Everything Wrong With Sing In 15 Minutes Or Less

  • Published on: 18 April 2017
  • Between Zootopia, Angry Birds, Secret Life of Pets, Etc... this movie may have gotten lost in the shuffle. Which is both a shame and no big deal, as it's perfectly just-below-average.

    Thursday: Sins of a movie that is magical/mystical but still really annoying.

    Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?!

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  • Runtime : 16:34
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  • jimothy 03
    jimothy 03   5 hours ago

    This movie would've been SOOOO MUCH better if it focused on Johnny. I wanna see more of his story

  • Pooja Dayaratna
    Pooja Dayaratna   17 hours ago

    4:20 “Zootopia meets Glee meets Pitch Perfect”Oh my god he’s right. I hate it but he’s right.

  • Gabby Garlow-Weller
    Gabby Garlow-Weller   1 days ago

    He could have called his channel Sinema get it? Yeah it was a bad pun

  • AMINAH CASSAB (Student)

    7:30 tell me that didn't sound like he said "when exactly is this shit coming in then?"

  • the muIt gamer
    the muIt gamer   1 days ago

    12:06 i know this video isnt meant to be taken seriously, but im pretty sure that that part is just the entrance and the theater is behind it

  • Game Man
    Game Man   2 days ago

    This is the only time animals animal right?

  • Sam_Lloyd
    Sam_Lloyd   2 days ago

    This video is try but you are really just ruining it for everyone.

  • Kyle Middleton
    Kyle Middleton   2 days ago

    3:27 why is the elephant using a tiny watering can when she has a trunk that was designed to suck up water and hold it.

  • Pyrixthepython Oronion

    "Do kids today like Gerry Rafferty or Dave Brubeck"?NOBODY KNOWS WHO THEY ARE ALSO DELETE YOUR CHANNEL PERMANENTLY

  • Hi i like games
    Hi i like games   3 days ago

    bro you cant make a video thats 1 hour and 15 minutes

  • Hunter Adams
    Hunter Adams   4 days ago

    when I watched the movie I was like how is a mouse mugging a monkey

  •   5 days ago

    Not gonna say that he could have plugged the cable into the r or e of the store sign

  • Wilhelm The Conquerer

    12:40 obvious autotune is obvious. One would think that a movie with this simple of a premise would hire actors who were at least DECENT singers, instead of over-relying on autotune. On the other hand, this IS Illumination were talking about... never mindEDIT: 14:53 wait the fuck up! The autotuned elephant is THE ONLY "real" singer in the cast? With THAT much autotune? Wow, I'm ashamed of the modern music industry... I'm for fuck's sake the bass player who occasionally yells some backing vocals but I do know how to sing in tune(Rant over)

  • MG_Miego
    MG_Miego   1 weeks ago

    So I imagine that song takes place in zootopia but a suburban zootopia.

  • ERROR ash
    ERROR ash   1 weeks ago

    7:29 who else heard "so when is this sh*t coming in?"

  • Striker
    Striker   1 weeks ago

    Hey CinemaSins guess you didn't notice in the beginning when the minions are singing the lights that go out spell "minion" got to add another sin!

  • 47killerhitman
    47killerhitman   1 weeks ago

    14:17 the llama already knew but only intervened then, the sin here should be why didnt she take an action before the show started

  • 47killerhitman
    47killerhitman   1 weeks ago

    9:44 i think gorillas are a bit stronger than humans hahaha

  • 47killerhitman
    47killerhitman   1 weeks ago

    9:17 He doesn't carry that all the time, he got it because he knew he would need with these foxes or whatever they are

    OWOWOWOWOWOWO   1 weeks ago

    He added a sin for saying manhole covers were light did he not realise it was a fucking gorilla lifting it

  • Boznia
    Boznia   1 weeks ago


  • Diego Rodriguez
    Diego Rodriguez   1 weeks ago

    Another Sin - Porcupines can't shoot their quills in real life

  • Diego Rodriguez
    Diego Rodriguez   1 weeks ago

    Another Sin - Porcupines can't shoot their quills in real life

  • Bird friend
    Bird friend   1 weeks ago

    This poor whale just gets to be a whale. with a hat

  • MSA 454
    MSA 454   1 weeks ago

    I laughed at the poster on the hippo more than I should have.

  • MrGuyo
    MrGuyo   1 weeks ago

    I loved the back to the future part

  • Radomirius
    Radomirius   1 weeks ago

    In the movie the red pandas sing F-U-C-K

  • Raisinrock124
    Raisinrock124   1 weeks ago

    I would only like this movie if Journey was in this movie.

  • LHW gaming
    LHW gaming   1 weeks ago

    Me: Likes movieCinemaSins: This move is badMe: yeah who even like this movie

  • rolla47
    rolla47   1 weeks ago

    me at the start of the video: its just a movie stop bitchingme half way through you know what i agree