• Published on: 30 June 2015
  • DAY 1: Matt and Thomas make a splash painting and attempt to sell it to art galleries...
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    "Good morning thieves" by Choses Sauvages
    "Go" by Café Racer

    Café racer:

    Choses Sauvages:

    Producer: Andrea Pecatikov
    Director: Matt Dajer
    Cinematographer and agent: Ammar Kandil
    Host and Editor: Thomas Brag

    Always fueled by Tenzo Tea (this stuff keeps us goin)
  • Runtime : 6:20
  • Painting (Visual Art Form) Undercover (Musical Album) Sales (Industry) College (TV Genre) Montreal (City/Town/Village) McGill University (College/University) Student (Fictional Job Title) Comedy (Film Genre) University (Building Function) yes theory yes theory snapchat yes theory guys yes theory snapchat brother yes theory brother


  • Aadil Farooqui
    Aadil Farooqui   2 days ago

    The Art Gallery did the same mistake everyone did with the Vincent, anyone fan of Yes Theory would love to buy that painting for Thousands of Dollars in Future, in the other Point, RoloPan just made fortune for free

  • T
    T   5 days ago

    Anyone rly bored in quarantine rn?

  • Brenden Auger
    Brenden Auger   2 weeks ago

    Is it still there cause if it is imma go see it soon just wait

  • Splash
    Splash   2 weeks ago

    i like the accent

  • Supyrb
    Supyrb   2 weeks ago

    They should go back to that resaurant and see if the painting is still there.

  • Matthew Strong
    Matthew Strong   2 weeks ago

    Who else is watching this during quarantine???????

  • llIusion
    llIusion   3 weeks ago

    Imagine how much it would be worth, The story behind it and it was made by Thomas and Matt of Yes theory. I would definitely buy it xD

  • NoahAtgiaras
    NoahAtgiaras   1 months ago

    First project 30 video, done and dusted!!

  • beth liebermann
    beth liebermann   2 months ago

    It probably would have been easier to make a “series”, then try for a showing at a restaurant or bar.... that’s how I started out before I got gallery shows...

  • mr j
    mr j   2 months ago

    Try selling another paint

  • J W
    J W   2 months ago

    This is great. It epitomizes maleness. Keep your positive outlook despite continual rejection! Your evolution has not failed you, sirs.

  • David
    David   2 months ago

    Selling art more like a con artist

  • Mission Zero
    Mission Zero   3 months ago

    Y'all binge watching old yes theory vids too??

  • Italo Giardina
    Italo Giardina   3 months ago

    Great stuff to take it to its logical conclusion, not an esteemed gallery but viewed by millions online, and some shoppers in the food court.

  • Sum Chap
    Sum Chap   3 months ago

    FYI I found the video of the guy that has it now!

  • irondasgr
    irondasgr   3 months ago

    Do you still have the painting? It's value would already have skyrocketed!

  • Gg Toine
    Gg Toine   3 months ago

    4:55 i live in a truck man (avec un osti de gros accent)😂

  • Zachary Cadena
    Zachary Cadena   3 months ago

    I wonder how much someone would pay for this painting today LMFAO

  • u need help
    u need help   3 months ago

    This vid was in 2015 and i am watching this in 2020 lol

  • Chronostasis
    Chronostasis   4 months ago

    Ahh that's why you guys have a queb accent lmao

  • Tom Larson
    Tom Larson   4 months ago

    These guys sometimes fail but still say they did it. Like the 81 hour bus ride to Portland they said was 84 to Seattle.

  • Toby Lawdenay
    Toby Lawdenay   4 months ago

    Lol thomas's accent was a little stronger back then

  • Ayoub Belabzar
    Ayoub Belabzar   4 months ago

    He tell him that's for YouTube project so that's why he buy it from them for a little advertisement

  • Jacob
    Jacob   4 months ago

    This piece is probably worth a couple of grand now

  • Nightbot
    Nightbot   4 months ago

    4th.I'm going to watch and comment in every Yes Theory videos