FUNNY SUMMER DIY PRANKS! || Best DIY Pranks on Friends & Family by 123 GO!

  • Published on: 04 July 2019
  • Spending the summer with your friends is fun. But the best part? It’s a great time to pull epic pranks on each other.

    Of course, playing tricks on your buddies is totally harmless, but we can’t help but laugh at their expense.

    Be sure to keep you eyes wide open and check out these awesomely sneaky outdoor pranks!

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  • Runtime : 9:17
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  • Shannan Duquense
    Shannan Duquense   57 minuts ago

    Vicky emily had the babin soot on her so why you gave it😂

  • CottonHana :3
    CottonHana :3   6 hours ago

    Wowww most the comments are like not from too long Everybodys bored in quarantine 😂😂

  • Yanping81
    Yanping81   1 days ago

    I’m 8 and STILL can’t swim

  • Linda Pickett
    Linda Pickett   1 days ago

    I love you praying for you as they’re so fun especially the one I’m watching love your videos

  • kitara clarke
    kitara clarke   2 days ago

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    kitara clarke   2 days ago

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    kitara clarke   2 days ago

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  • Keila Kamdom
    Keila Kamdom   2 days ago

    123 go have so much video it's amazing I'm going to give you every video I see love you guys I'm going to give you a big things I can subscribe to your Channel k 😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉 have a good look bye

  • Arya Legroulx
    Arya Legroulx   4 days ago

    This is how many times they said their names↓

  • Wolf Rivera
    Wolf Rivera   4 days ago

    I LOVE 123 go it is the BEST!! And I wonder if they live together