• Published on: 01 January 2019
  • Here are all of the bloopers from 2018 that we could upload and feel comfortable with out grandmas viewing. Tbh this was probably our most fun year on YouTube since we started our channel and that's all thanks to you guys. We love you :)


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  • Runtime : 16:3
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  • Eveline Lowe
    Eveline Lowe   6 days ago

    7:12 when ethan sayed Lightninnning I think it sounds cute

  • Eveline Lowe
    Eveline Lowe   6 days ago

    1:30 When Gray runs towards E I want to be in that moment

  • Avery Catour
    Avery Catour   1 weeks ago

    Ok so this is from 2020. U guys were so funny. I want to see more funny content with your friends. I also miss Nolan 😊

  • Logan johncock
    Logan johncock   3 weeks ago

    Ethan “I’m just sticking the tip in” James “I love sticking the tip in” Greyson “smiles”

  • Logan johncock
    Logan johncock   3 weeks ago

    1:22 Greyson blow on my 🖐🏻. Blows form 5 feet away

  • Margaret
    Margaret   3 weeks ago

    5:21 Grayson:can you guys be quite 😂😂5:32Also Grayson: you guys just don’t shut up 😂😂😂cmon tho who else thinks he looked sooo cute doing that 😂😂and Ethan beside him In confusment 😍😍love you guys soooo much 💖💖💖

  • jo o
    jo o   1 months ago

    Sister squad was there 16-17 times

  • jo o
    jo o   1 months ago

    4:24 💀emma.

  • Niamh Collins
    Niamh Collins   1 months ago

    i just realized at 10:51 there’s a man in the background doing the exact same face as ethan ahah

  • Sandra Zurawska
    Sandra Zurawska   1 months ago

    Ethan:You have choklet on the side of your mouth. Grayson:iTs BeAnS

  • Ivan Gomez
    Ivan Gomez   1 months ago

    Is know one gonna talk about 2:07 ???

  • Sadie Finnerty
    Sadie Finnerty   1 months ago

    selling replays9:109:109:109:109:109:109:109:109:109:109:109:109:109:109:10

  • kania hill
    kania hill   1 months ago

    0:41 ewww graysons laugh and face p.s i still love him

  • Nina Thurnell
    Nina Thurnell   1 months ago

    who else is waiting for 2019 bloopers in 2020?

  • Rubes Rubester
    Rubes Rubester   1 months ago

    8:57 really got me, and when Grayson asked “can I ask you out on a date tonight?” 🤣🤣🤣

  • Ellie Wilder
    Ellie Wilder   1 months ago

    Where’s the annual ask Ethan and Grayson of 2019

  • jk. moon
    jk. moon   1 months ago

    They uh, didn’t make a 2019 one..

  • alyssa
    alyssa   1 months ago

    1:19 now I know how he sounds when he bust- nvm