5 Foods You're Eating Wrong

  • Published on: 16 March 2019
  • 5 foods you're eating wrong.
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    5 Foods You're Eating Wrong
  • Runtime : 11:23
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    REACT   7 months ago

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  • Sem Canal
    Sem Canal   12 hours ago

    He make with a chicken, make with a fish now!

  • Norah Pumarol
    Norah Pumarol   13 hours ago

    If you grab the strawberry leaf it will obviously brake😧

  • Beauty With Skye
    Beauty With Skye   16 hours ago

    However you eat food is how you eat food there is no wrong way lol

  • Blackshot910
    Blackshot910   1 days ago

    Who else never herd of the chocolate candy that they made simple

  • Alyssa Why
    Alyssa Why   1 days ago

    I’ve been doing to the cupcake thing since I was like 5

  • Pho
    Pho   1 days ago

    You can't say your doing something wrong just doing it a different way doesn't even matter you still eat it

  • Bigudi Müzik
    Bigudi Müzik   2 days ago

    The pleasure of eating wings is in the bones come on you people!

  • br0k3n1
    br0k3n1   2 days ago

    Since when is there a wrong way to eat food

  • Soul Stealer草薙
    Soul Stealer草薙   2 days ago

    With the strawberries I just chuck it in my mouth with the leaves

  • Soul Stealer草薙
    Soul Stealer草薙   2 days ago

    With the chicken wings is a big nono because bone is what gives it that odd flavor of the chicken wing

  • Willian Santiago
    Willian Santiago   2 days ago

    The easy to eat pineaple is a brazilian variety called " Favo de mel " (Honeycomb) that was developed by researches of a university (UNICAMP). Sadly it wasn't that resistant as the normal one and ended up being affected by a plague. They are now developing a second and more resistant version of the honeycomb pineaple.

  • Ice Shark Gaming
    Ice Shark Gaming   2 days ago

    Better be using that medal straw. Save the turtles sksksksksk an-i-oop an-i-oop

  • SacredGuard
    SacredGuard   3 days ago

    Yo, lemme get those wingsB O N E L E S S

  • Lena
    Lena   3 days ago

    "Who is going to do that at a party" me

  • DarK ZoNe_ BionicShark

    I don’t get it you don’t order bone in wings and then take it out then it’s not a chicken it’s a chicken nugget!

  • JokerCrowe
    JokerCrowe   3 days ago

    what the eff are those strawberry monstrosities??????

  • Blo0dbound89
    Blo0dbound89   4 days ago

    guys :D the pineapple wasn't fair... because you did buy the wrong sort of pinapple the " trick" just works with specific pinapples :D

  • Kola Styles
    Kola Styles   4 days ago

    “I am shooketh” 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • wonminz
    wonminz   4 days ago

    these vsco girl comments are actually giving me a headache

  • Multifandom Lia
    Multifandom Lia   4 days ago

    how do they know that we are the ones who eat it wrong, does it come with instructions for use or ...

  • Ashween Rhoenz
    Ashween Rhoenz   5 days ago

    I've been doing the cupcake thing all my life hihi

  • Strafe
    Strafe   5 days ago

    The lady said on the pineapple "im already sticky"

  • Usagi Dango
    Usagi Dango   5 days ago

    I use the “cupcake trick” when I eat cream puffs 🥰 you open it up and eat each half like an open cup. That way the custard doesn’t smoosh out of the puff and drip down your chin~

  • Jamie Young
    Jamie Young   5 days ago

    Uhhh are we even going to talk about that strawberry hack but it was A METAL STRAW (I think)

  • Cameron Varner
    Cameron Varner   5 days ago

    My mom eats cupcakes at parties they you guys did it

  • As A
    As A   6 days ago

    No one on earth eats strawberry that way