the day i got my braces off

  • Published on: 21 September 2019
  • bro it was a movie bro

    if one more person tells me that I look like emmy rossum I will be taking legal action

    another also
    I hatE this video but I spent a long time on it so I FUCKING POSTED IT however i'm working on things that i'm actually proud of ladies so pls bare with me

    snapchat- naileax

    -do not own any of the music played in this video all rights go to the original creator(s)-
  • Runtime : 9:21
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  • Llama Llama
    Llama Llama   5 hours ago

    @4:38 i thought the video ended. Deadass

  • Aabia Aamir
    Aabia Aamir   6 hours ago

    Nailea: *attempts to bite apple *Nailea: failsALSO Nailea: I don’t even know how to do thislol same I can’t even bite an apple is there nothing I can do other than be a sh!thead??Edit: wait I didn’t mean Nailea is that..... I meant that she’s not because at least she’s likable and I’m not lol

  • Rosche Guevarra
    Rosche Guevarra   7 hours ago

    Is it hurts so much when first time putting braces??

  • Najma Ahmadi
    Najma Ahmadi   8 hours ago

    Is it invisible braces cause I can't see it! How much does it cost? My teeth are like vampire teeth!!!

  • Morpheus Zen
    Morpheus Zen   2 days ago

    I really find her pretty and really interesting.

  • Megan Pell
    Megan Pell   2 days ago

    when she said her cheeks were fat and then they went down after getting her braces off gave me hope for my future

  • Akiesha Eunice Lusung

    I've got mine on March 4 and it's literally March 31 2020 rn I want my bottom braces it isnt bad but I want straight teeth like you

  • Jana Chaouk
    Jana Chaouk   3 days ago

    You get bigger lips when you get braces that's what happened to you and what happened to my sisrwr

  • Lisa Jae
    Lisa Jae   4 days ago

    Am I the only one that thinks she looks like Camila cabello and Avani combined

  • Elle
    Elle   4 days ago

    i just love it when she- 1:20

  • kimjojo kim
    kimjojo kim   4 days ago

    How does it feels to have braces?? Im gonna get mine after the quarenten

  • cloudybxbe 7
    cloudybxbe 7   5 days ago

    I just started watching her today and I’ve already watched almost all of her videos because she is so funny and beautiful and she seems like she has an amazing personality

  • Andrea Hornberger
    Andrea Hornberger   6 days ago

    ssssssssssssssssssssaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaammmmmmmmmeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!! I have ADD toooooooo

  • nimka kurzfeld
    nimka kurzfeld   1 weeks ago

    Why are you so pretty!? It is honestly kind of infuriating...

  • Ana Carolina
    Ana Carolina   1 weeks ago

    cara, eu nem sei pq eu assisto o vídeo dessa gringa, eu apenas assisto, tipo???????

  • Goe Vang
    Goe Vang   1 weeks ago

    Bruhhh shes literally a whole mood 😂😭😭

  • Potatolikes 2
    Potatolikes 2   1 weeks ago

    Is she giving avani vibes or is it just me🤔

  • D Smoov
    D Smoov   1 weeks ago

    bruh she is more cut with the braces

  • imnobody
    imnobody   1 weeks ago