Americans testing their knowledge | Funny and ignorant Americans (E32)

  • Published on: 06 August 2019
  • Americans testing their knowledge | Funny and ignorant Americans (E32)
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    1. How many planets are in our Solar System?
    2. What are the seven continents of the World?
    3. What is the closest planet to the Earth?
    4. If you're going 70 mph how long does it take you to go 70 miles?
    5. What's heavier: a pound of rocks or a pound of feathers?
    6. What state is The Great Canyon in?
    7. How many sides does a trapezoid have?
    8. What is 6x7?
    9. What are the three states of matter?
    10. What year was America founded?

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  • Runtime : 25:20
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  • BlazingFiregamer 9
    BlazingFiregamer 9   36 minuts ago

    “One hundred and twelve fifty”- Some probably homeless American13:40Hmm yes 1 001 250

  • BlazingFiregamer 9
    BlazingFiregamer 9   43 minuts ago

    Narrator person: What meat do you eat in KFC use?American: LaMb

  • Vivian Ju
    Vivian Ju   6 hours ago

    Thank you for making me question my sanity

  • vizender
    vizender   9 hours ago

    22:33 i can understand some people are wrong, brava use the lady asking the question accentuate some words to trick people

  • ThatoneMTB
    ThatoneMTB   10 hours ago

    And Americans wonder y the rest of the world hates them

  • Czerstfy Chlep
    Czerstfy Chlep   11 hours ago

    Well, Thirteen Colonies were part of Great Britain so The Boston Tea Party took place in GB....

  • junaid riaz
    junaid riaz   13 hours ago

    It is not a*2+b*2=c*2. It's base*2 + height*2 = hypotenuse*2

  • Namenlos 3000.
    Namenlos 3000.   14 hours ago

    Julius Ceasar was no emperor. He was murdered before he was able to make the finale step.

  • Saul Arizpe
    Saul Arizpe   14 hours ago

    Julius Caesar was never the emperor of Rome...

  • John Clements
    John Clements   17 hours ago

    When that guy began his answer with oh snap

  • Emanuele Cherchi
    Emanuele Cherchi   17 hours ago

    I'm italian, I read the green card test just for fun, and after this video I'm pretty sure half of Americans would fail it.

  • Not a human
    Not a human   19 hours ago

    I know how many states the US has and I never lived there

  • Sp1Te
    Sp1Te   22 hours ago

    "Julius Caesar was the emperor of what empire"What?? Even the question is wrong.

  • HappyOttere
    HappyOttere   1 days ago

    New York is a obviously state of matter. Like who doesn’t know that?!

  • Sampad Barik
    Sampad Barik   1 days ago

    problem is that they are illiterate but still richer than a phd holder.

  • Frank Szucs
    Frank Szucs   1 days ago

    The Russians :Americans are ignorents,don't know what to do!!!

  • Prptheawesome
    Prptheawesome   1 days ago

    I can’t wait to be walking in the streets and someone asks me “What are the three states of matter?” Then I finally get to push my anime glasses up and say “Heh. It appears you are ill-informed. You are referring to the states of matter you learn in grade school, I presume? Amateurs” or something to that effect. In reality in would be more like *in the most stereotypical nerd voice ever “Now do you mean the classical states of matter or would you prefer me to also add some of the modern states of matter?”

  • Prptheawesome
    Prptheawesome   1 days ago

    At the end they were talking about how the curriculum is flawed, and while I whole-heartedly agree with that, I think it’s more their fault they don’t know this basic geography. You absolutely learn it in school. However, there does CLEARLY need to be more focus on making sure students actually comprehend the material. Like I said, though, being an adult you often times don’t need a lot of that information as much as other things so you just forget it.

  • AK Drago
    AK Drago   1 days ago

    Seriously DAFT PEOPLE IN THE U.S.

  • Saliq Blue
    Saliq Blue   1 days ago

    I this a real video or scripted I can't believe it ...😬

  • jdjdj twhdk
    jdjdj twhdk   1 days ago

    Things can be learned and after few days forgot about them cuz things like these are only stored in our short term memory part of our brain. We can learn them over again. 😁

  • Poco
    Poco   2 days ago

    As an european citizen I‘m shocked.

  • billofjazz
    billofjazz   2 days ago

    When was the U.S. Constitution ratified?

  • Commander Ponds
    Commander Ponds   2 days ago

    Ok I’ve never heard of the war of the roses and I love history

  • Lana Doug
    Lana Doug   2 days ago

    There are not 3 states of matter but 4Solid, liquid, gas and plasma

  • FerepeExtra
    FerepeExtra   2 days ago

    Why do people say there are 52 states?

  • willem Braakman
    willem Braakman   2 days ago

    The question about Julius Caesar was even dumber than the answer.....

  • David Santos
    David Santos   2 days ago

    5:06 Correction: not roman empire yet, roman republic

  • Lorenzo Setola
    Lorenzo Setola   2 days ago

    4:57 the real answer is the emperor of nothing, his son Augustus was the first emperor of the Roman Empire