this photographer INJURED ME for a photo. And I have footage.

  • Published on: 14 October 2019
  • this photographer INJURED ME for a photo. And I have footage.

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  • Runtime : 14:28
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  • Natalia Taylor
    Natalia Taylor   4 months ago

    The photos are on my Instagram in case you’re feeling curious..

  • Amelia K
    Amelia K   2 hours ago

    These videos make me laugh so hard I feel so mean 😫😫

  • Ledy Keyt LIVE
    Ledy Keyt LIVE   14 hours ago

    You're make up looks very cute.How you can do it so beautifull?!I can't do somesing really cool like that😅

  • Em
    Em   15 hours ago

    where's your outfit from??? ;(

  • Madalynn Vega
    Madalynn Vega   20 hours ago

    1.she has to drive 1hr and a half to get there2.she has to drive 3 extra hrs3.she has to pay for gas4.she basically get half he hair yanked out 5.she has to wear shoes that make her 6.3 6.she injures her self badly for a photo 7.the photographer cares ONLY about the shoes 8. She gets the pics a year afterI think we all learned a very important lesson if ppl r dirty to u be dirty back or even dirtyER

  • Lois Sills
    Lois Sills   1 days ago

    no one-natalia- *agressively flings cup around*

  • Alex Szwarc
    Alex Szwarc   1 days ago

    So I'm new here (and doubt ur gonna see this) but honestly one of my new favourite YouTubers 👌 :) also ur so prettyyyy

  • Local_Gacha_ Weirdo
    Local_Gacha_ Weirdo   1 days ago

    See I wish is was a model because I just think it's awesome. And I also know the dangers but I just feel to insecure because I'm 11 and 160 pounds. And sure I laugh it of but somethings I just wish I was a bit skinner . And I know I should stop being like that except I feel so insecure about my body that I don't feel like I'm good enough for this industry. And seeing all those videos just makes me feel alot better about myself and you make so many other people feel amazing. I just say that you make me feel more confident about myself. So thank you for that. 😅💕💕💞

  • Yeet vonsmeet
    Yeet vonsmeet   1 days ago

    Josh is the name of my cousin’s biological father. He’s a drug addict alcoholic and rude person. I guess maniac runs in the name Josh :)

  • Princesa diana Princesa

    No hate but it was really funny when you said ‘’it gives people anxiety’’ it really does

  • Georgia Baie Anderson

    I’ve had some terrible experiences with photographers, quit the modelling industry after a while to work behind the scenes because I saw that the crew were getting so much more respect than I was as a model. Also I get to eat pizza

  • Karina Sverdlova
    Karina Sverdlova   1 days ago

    John, your friend, is the only J guy I will accept for you 😌😊

  • Ahava Sochaczewski
    Ahava Sochaczewski   2 days ago

    I realized how every single one of her awful modeling experiences are caused by men.

  • Miss Neptune
    Miss Neptune   2 days ago

    Josh is a boy without a heart u deserve more than that ❤️

  • Addie-Eileen Paige
    Addie-Eileen Paige   3 days ago

    I have a friend who's a photographer. She said she a photographer should NEVER make their model do something they're not comfortable with.I did a photoshoot with her just us having fun. She would always ask if I was comfortable sitting a certain way or doing a certain pose.

  • Ariel Briana
    Ariel Briana   3 days ago

    Ur intro is exactly like Frank James' to the point that i am convinced that is intentional haha

  • Alice Marie V
    Alice Marie V   3 days ago

    this scares me and thinking about people who dating online... idk what to say

  • xPsych_o
    xPsych_o   3 days ago

    Natalie: *gets hair pulled, taken advantage of, got injured*Josh: OMG R U OK?!Natalie: ye-Josh: NO THE SHOES ARE THEY OK?!Natalie: >:o

  • Julia Kot
    Julia Kot   4 days ago

    I think u don't understand that he diddnt injure u, u just fell off,when someone injures u it means when someone hits or hurts u and yes it was stupid of him and looking at the shoes and if there ok instead off u, no hate or anything😊😋

  • Wolfie Chan
    Wolfie Chan   4 days ago

    8:53 he really said “Omg my poor babies omg r u ok?”I mean at least John went to check on Natalia before the shoes unlike the stylist

  • olivia
    olivia   4 days ago

    how was your friend recording at the exact right moment though...

  • danny earley
    danny earley   5 days ago

    All that and you still stayed the rest of the hours to do all of the looks??? Damn, girl

  • Faith Mouse
    Faith Mouse   5 days ago

    i like how Natalia admits that she was making her own mistakes by going along with this instead of just blaming the photographer (ofc it was mostly his fault for making her do it but anyway)

  • Kitty Love
    Kitty Love   5 days ago

    Okay, I’m watching this video now. It kept showing up in my recommended

  • Clover’s Videos
    Clover’s Videos   5 days ago

    Bro...the box was three feet up, the photographer doesn't know you, or the extent of you balancing skills. If you thought you were incapable of posing in the position the photographer thought would look good, then it's your fault when you overestimate your skills.