One Direction Mistreated? Liam Payne Exposes What Really Happened to Them

  • Published on: 23 November 2019
  • Liam Payne fans call out One Direction management for mistreating the band.


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  • Runtime : 15:2
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  • samiee Limpiado
    samiee Limpiado   3 hours ago

    Their first 2 album names made a huge difference inside my mind after watching thisUP ALL NIGHTTAKE ME HOMEI’ve seen it now in a darker way

  • Bonnie Clarke
    Bonnie Clarke   8 hours ago

    I think they would be happier if they had a different management team.

  • Ananya Singha
    Ananya Singha   23 hours ago

    Well, they promised they would come back. And I know they will. THEY JUST NEED TO FIND A BETTER MANAGEMENT.

  • Dolce Hermosa
    Dolce Hermosa   1 days ago

    I can understand Zayn to have distanced himself from the rest of the group when he was insulted for having said the truth and none of them supported him by saying that it is true

  • All American
    All American   1 days ago

    I liked it when James Corden asked "who would replace Zayn in 1d? Harry said : no 1d without Zayn Malik❤ 👐👍🙏I agree with that🙌

  • G .O
    G .O   1 days ago

    It really upsets me that people were making assumptions about Zayn leaving. The boys enjoyed their brotherhood but they worked so hard and just got tired and needed a rest. Even if they dont get back together i just want them to be brothers again.

  • Kamusani chep
    Kamusani chep   2 days ago

    That's why Zayn said he wants to be a normal 22year old

  • J N
    J N   2 days ago

    It's not that everyone now sympathizes with Liam more than Zayn. The hero worshipping teenagers just grew up and realised that people aren't owned by anyone and strangers don't owe you anything. Its popular recently to call everyone snowflakes but people are opening their eyes more and are not tolerating people being treated like commodities. We have a long way to go but in the last few years, people with fame are speaking out about how they're treated and fans are backing them up.

  • Yellow Flash
    Yellow Flash   2 days ago

    Just get a new management! Don't overwork.. So simple! They are the singers.. They can demand what they want

  • Milica Pavlović
    Milica Pavlović   3 days ago

    i want them back but with different management team. now they are older and they have more expirience..

  • martind586
    martind586   3 days ago

    THEY ALL WANTED SOLO CARRIER'S - They were young - This happens to every group that gets big overnight

  • catie rose
    catie rose   3 days ago

    my heart just dropped when Liam said he put on a “costume” while on stage. none of those boys deserved what happened to them, it’s just so heartbreaking to hear that the people we loved so dearly actually weren’t as happy as we thought they were. im so sorry.

  • charli
    charli   4 days ago

    Back in 2012 in a Paris interview harry said they had 3 weeks to do the album

  • Julia Marie
    Julia Marie   4 days ago

    One Direction went from boys with big dreams to robots with no hope

  • Julia Marie
    Julia Marie   4 days ago

    I honestly think that the boys do want to have a reunion but it has to be on what they say and what they want. they need a team who's open and not controlling like Modest

  • Julia Marie
    Julia Marie   4 days ago


  • Khin Thwe
    Khin Thwe   5 days ago

    I don’t think one direction “broke up” because of themselves or the fans but the management who put so much pressure and the thought that they have to be “perfect” life/looks/bodies/etc.I want them together only if they get a new management. I wish them the best I like Harry styles solo work the best because I can relate to it the best.

  • RandomThings
    RandomThings   1 weeks ago

    Bruh, they ended in 2015 cause that’s when their contract ended. After they came third on the XFactor Simon signed them with a record label for 5 years. That explains the rush of albums once a year which is completely un normal for artists to do in the music industry. Yea they say they’re taking break which is true but it’s also cause of the contract which no one talks about so I find it kinda strange. In an interview Harry did with Zane Lowe he says how himself and the rest of the band knew it was gonna be the last year hence the contract.

  • Kim Dirksen
    Kim Dirksen   1 weeks ago

    poor boys.. i love 1D and all their solo stuff.. but i never knew that the management did THAT to them.. luckily the contract with Modest is over.. they all don't deserve this.. Zayn knew that it was better to leave bc of this.. and i don't even know why they all just like: 'poor liam' like.. Zayn was the first one talking about it.. they all just got down with Mental health.. all of them.. and they do better now. and if a Reunion happens, then it happens. We can't force it. We should let them be who they are. They needed this. We will love them. Solo or as Band.

  • Cassie Alderman
    Cassie Alderman   1 weeks ago

    The moment she said "Lewis" I literally screamed in my pillow. It's LO-WEE not LEW-IS

  • Maria Elizebeth
    Maria Elizebeth   1 weeks ago

    3:39 People do owe an apology to Zayn!When Zayn left stating the same reasons, people hated on him so bad.Now that Liam has said it, it's all "Oh! Poor Liam". Zayn is the most misunderstood artist in the band.

  • srishti rana
    srishti rana   1 weeks ago

    You know what I think they should come back with different management

  • i am navneet
    i am navneet   1 weeks ago

    Poor boys.. M sorry for Zayn and Liam especially 😭😭😭😭

  • Ashti Girl
    Ashti Girl   1 weeks ago

    I hope they dont do this to unwrittenrule and real like you!!

  • Leah Hershberger
    Leah Hershberger   1 weeks ago

    I wish I could hug Zayn Liam Niall Harry and Louis,its sad what those boys went through,I'm not sure if I want one direction to make a comeback.... I'm starting to rethink my career and not go deeper in music ....

  • MM K
    MM K   2 weeks ago

    When its about zayn its all different 🙄😤

  • Charity Muthoni
    Charity Muthoni   2 weeks ago

    Just saying but spill the person behind it has a very soothing voice and she captured me

  • Hayley Carter
    Hayley Carter   2 weeks ago

    You could actually tell in their last tour that they weren't as cheerful anymore

  • Hayley Carter
    Hayley Carter   2 weeks ago

    1D should come back with their own management

  • Hayley Carter
    Hayley Carter   2 weeks ago

    At least 1D didn't give in to being forced to dance 😜

  • Anvesha Teddy
    Anvesha Teddy   2 weeks ago

    Dont know why i apologised to zayn for on instagram right now, Cause i literally had no social media back then. But i swear i felt so bad about knowing about all this now. I hope we could spam him with apologies.

  • alma hanifa
    alma hanifa   2 weeks ago

    we've been knew. this wasn't a secret anymore

  • mah boo
    mah boo   2 weeks ago

    I really want them to go back together but when it comes to their health————- nevermind

  • mah boo
    mah boo   2 weeks ago

    I feel bad for them :(((