Car Spotting with Doug DeMuro

  • Published on: 22 May 2020
  • Today you're coming car spotting with Doug DeMuro. We're going to drive around Coronado, California, and I'm going to show you all the cool cars I find -- and I'm going to show you what it's like to ride with me while I geek out over cars.


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  • Runtime : 14:36


  • More Doug DeMuro
    More Doug DeMuro   6 days ago

    "Honey! Why is there a man with a bad haircut looking at the Saturn?"

  • Thomas Toth
    Thomas Toth   38 minuts ago

    Yeah, cause getting out of your completely open roofed car woud be dangerous.

  • Will P
    Will P   46 minuts ago

    3:17 and the cooper S !

  • Mark Inopea
    Mark Inopea   1 hours ago

    Happy belated bday! I love how you roast some of these cars ahaha!

  • Joe Voorhees
    Joe Voorhees   1 hours ago

    I missed something with the "Over night parts from Japan" reference... anyone care to fill me in?

  • James Tapper
    James Tapper   1 hours ago

    Coronado isn't an island, it's a peninsula. :) Glad you're in San Diego Doug!

  • Ian
    Ian   3 hours ago

    I actually would like more of these kinds of videos,,Really Enjoyed !

  • Luke Podmers
    Luke Podmers   3 hours ago

    A guy in Minneapolis who lives next to my cousins collects old land rovers. Doug and him would make great friends.

  • Darknamja
    Darknamja   4 hours ago

    Be careful Doug, there may Navy Special Warfare personnel out there.

    841K views   8 hours ago

    Why is the VW Polo called Gol in the US? Or is it a different car, because the tail lights look very similar

  • Jeff Jacob
    Jeff Jacob   8 hours ago

    Hey Doug,I have no idea if this is something that you would enjoy/be interested in or not; if not it's completely fine but I thought I would throw the idea.It would be awesome if you would have a live stream every now and then, maybe playing some car games and talking about cars in general.We're quite a bunch to enjoy your videos, humor, simplicity and humble enjoyment for cars too, it would be nice to get to interact with you. I hope you're doing great mate and I wish you all the best! Big fan from Canada

  • haffy 003
    haffy 003   8 hours ago

    Wait, Vauxhall (Opel) is called Buick in the USA. Unlucky

  • Mi J
    Mi J   9 hours ago

    What a great video. Could watch you talk about cars for hours 👍

  • Ghost
    Ghost   9 hours ago

    Love how is says the correct color like if you get a different one your opinion is wrong lol

  • Ghost
    Ghost   9 hours ago

    Nobody: Jesus: 0:04

  • LeeJcc
    LeeJcc   9 hours ago

    Thanks for sharing your birthday with us - I enjoyed myself! Your knowledge of cars is really impressive, and the ability to speak and comment on what you see, off-the-cuff, is really cool.

  • Drew Moore
    Drew Moore   10 hours ago

    Imagine all the traffic he held up making this video

  • oiuet souiu
    oiuet souiu   10 hours ago

    3:34 O GOL mais feliz do mundo, saiu de Sao Bernardo e foi parar na California, só andando em asfalto bom e bebendo gasosa boa

  • Cody Goon
    Cody Goon   10 hours ago

    I’ve been doing this my whole life. I usually ask if the cars are for sale when the owners are around and that’s how me and my dad bought our classics.

  • Solomon Amoon
    Solomon Amoon   10 hours ago

    Dude i saw a Black Type R civic by the Supra that was never introduced to north America. That car is so special to a initial D and the fans. I feel sad that you didn't mention it.

  • Isaiah Patten
    Isaiah Patten   10 hours ago

    3:25 a teacher at my school has a Civic type R

  • Lame Upload
    Lame Upload   10 hours ago

    Doug's the kinda guy: to wrap his heard in bed head

  • foxhound5 5
    foxhound5 5   11 hours ago

    I'm imagining the traffic Doug Is holding up everytime he stops in the road and their reactions

  • Xalara82100
    Xalara82100   11 hours ago

    "Overnight parts from Japan" 🤣😂🤣😂I think the same thing every time I see a F150 Lightning, especially if it's red lol

  • Andreas Weigand
    Andreas Weigand   11 hours ago

    Fantastic. Do this in other places too maybe once that's a thing again!

  • Said Chammas
    Said Chammas   11 hours ago

    0:21 actually it was also my birthday that day

  • Gibreel Farishta
    Gibreel Farishta   11 hours ago

    Huge fan of yours Doug and I have to say this was the BEST video you’ve made. Your childlike excitement for all things cars is immensely delightful. Happy birthday.

  • Mr dark man
    Mr dark man   11 hours ago

    My birthday was on may 13th. Turned 21. Happy bday yo

  • Jason Baroi
    Jason Baroi   12 hours ago

    easy access to repair shop.. that part made me go lmao, literally