Everything Wrong With Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle

  • Published on: 30 June 2018
  • Well, to pretty much everyone's surprise, this Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle thing turned out to be a pretty good action comedy. It also made ALL the dollars. But, as with all movies, there were also sins. We're going to list them for you. Merch: https://teespring.com/stores/cinemasins-store
  • Runtime : 19:8
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  • Tic Attack
    Tic Attack   3 days ago

    you missed a sin at 14:22 helicopters cant fly at 90 degree angles. When they tilted to catch fridge, they should be plummeting to the ground right?

  • Hey It’s Me MG
    Hey It’s Me MG   4 days ago

    10:32.....even more important question, of the events of the first Jumanji were reversed when Alan beat the game and he was returned to his younger self as if nothing ever happened when why would this shack and his name still exist inside the game? Shouldn’t all that have disappeared as well?

  • Nathan Griffith
    Nathan Griffith   4 days ago

    Make everything wrong with Middle School:The Worst Years Of My Life

  • Jotaro Kujo
    Jotaro Kujo   4 days ago

    Calling a good movie shit because "white people" cliche

  • Evan Bachman
    Evan Bachman   5 days ago

    I feel like Harrison ford could’ve played the dad at freak house

  • Snazzy Scott
    Snazzy Scott   5 days ago

    Dude I still have CDs and many of my friends do. It’s not unusual to have them in even 2020.

  • Julio Ornano
    Julio Ornano   1 weeks ago

    Technically not a mission as he's literally unaware of the 'plot ' but 'conker's bad fur day'had conker pissing all over the place

  • Mega Taco
    Mega Taco   1 weeks ago

    The Mario sounds at 16:03 are the best things about this cinemasins in my opinion

  • Asher Laxson
    Asher Laxson   1 weeks ago

    I watch a new movie just to see. cinemasins. Pitch meeting. Honest trailer.

  • Grant Walton
    Grant Walton   1 weeks ago

    I’ve always wondered do the actors playing the roles of the characters in movies not exist in that universe? Does the rock not exist? Does someone else play nebula?

  • William Leavitt
    William Leavitt   1 weeks ago

    that sin for plagiarism should not count had a teacher who kept backcopies going way back and told everyone for just the reason seen in movie so f/.k you Cinema Sins +1

  • Corpsey
    Corpsey   2 weeks ago

    So in jumanji you can do anything even s*x

  • Fireblaster 89
    Fireblaster 89   2 weeks ago

    10:59 it was Samantha who was the dick Alan was stuck in the jungle until someone rolled a 5 or an 8 so Samantha was the dick in the first movie

  • Eric See
    Eric See   2 weeks ago

    Apparently all those transformer copying stuff got into Jumanji's system for some reason. Maybe because this is all a thing in 2000s.

  • Jietro Raximoff
    Jietro Raximoff   2 weeks ago

    7:06 why would Fridge keep his strength when transformed into a different body? They might have the personality, knowledge and general consciousness of their IRL selves but they're not gonna keep the physical capaabilities like strength or agility?

  • Lipeng Wan
    Lipeng Wan   2 weeks ago

    what if your health teacher is your track coach? or other way around

  • Della Tay
    Della Tay   3 weeks ago

    Everyday, you are closer to your death.

  • Liddle Puppies
    Liddle Puppies   3 weeks ago

    He forgot to ‘unsin’ when Kevin Hart said “zoology biatch”

  • Craig owen Lindvall jr

    How would a helicopter stay in the air without downward thrust? Think about it. It blows air down to stay up. Yet it was chilling blowing air horizontally yet somehow not dropping out of the air.

  • Dark Light
    Dark Light   3 weeks ago

    Anybody else watch these instead of watching the movies?

  • Lord Skeptic
    Lord Skeptic   3 weeks ago

    13:11 I am sure the song exists because of the saying not vice versa

  • Megan Renee
    Megan Renee   3 weeks ago

    just to hammer home jeremy's point about teachers not remembering student's work, I once turned in the same paper about the same topic to the same teacher the next semester case closed

  • Dan Boyer
    Dan Boyer   3 weeks ago

    Anyone else here after Death Stranding came out and laugh when he said the thing about pissing in video games

  • Beyond the milky way
    Beyond the milky way   3 weeks ago

    Can someone count how many times Cinemasins said "Ex Machina" in his videos ?

  • will ropa
    will ropa   3 weeks ago

    Also wonder something about the rhinos section, why did Rock (Fastest in the game) shove Mouse (Slowest in the game) out of the helicopter instead of the other way around? If it was the other way, Rock could've kept distance between him and the rhinos possibly long enough for the rest of the team to grab the jewel, turn around, and save him without risking a life. If you're gonna counter that "Mouse had 1 extra life to spare", so did everyone else at that point except for Seaplane, but he's flying the chopper so he doesn't count as rhino bait.

  • DigiDestined13
    DigiDestined13   4 weeks ago

    Can't speak for every school, but in my district, it's the substitute teachers who get saddled with detention duty.

  • Toiletsocks
    Toiletsocks   4 weeks ago

    When ever I watch cinema sins make fun of good movies then I hate the movie

  • Austin Peters
    Austin Peters   4 weeks ago

    2:25. Isnt this highschool. Who cares if people plagiarize? This isnt college (i know this is a movie) but even when i was in highschool teachers carer but like? In some states school K-12 K-12 school is free sooooo. L.o.l

  • Rahul Lakhotia
    Rahul Lakhotia   1 months ago

    Wait, in the end did it say ' I found the cure of the plauge of 20th century' 😂😂

  • YamiAtemYugi
    YamiAtemYugi   1 months ago

    I thought Bethany had an iPhone (sees the phone in the movie) no it's not. I absolutely love the movie. The jumping isn't meant to look natural. This IS a video game. That kind of jumping is possible because they are in a game

  • Slap3hot
    Slap3hot   1 months ago

    18:15 what is that movie theme and why does it sound familiar