    Could we try maybe a video using chainsaw chain oil as an engine oil and maybe some other uses, hydraulics etc. Long time viewer from the UK, having only this year bought my own small 'Project Farm' too. Great channel, Thanks.

  • Scott Thomsen
    Scott Thomsen   3 days ago

    What is the Brand & Model of the cook top you used?? Nice clean design. (-: Looks like it would work good for a camper.

  • De-bodgery
    De-bodgery   3 days ago

    This is a myth. Synthetics don't cause seals to leak.Your channel is honest...keep up the good work!

  • Ouray Muskrat
    Ouray Muskrat   3 days ago

    Really like your videos.I have a 88 Toyota light duty truck with the 22R engine that has over 233,000 miles and I am considering using a “nanotechnology oil additive”, such as “TriboTex” and was wondering what your overall thoughts are about these products are and if they are safe to use.And if so which one is best.Thanks.

  • Whiskey's Gaming Lounge

    Woah.... talk about being taken back to my youth... my grandfather had several old Ford tractors, one that looked EXACTLY like the one you have. Such beautiful machines and many fond memories of riding around with my grandpa in his! When he auctioned off his farming equipmnet, all three of the Fords went to the auction block and I never saw them again.He also had a Ford riding mower with a hydrostatic transmission... I miss that beast too!Thanks for the memories!

  • Jay Maserian
    Jay Maserian   3 days ago

    Excellent video. Are you saying in the video, however, that T6 has slightly Less detergents, dispersants , and anti-wear additive? or did you mean that it has slightly More?

  • jorg fregin
    jorg fregin   3 days ago

    I found my engine a bit noisy going from mineral to synthetic.

  • Shakdi Dagalimal
    Shakdi Dagalimal   3 days ago

    This guy is the new Mr. Wizard. If I ever again hear any leftie criticizing farmers as back woods hicks, uneducated, southern or midwest trash....

  • James Gulrich
    James Gulrich   4 days ago

    So that was pretty rigorous tractor mowing! Who does all of your stunts? Hahahaha

  • Keith
    Keith   4 days ago

    I’m a simple man, I see project farm and I click play.......

  • Scottii
    Scottii   4 days ago

    Seafoam caused my 1987 B2000 seals to leak.

  • Leighton Samms
    Leighton Samms   4 days ago

    lol, FARM,,my car a. 2013 FORD TAURUS, I bought used,,only had21k,ateusing ROYAL PURPLE OIL 5W-30, & their filter, My first change, can’t find the paperwork, but had them save an, oil sample, just sent it off for testing, so on my 2nd refill. So will wait for report., it sits outdoor, here is something interesting,,I washed it using a product supplied, then applied TORQUE Ceramic coating,,<stuff comes off easy,,INCLUDING our first snow, which for all is did shed the snow, 3” so much,,that a neighbor wanted to know why my car was so ‘clean’ after the snow ! Cheers From NJ🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  • Charles Wagner
    Charles Wagner   4 days ago

    I know switching oils isn't the greatest idea all the time, but I switched my 92 Chevy with a 5.7 gasser to synthetic when I did my first oil change and haven't noticed any oil leaks after over a year and a half of owning and doing maintenance on it, I would run synthetic any day of the week over conventional oil especially the cheap conventional. Never use cheap conventional if you want your engine to last. Conventional seems to break down way faster than synthetic oils do. But that is just my observation.

  • Seriously941
    Seriously941   4 days ago

    "Literally knocking on wood " I have used in SOOO many car, trucks, off road, on road, racing, mowers, chippers, everything that takes oil. Never had an issue unless problem was already there. Sounds like conventional oil lobbyist propaganda to me. Gonna put on my tinfoil hat now.

  • Seriously941
    Seriously941   4 days ago

    WOW! Thanks for videos you do. Always great, honest and very complete.

  • Lance Johnson
    Lance Johnson   4 days ago

    This guy has influenced what I buy so much, for example I only put Ams oil in my car and motorcycles now. I also use Engine Restore on my Tacoma. I know Dewalt makes great drill bits that are very well priced, I also now know Trex makes the best duct tape. I have come to find out that Wal-Mart actually has good car batteries and so much more. Thanks for all your awsome tests. It's really helped me find the best products for my hobbies and vehicles.

  • Lew Rossi
    Lew Rossi   5 days ago

    This was great. I have used Rotella T4 in my motorcycle for 75,000 miles. I change oil 3,000 k,s I have never had to add oil .

  • Austin Hood
    Austin Hood   5 days ago

    Test John Deere plus 50 II 10-40 and Mobil Delvac 10-40

  • Korey Martinson
    Korey Martinson   5 days ago

    I've switched my 2002 F350 to synthetic with no leaks. It starts better now. I do have a friend who switched all his farm machinery to synthetic with no problems except one tractor. That tractor started burning excessive amounts of oil. He switched it back and it stopped.

  • winston chung
    winston chung   5 days ago

    Have 1 Nissan turbo diesel pickup destroy 3 turbos in 16 months, after switching from conventional to synthetic blend. Not sure if it's coincidence or the oil causing it. After changing the last turbo, we went back to conventional oil, but car crashed shortly after that, so we'll never really know..

  • Tyrone Clarke
    Tyrone Clarke   5 days ago

    As always, you do a wonderful job testing products which involve a lot of time, effort and money. I’m always keen to watch your videos. Merry Christmas from Perth Western Australia.

  • robert parascando
    robert parascando   5 days ago

    Had a vehicle years ago consume oil after running synthetic oil, must of cleaned something out had about 90,000 miles on it

  • Jimmy Barr
    Jimmy Barr   5 days ago

    Man, I’ve always appreciated this channel for the large amount of unbiased detailed information. But after watching this, there is even MORE detailed information and facts that I have never considered. Project Farm has been and always will be the most awesome YouTube channels out there. Thank you.

  • awesomeferret
    awesomeferret   5 days ago

    I've never heard this, I've always been told the exact opposite, that synthetic oil is better for engines in every way and traditional oil is just a legacy budget alternative. Is this myth really that prevalent?

  • Paul Straney
    Paul Straney   5 days ago

    Wow, I haven't heard this talked about for some time now. There is only one reason a leak at a seal will occur after changing over to synthetic oil - the seal itself. If the seal that is leaking is removed and replaced properly, the problem will go away. Looking at the seal lip under a microscope (if needed), it will be cracked. A quality synthetic oil, such as Amsoil and others, use high quality detergents and additives. The cleaning action from new detergents will aid in cleaning the seal, allowing the cracks to pass more oil than before the change over. There is no "miracle in a can" that will rejuvenate a leaking seal. Synthetic oils have to be compatible with all manufacturers engine seals, the majority are currently Buna-N. Synthetics are also compatible with Viton. Bottom line - NO, synthetics will not cause engine oil seal leaks. On the subject of seals, Teflon seals are now being used. They are designed to be installed totally dry. The action between the seal and the rotating surface (crankshaft) will cause the seal to "bed in". If oil is applied to a Teflon seal, this will not occur and it will leak forever.

  • Stephen Smith
    Stephen Smith   5 days ago

    Who do you use for testing your oil? Looking to test oil off my Jeep. Thank you.

  • Richard Evans
    Richard Evans   5 days ago

    I know this may seem like dumb question but what exactly is synthetic oil in comparison to mineral I know it’s man made but what advantages if any are there for the mechanically inept like me thank you 👍🏻