Craft Fairs TELL ALL - Things to Avoid when Selling Your Handmade Goods in Person

  • Published on: 15 July 2016
  • Craft Fairs and Trade Shows are challenging in SO MANY different ways. I go over my top 5 things to avoid when selling your handmade goods in person. These tips so apply to working any retail or customer service related job.

    Have you had any weird experiences when vending at a craft show? Do you have any words of wisdom for me? I'd love to hear your thoughts.

    Please let me know if you have any questions for me! I love to hear from you. Motivates me to make more videos.

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    Thank you so much!

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  • Linda's Crafty Creations

    At a craft fair you are at the mercy of whoever was in charge of the event. I’ve done fairs where the event wasn’t properly promoted. Sometimes the advertising wasn’t enough. Or there’s no sign in front of the building.

  • Carolanne Allen
    Carolanne Allen   3 weeks ago

    Thank you for making this video! I got so much out of it and realized the things i was doing wrong. You hit every good point!

  • Magic Unicorn
    Magic Unicorn   1 months ago

    I think that was good advice -- not only for craft fairs, but for dealing with people in general. Thank you! :^)

  • Bridget Sclama
    Bridget Sclama   1 months ago

    And stay off your freaking phones!!!!! A quick check is fine, but get your nose UP.

  • Maria Holloway
    Maria Holloway   2 months ago

    Just wonderful, I have been researching "holiday craft fair near me" for a while now, and I think this has helped. Ever heard of - Honsaac Qonandon Cure - (do a search on google )? It is a great exclusive product for getting Fairs And Festival listings minus the normal expense. Ive heard some decent things about it and my co-worker got cool success with it.

  • Kat hie
    Kat hie   2 months ago

    Individuals always tell me to do Craft Fairs, including my husband. However, my late Baba's voice is always in my head saying... people never want to pay for your time. She was 3rd generation seamstress.

  • Wendy Sharon
    Wendy Sharon   3 months ago

    Been doing craft shows for over 25 years and never experienced any of these.

  • Mary Phillips
    Mary Phillips   3 months ago

    Thank you so much for talking about this! My husband and I have been planning on going to craft fairs, it's nice to have a realistic view about what it may be like.

  • Thomas Heisler
    Thomas Heisler   3 months ago

    thank you for sharing your experiences, it is a great help to me, I am about to enter the fray of the fair, learning as much as I can.

  • Diane Thompson
    Diane Thompson   3 months ago

    I was selling Doll clothes for 18” American girl type dolls on a Facebook site! I had one lady ask the cost of one of my beautiful dark Safire blue satin evening gowns! It was ruffled, off one shoulder and trimmed in gold. The price was clearly marked on it, but she asked me on messenger what the price was. I told her and she messaged back that “she could make it better and cheaper”! I just answered good for you! Then I said that my doll clothes were geared towards the people that didn’t sew or didn’t want to go to the hassle of making their own patterns for the more elaborate outfits. If she thought she could make it cheaper and better herself, I wonder why she even asked about it!! People are strange!

  • michael pearson
    michael pearson   3 months ago

    iv'e not done a craft fare.but i have sold my crafts at market stalls years ago and sometimes you got people stop at your stall for a chat with old friends so no one could see you because of the gathering so i just ask them to please move as i'm trying to do business. and other people asking me about how i finished my crafts i call it fishing so they can copy me. iv'e told them i'm self taught its the best way to be different so if you teach yourself you might be different or better than me as no body taught me and i don't do courses but its a thought. and i have had art students saying to me you must have went to art collage i don't believe you taught yourself. and on some days if you don't make as much money its because there is an event happening. or its holiday time or trades fort night so don't worry you cant make money all the time but if you are lucky to make stock all the time then you can trade every don't worry about today think about tomorrow. .

  • Howard Foley
    Howard Foley   3 months ago

    Thank you, very informative xo Catherine NZ

  • Bippidy Boppidy Boo
    Bippidy Boppidy Boo   3 months ago

    My favorite tip I can offer: Set up your booth at home and get it exactly how you want it. Take photos of it and bring them with you the day of the show. Then you have a blueprint of your booth! No wasted time or trying to remember how it looked.

  • Inso
    Inso   3 months ago

    thanks so much! my first craft fair is in two days and im so nervous! first time ive actually helped ran it in our group. ill make sure to keep stuff in mind.

  • Ford Flex4651
    Ford Flex4651   3 months ago

    We do craft shows in various towns, sometimes busy, sometimes not. We always seem to draw business, even if the event is poorly attended. One thing we noticed, other vendors (not all) staring at us while we make sales and they are not. It's weird, it's almost like we should feel quilty we are doing well and they are not. Anyone else come acrooss this situation?

  • Susan Goodin
    Susan Goodin   4 months ago

    I am retired. Have worked in sales all my life. Have never done a craft fair, thought about it tho. To make a sale you cannot ignore your customers. Talk about “anything” and then talk about your crafts. they have to see that you are a person just like them and that you are not out to overcharge them. People like a good story. it always helped me when making bonus. I know work is not the same as a fair as I have one in my town every year, jam packed. I have never been as there is no place to park!! People come from everywhere. It’s insane. Good luck to you and stick with it! Be yourself above everything!

