Irish People Try Disgusting Alcohol Shots - Round 2

  • Published on: 12 August 2019
  • Yes, one of these is called a "Bloody Tampon" and of COURSE our Irish People tried it... MERCH MADNESS:
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    In a previous video on the channel, we had a select few of our Irish People try some of the most disgusting alcohol shots we could find. Seeing as you all enjoyed that video so much, we decided to bring the idea back - and get a new group in to taste test some unique mixes!

    The Tryers featured in this video:
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    MC (Mary-Claire): http://TRY.Media/MC
    Richard McConkey: http://TRY.Media/Richard
    Sean MacGabhann: http://TRY.Media/SeanMcG
    James Mitchell: http://TRY.Media/James
    Donal Sharpson: http://TRY.Media/Donal

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  • Runtime : 8:59
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  • The TRY Channel
    The TRY Channel   3 months ago

    What did you think of the shots this time? Vile & icky or not disgusting enough!? Give us some suggestions for more...unique shot ideas in the comments below! 🍸Did someone say...round 3? 😈

  • Naomi Jane
    Naomi Jane   20 hours ago

    I ordered the Four Horseman on my 21st birthday...multiple times apparently...I was told..because I don't remember....Yeah, these guys need to try that..

  • Mina Parker
    Mina Parker   22 hours ago

    Make them Gingersnaps! Shot of Everclear with pickled ginger slices, and a sugar cube to suck on after

  • Ron Stoner
    Ron Stoner   3 days ago

    We always called a shot of tequila and Tabasco sauce a “flaming asshole”, for abundantly obvious reasons.

  • Ocean Child
    Ocean Child   4 days ago

    As an irish-american I'm not sure if I'm proud or embarrassed lol🤣👌

  • F1rst World NomaD
    F1rst World NomaD   4 days ago

    Sure half the population gets periods... but if half the population also eat used tampons there's something very wrong with your country.100% of the population shits... that doesnt make shit or the idea of consuming it any less disgusting, now does it?Just sayin.

  • F1rst World NomaD
    F1rst World NomaD   4 days ago

    Tiquila and Tabasco is called "Mexican Asshole" where I live...Guess thats racist now thou

  • Danger X
    Danger X   6 days ago

    Love the Irish trying Channel... But just curious, are they all gay?... Love the good looking ladies though I love their accent

  • Paul Weinman
    Paul Weinman   1 weeks ago

    Brain shot!!. Duck fart!!!. Gross!!!! But try! Yummy!

  • dnielsen1118
    dnielsen1118   1 weeks ago

    “Well that was unpleasant”. Laughing my ass off!!!! Binge watching Irish people entertaining. In a dysfunctional sort of way :)

  • Carey Turner
    Carey Turner   1 weeks ago

    Is he wearing a "New Retro Wave" t-shirt, cause that is cool if he is. @8:28

  • Nightsgrow
    Nightsgrow   2 weeks ago

    “A dark cloud of sad” one of the best sentences to hear in an Irish accent

  • j255173
    j255173   2 weeks ago

    We need an Irish people try Mexican Tequilas!

  • Raver Magik
    Raver Magik   2 weeks ago

    lol They were really lovely...Your fucking soda all over my monitor.. Now i have to clean up.

  • Ben Whitehurst
    Ben Whitehurst   2 weeks ago

    When are you going to do disgusting shots roulette

  • P Demo
    P Demo   3 weeks ago

    I think you girls can drink the others unger the table lol. Now thats a video.

  • Horny Ducks
    Horny Ducks   3 weeks ago

    Claire trying to be gross makes her more attractive. Am I weird?

  • Tami Ramos
    Tami Ramos   3 weeks ago

    I'd like to feel the burn...but NEVER the Bern!

  • TheSeeker
    TheSeeker   3 weeks ago

    In the words of Alan Partridge,“............disgusting.”

  • W Min
    W Min   1 months ago

    Other than the worcestershire sauce one, I've tried all of these. Idk about the names though lol.. kinda think they just made those up. None of these are bad btw. Tabasco sauce and tequila is actually pretty good tbh. I just think they put wayyyy too much hot sauce in it.

  • Cody Dowdy
    Cody Dowdy   1 months ago

    Irish accents are the best accents

  • John Cottengim
    John Cottengim   1 months ago

    Last one reminds me of the time three vampires walked into a bar. They sit down. The bartender, terrified, approaches and ask them what they would like to drink. The first one grins and says I want a bloody marry. The second one licks his lips and says I am dying for a shot of blood. The third one stone cold says hot water. The bartender surprised says hot water? with all of this excellent stuff we have you come to a bar for hot water. The vampire shoots him a death look and says yes now get it. The bartender retreats and gets the drinks. The first one begins his drink smile and says perfect. The second one takes his shoot and goes mmmm I love AB- blood. The bartender stares at the third vampire as he gives him the hot water. The vampire smiles pulls out a used tampon and goes tea!