The Most Strict Rules The Royal Family Has Ever Had (COMPILATION)

  • Published on: 09 June 2019
  • The Royal Family And All Their Kids Have So Many Strict Rules To Follow, It's Hard To Keep Up!

    Hi there TheTalko lovers! We know how much you love hearing about all of the Royal rules that Meghan Markle, Prince Harry, Prince William, Kate Middleton, and all of their kids have to follow. But, they're not the only royals following rules around town! The Queen Elizabeth II herself has some rules to follow as well. From dress code, to beauty rules, parenting rules and royal protocol rules, this video has it all for you. Find out more about the British Royal Family etiquette, Meghan Markle's new rules to follow as mother to Baby Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor, and ALL the rules that these royals have already broken! Nobody's perfect, not even the British Royals! And we're here to share it all!

    Drop a comment below if you love these compilations and want to see more! ❤️ Which rules can you relate to? Are the Royals TOO strict in your opinion?

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  • Ricky
    Ricky   1 days ago

    Queen Victoria wasn't from the 16th century

  • Terry Cole
    Terry Cole   5 days ago

    No use of the words, “pardon” or “sorry”? And then they wonder why all this royal nonsense is such an anachronism.

  • Colin Gilmore
    Colin Gilmore   5 days ago

    Why can't prince charles speak welsh of the is the prince of wales???

  • Shelley Godfrey
    Shelley Godfrey   1 weeks ago

    why so much repetition of info during this video. everything was repeated at least 3 times, made it ridiculously long for no good reason

  • Chris Perks
    Chris Perks   1 weeks ago

    Some of this has become obsolete in March 2020. I'm sure the rules don't apply in Canada :) Also, Prince Charles has Covid19 - those no touching rules are definitely a good thing!

  • Abbie Dixon
    Abbie Dixon   1 weeks ago

    Don’t know which Queen Victoria you’re talking about but there wasn’t one in the 15th century. Queen Vic died in 1901 after 64 years on the throne.

  • Elisa Waymer
    Elisa Waymer   2 weeks ago

    ?! This is ridiculous. The Queen herself stated that there are no real "rules." All the nonsense in the tabloids about "no crossed legs" or "no hand-holding" or "no pants on ladies" or whatever is just that - nonsense. People need to do some REAL research. For a change. The Queen herself has worn pants. She even put her hands in her pockets with the most beautiful smile as she did so.

  • shanzie
    shanzie   2 weeks ago

    Gauche for royals to have a baby shower? tell that to meghan..

  • Ashlyn O
    Ashlyn O   2 weeks ago

    I’m 18 minutes into the video and now just noticing it’s 2 hours long!!!

  • ท้าว.จันทะสอน หานชะนะ


  • Buck Naykid
    Buck Naykid   2 weeks ago

    Too bad Harry saddled the family with a gold digging ho

  • Carol Bell
    Carol Bell   2 weeks ago

    Over forty is old to carry a child.

  • Nece Ferguson
    Nece Ferguson   2 weeks ago

    So you going to have 2 hours and some change of the same thing repeating over and over okay next Once I seen you talk about the gloves for the third time I was done

  • delane levy
    delane levy   3 weeks ago

    google : a very royal narcissist and you will feel very very sorry for harry

  • Deborah Cowley
    Deborah Cowley   3 weeks ago

    I’m sure the Royal Family laughs at stupid videos like this nonsense

  • Chapman
    Chapman   3 weeks ago

    #1 rule that I would hate......, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II has full legal custody over the young royals. The sovereign has legal custody of the minor grandchildren. This includes Archie.

  • Rose's Roses
    Rose's Roses   3 weeks ago

    They're probably shy about mentioning they speak flawless German as they have for centuries. The Queen and Prince Phillip are German tourists.

  • Princess Yaya
    Princess Yaya   3 weeks ago

    No one: No one:Me watching a 2: 12:58 videos well that was cool

  • Princess Virrey
    Princess Virrey   3 weeks ago

    Monopoly is banned in my family for the same reason 😂 lol It NEVER ends well.

  • Pamela Alsop
    Pamela Alsop   3 weeks ago

    Those short pants are awfully ugly. And those poor young boys must freeze.... it's child abuse!

  • Quin Rose
    Quin Rose   3 weeks ago

    Remember that the Queen is almost 100 years old....think of your grandmother....don't you think she sticks to what she lived like over 90n years ago??? Things were more strick, more "proper" in those days! well, that is what the Queen remembers too! I bet the next Queen will relax a bit with the generation!

  • les amos
    les amos   3 weeks ago

    Hand on the back im here, oh the suddenly poor with only millions, finger down throught

  • Shelly Duval
    Shelly Duval   3 weeks ago

    Yes this is 2 hours, but they repeat the exact same rules many times. So 15 min is all you need to watch. After that you hear the same repetitive rules. Enjoy

  • Natalie French
    Natalie French   3 weeks ago

    That's a lie about the nicknames... Queen Elizabeth herself has a nickname which is Lilibet and her husband Phillip calls her darling or cabbage

  • Hayk Vardanyan
    Hayk Vardanyan   4 weeks ago

    Me: “okay it cant be THAT bad!” Also me: *sees the video is 2 hours long” 😐

  • Grim Reaper
    Grim Reaper   4 weeks ago

    God is real, he upstaged these two narcissists with a virus 😆😆

  • Marilyn Scott
    Marilyn Scott   4 weeks ago

    I think the Meghan broad is trying to be Diana and that wont work. Diana is a one and only.

  • Jean Rivard Bertrand
    Jean Rivard Bertrand   4 weeks ago

    The "speaker" gets faster and faster...and louder. About 1/2 way through...I think they pieced a bunch of similar videos together. Repetitive and boring after awhile.

  • Anna McArdle
    Anna McArdle   1 months ago

    I fell asleep with this on autoplay. So so annoying.

  • SMC
    SMC   1 months ago


  • The L Word Fans Center
    The L Word Fans Center   1 months ago

    When Meghan wore those ripped jeans, they were before she was married to Prince Harry; so get your facts correct!!!!

  • Erlinda Lacaste
    Erlinda Lacaste   1 months ago

    What a very touching memories of princess di. It can move mountains. Will never forget her good deeds. A fervent prayer for her soul.