  • June Kroner
    June Kroner   4 months ago

    I agree, Olivia, with what you said about rude customers. I've learned through the years that their is a way to turn a rude customer around and to my way of thinking, that is, most of the time. 1st, work on seeing it from their point of view. Say something like, "I think I know what you mean." 2nd, turn them around to your way of thinking. Perhaps, try to be friendly and proceed to explain how they would benefit with this craft you especially like or with that product. I call it "Paint a picture with words." 3rd, Don't take their rudeness or even, insults personal. They don't mean it that way. They are just looking at products and considering their best buy through a negative way of thinking. Maybe, in the past they have gotten a lower price by criticizing. It really is disappointing and sometimes a little sad that these people are miserable when shopping.

    Ron MCCARTY   4 months ago

    Well, what the heck! I don't know how I got on this station but I love your attitude! Thanks for making the video even though it was a while back....

  • Mama Bear SWAG
    Mama Bear SWAG   4 months ago

    Thank you for this advice. I can honestly admit I've never done craft fairs / shows before. Mostly because i'm never physically prepared to do one and two because 90% of my revenue comes from online (website, SEO, social media) and with 10% from my warm market. I guess with that I just never saw the point of me in doing one. I'm still interested in getting out though and becoming a vendor at a show. Just gotta get my stuff geared up to do so (like enough inventory, table, and bags etc).

  • sammm
    sammm   4 months ago

    Thank you for this video! You shared some insight on things others havent really covered in other craft show videos I've watched. Especially the advice about the other vendors is really helpful!

  • Joan Cosner
    Joan Cosner   4 months ago

    Excellent advice Olivia. I've been doing local craft fairs for 12 years and I've learned to have the mental attitude of loving the making of my product and if I make money, even better! I do it for the love of the craft and money is a bonus. Also, I go in honestly wishing everyone great luck in their sales and I stay happy meeting and greeting. I've learned not to take things personal, it's hard but it really saves your sanity! Good Luck in all you do!

  • Liberty Lost
    Liberty Lost   4 months ago

    For those who have a YouTube site, showing how they craft, should have a sign up at the craft fairs asking that no pictures are taken. Offer then the name of your YouTube channel and you can get paid through advertising. Then those people who want to take your ideas will at least have watched your channel and you get some compensation for it.

  • Jo Middleton
    Jo Middleton   4 months ago

    That’s why I do not let people to take picture

  • Lisa Gibson
    Lisa Gibson   4 months ago

    I love your videos. I just paused this video. When I came back into the room and laughed so hard. The expression on your face is what I feel after a craft fair.

  • mst3kanita
    mst3kanita   4 months ago

    I do zine tests, and I can’t STAND when people ask for trades. Do you know how broke I am

  • Kristine Torrecillas
    Kristine Torrecillas   4 months ago

    Thank you so much for the information. How do I know how much to charge. What is the best way to start selling your craft items?

  • r a.
    r a.   4 months ago

    I have been doing craft shows for 5 years selling my handmade jewelry, but this is the first year I had theft at a couple shows. I found this so disheartening and ruined the feeling at the show. I wonder if you have had to deal with this and what you do?

  • Izalixe Straightheart *Izzy*

    Hi! I know this is 3 years old but i'm just about to participate in my first ever zine fair (i've been publishing zines for 21 years, but never made it to ExpoZine until now! It's in Montréal). I'm only tabling on the Sunday & i'll check it out as a visitor on Saturday to get an idea...

  • Michael Palmer
    Michael Palmer   4 months ago

    Come on darling...Crist sake get on with your video,... the world's full off waffle don't make a sitting banquet out of your one ?English Mik

  • Angel Moreno
    Angel Moreno   4 months ago

    Thank you for sharing!! I totally experienced all these scenarios. 👍😄

  • drzeworyj
    drzeworyj   5 months ago

    my most heartbreaking moment at a fair craft: I once offered my crocheted minibears with embroidered bellies and felted ears for as much as the customer would pay. one woman decided to pay one euro and she was very happy about it. on a second thought, she gave me 2. I kept to my word, but... it was disheartening. but there was also this lady from the US who paid 10 euros, which was the price I had originally intended given the amoutn of work. and I was very happy to see that she chose the bear I was proudest of :) (the bears can be seen at

  • Rachel Carey
    Rachel Carey   5 months ago

    If you're at a fair, and you're by yourself, please put up a little sign that says be right back at x-time. Everyone needs a potty break, but some people just seem to 'disappear.

  • pearl trotter
    pearl trotter   5 months ago

    Thank you for the info. I have been busy making jewelry and have not gone to any fairs yet. I find no many what you do there is always some one trying to spoil it for you. I appreciate the info that you gave and will get a thick skin when I go to one. LOL

  • Cynthia Cynthia
    Cynthia Cynthia   5 months ago

    Love is something if you give it away. It's just like a magic penny. Hold it tight and you don't have any. Lend it spend it and you have so many they roll all over the floor! And so goes it with crafts and crafters. You need to lighten up and then take a few sales classes.