KOTD - Rap Battle - Conceited vs Dumbfoundead | #Blackout5

  • Published on: 19 March 2015
  • @KingOfTheDot - #BO5 - @ConceitedNYC vs @Dumbfoundead
    Hosted by: @OrganikHipHop, @GullyTK, @Traphik & @BishopBrigante

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  • Runtime : 22:46
  • kotd blackout 5 bo5 ovo drake Dumbfoundead (Musical Artist) Battle Rap King Of The Dot (Business Operation) Rapping (Literature Subject) conceited Rapper rap battles


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  • GetRichBuyGuns
    GetRichBuyGuns   1 days ago

    DUMBFOUNDED BOY!!!! he said thats not a punchline, that real baby facts!!! lmao

  • Grievez
    Grievez   1 days ago

    ... Racism is cheap, as if DF couldnt throw some stereotypes out. Gtfo lol. Double standards.

  • Sully Lastname
    Sully Lastname   1 days ago

    this crowd is so boring and they think thyere cool not clapping like grow the fuck up

  • tuanisthename
    tuanisthename   1 days ago

    very close. i think round 1 goes to dfd and round 3 to con

  • MS kenteh
    MS kenteh   2 days ago

    This shit was racist asf shit ha me weak asl bruh😭

  • 903sosa
    903sosa   2 days ago

    LMAO 17:00 tims face when said that line and realized he's part of cons crew

  • Brianna
    Brianna   2 days ago

    this battle really shows how unoriginal Con is, DFD flamed him

  • KraemerMan
    KraemerMan   2 days ago

    That aunt May uncle Ben line was serious slept on

  • Shifu Sage
    Shifu Sage   2 days ago

    How dumbfounded come with a album quality verse tho?!?!

  • Howard Wolowitz
    Howard Wolowitz   3 days ago

    Con def has some greats moments but DFD all the way. Even people who had no idea about rapping will understand his lines coz he generalized it. Con had some too but DF had more. Props to both.

  • Savat Valentine
    Savat Valentine   3 days ago

    Dumbfoundead killed it! i feel like Conceited verse are old jokes.

  • Elvis
    Elvis   3 days ago

    Dumbfounded won on this one Hard

  • Emmanuel Owhor
    Emmanuel Owhor   3 days ago

    This battle was wack af. Bunch of short and Asian jokes. I wasted my dawn time!

  • 31diggz
    31diggz   3 days ago

    This ain't rap this is just amateur diss night

  • Terrell Sims
    Terrell Sims   4 days ago

    I just watched Dumbfound’s TED talk and decided to look him up. I came up on this battle completely SUBJECTIVE.. I was ready to see Dumb eat Conceited up (after I scanned the comments). But....Now my objective opinion is: if we are basing this battle purely off of wittiness, humor and delivery, Conceited takes the cake. If you wanna base it off just straight facts and take the imaginary gun talk away, Dumb wins due to consistency... but even when Con didn’t talk gun talk, he was the wittier/funnier rapper. (I see a lot of folks call them racist jokes but they where out of love of the sport). Btw I’m impressed by Dumbs talents 🔥🔥

  • dropp off
    dropp off   4 days ago

    Conceited won like if u agree

  • Lil Flame On Deck
    Lil Flame On Deck   4 days ago

    I always come back to this video. Dumbfoundead cooked Con. Con was so unoriginal did the same shit he always did and DFD got in on multiple angles

  • Josef K.
    Josef K.   5 days ago

    real talk: Conceited: Dumb bell / chin up and John Cena lines were some good bars, other than that just straight up (general, inaccurate and corny) asian/race jokesDumbfoundead: did NOT only have short jokes (even tho they were creative and funny af), he rightly predicted conceiteds asian and show guns angles, had the funny tattoo angle, dissed cons style (slow it down) and the imaginary guns / polygraph lines killed him.seriously, looking at this objectively dfd won this clearly

    BOY BOY   5 days ago

    Dumbfoundead funny as hell

  • Mhm M
    Mhm M   5 days ago

    He said he from Korean town not China town. So why he kept bringing the Chinese jokes into this battle. And dumbfounded didn’t use the N word so why he conceited kept using the C word