Will COKE and Pineapple ACID Disintegrate Meat?

  • Published on: 01 October 2019
  • In today's video we're testing out a few different myths regarding acids. How will the acids in Coke and pineapples affect meat? What about muriatic acid?

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  • Runtime : 11:35
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  • SwiftBlade4
    SwiftBlade4   2 days ago

    I'm calling it now. Pineapple will win out.Edit: Nevermind

  • Madelynn Hennessy
    Madelynn Hennessy   3 days ago

    I wonder what would happen if you used pineapple juice as a hand cream every day.......

  • Madelynn Hennessy
    Madelynn Hennessy   3 days ago

    *If you have bad teeth and love coca-cola then sure [try it]...* Me: Well if you love coke, you’ll probably have bad teeth...

    NOMASAN   4 days ago

    pour concentrated pineapple juice into someone's eyes or drink

  • Shreyas N
    Shreyas N   4 days ago

    Someone's been watching a lot of Guga.

  • Roy R
    Roy R   5 days ago

    Papaya (papain) works well and doesn't affect the flavour as muchBTW You only need to use Pineapple (bromelain) for a few hours...not days

  • Mandibular
    Mandibular   1 weeks ago

    I'm trying so hard not to vomit.

  • Matt Martineau
    Matt Martineau   1 weeks ago

    Coke and steak: I would have reduced the mix, cooked the steak with it.Steak. I'd have done salt/pepper to cook. done/well done.What about using sprite/7-up, or gingerale for the beef?

  • Jack Nicholas
    Jack Nicholas   1 weeks ago

    you can tell they had a quite bad argument before filming

  • 0MindSwept0
    0MindSwept0   1 weeks ago

    "If they have bad teeth and love Coca-Cola.." and why do you think they have bad teeth? 😂😂😂

  • 0MindSwept0
    0MindSwept0   1 weeks ago

    The reason the steak tasted sour was because it sat out for three days o.o

  • Thevoid16
    Thevoid16   1 weeks ago

    For real though, cook your steak with hot sauce and garlic salt, it's great

  • Hetavi Shah
    Hetavi Shah   1 weeks ago

    pepsin in pineapple disintegrates meat not "pineapple acid"

  • Vexx Dead
    Vexx Dead   1 weeks ago

    I should not have watched this while eating 🤢

    RAFIMIKI   1 weeks ago

    Who tf doesnt eat their meat rare lol

  • FrecklesLunaLover
    FrecklesLunaLover   1 weeks ago

    Was the steak refrigerated? I’d hope so since they ate it but I feel like it could slow down the process?

  • Steele
    Steele   1 weeks ago

    “mmm first flavor that hit me ..muriatic acid ? Garglegargle ..thud “

  • Антонов Марк Доминик

    In Indonesia, pineapple is usually used to eliminate the smell of meat and make the meat tender, sometimes if there is no pineapple we also use papaya leaves for that😅

  • Ying Paloma
    Ying Paloma   2 weeks ago

    There is actually a recipe where you cook beef in coca cola after marinading it in soy sauce and garlic with a bit of sugar and pepper.

  • James Kimball
    James Kimball   2 weeks ago

    I Want to see what other kinds of stuff you can make steak teast like?

  • FalconTooth
    FalconTooth   2 weeks ago

    "if they have bad teeth and love coca cola" hahahahah

  • The Dark Hour
    The Dark Hour   2 weeks ago

    Maybe just carbonated water wouldve been better than Coke. Plus so that the sugar wont permeate into the meat

  • Leaisnotonfire 16
    Leaisnotonfire 16   3 weeks ago

    Hi guys. Hi guys guess what? The steaks are high....hehehhe....I'll go home!

  • sAN sEE
    sAN sEE   3 weeks ago

    She like the coolest girl on the internet

  • Stang Bang63
    Stang Bang63   4 weeks ago

    I did an experiment in highschool with coke, red Gatorade, dr pepper, and water as a control, and soaked deer teeth in it for 2 weeks to see what the deterioration there was. I used mass as my measurements and red Gatorade was by far the worst.

  • mplsmtnbiker
    mplsmtnbiker   1 months ago

    Papaya is supposed to be able to tenderize but not leave a flavor.

  • Zemny
    Zemny   1 months ago

    Should've kept it for a whole week instead of a weekend

  • donniesmith333
    donniesmith333   1 months ago

    Them: about to eat the steakMe: do nOOOOOTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!

  • lenovo a3s
    lenovo a3s   1 months ago

    people usually use coke for marinating so i think its not that weird