Danity Kane - Damaged (Official Music Video)

  • Published on: 27 October 2009
  • Official Music Video for Danity Kane - "Damaged" directed by Syndrome from 'Welcome To The Dollhouse' (2008)
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  • Runtime : 4:14
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  • Seol Jae Soo
    Seol Jae Soo   7 hours ago

    The way Aubrey ends the song is killer 😍 she was my favorite in the girl group I think she was beautiful before her plastic surgery. She still is beautiful but I like her all natural look way better ❤️ love these girls. It’s a shame diddy did them dirty.

  • papermate34
    papermate34   11 hours ago

    The original Fifth Harmony 😩🤗🤗😉

  • Jordan Morgan
    Jordan Morgan   1 days ago

    This group was hot but aubrey the white girl had the edge 4 sure. Great group def could of been huge

  • Simply Shanalee
    Simply Shanalee   1 days ago

    Yo this jus brought me way back, literally middle school mad at my crush for playing tag w a girl but secretly i liked his friend 😭😂😂

  • Ariel Cal
    Ariel Cal   2 days ago

    Why is no one talking about aundrea!? She was my biggest girl crush growing up!

  • Da Ca
    Da Ca   3 days ago

    Shannon was the only unproblematic member of Danity Kane 😹😹😹

  • HQ Trades
    HQ Trades   4 days ago

    This song was on every girl’s MySpace page.

  • SunKissNicole
    SunKissNicole   4 days ago

    Quarantine brought me here! 🤸🏽‍♀️🤸🏽‍♀️🤸🏽‍♀️🤸🏽‍♀️

  • Hendrik
    Hendrik   5 days ago

    2020 and still a bop!!!

  • Paris France
    Paris France   5 days ago

    This is my quarantine jam ! 🤪😆 2020

  • alex Soto
    alex Soto   5 days ago

    “This situation is driving me crazy” me in quarantine

  • Joel Doyle
    Joel Doyle   6 days ago

    Wardrobe and choreography is shocking.The swimsuits are bangin though.

  • Met3lAngel
    Met3lAngel   6 days ago

    Loved the song and still do. The video didn't age well though. Ah crap. P. Diddy alway ruining a great song by adding himself into it.

  • AnDii Joya
    AnDii Joya   1 weeks ago

    I miss this Aubrey. So much prettier.

  • blunts
    blunts   1 weeks ago


  • Siti Sarah
    Siti Sarah   1 weeks ago

    Who still listen to this song in 2020?👆🏻 You really got a taste in music.

    IƆEYY JJ   1 weeks ago

    Danity Kane: you left me so damaged damaged damagedMe: bad boy records left us all damaged damaged damaged Danity Kane: so how are you gonna fix it? Me: bring back danity Kane bad boy records

  • Amazing Amy
    Amazing Amy   1 weeks ago

    Not enough to ever want to take you on lol trust and believe

  • xxlovecz
    xxlovecz   1 weeks ago

    these are beautiful.. the first lady is beautiful ♥️✨

  • TheGassy92
    TheGassy92   1 weeks ago

    Damn these girls exude sexiness without showing a lot of skin and they really were lit. Everyone got a good amount of their own flow in the song and video.

  • MissTia777
    MissTia777   1 weeks ago

    They were too toxic for each other

  • J V
    J V   1 weeks ago

    2020 anyone?

  • Robyn A
    Robyn A   1 weeks ago

    virtual dance party. starting now.

  • Tayfur Toprak
    Tayfur Toprak   1 weeks ago

    (Hoheit.*)Meiner.Eigener.Leiben.für.uns.Eigen.Leben ..!(Ist.*)Mehr.Leib.Eigen.Meiner.Leben.Geb.Schnukel.Die(Süsse.*) Hoheit.Leben.Zusammen ..!!! Für. uns.fühle.(Ich.*) Dich. (Zukumpft.***"***') ..!!! .! .!* .!* =☆= .!* .!*(Bin.*) Über.All.Auch.Bei.Dir.Dabei.Weil.Meiner.(in.*) Ortnung.Bei.Dir.Dabei.Ist.Geb.Schnukel.Süssling.

  • Naorie Tyrece
    Naorie Tyrece   1 weeks ago

    Dream, Danity Kane, Day 26, Donnie Klang... why they all start wits Ds🙄🙄😑