Carsen Edwards IS ON FIRE! Full Highlights vs Cavaliers (2019.10.15) - 30 Points, 9 Threes!

  • Published on: 16 October 2019
  • Boston Celtics vs Cleveland Cavaliers - Full Game Highlights | October 15, 2019 NBA Preseason
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  • Runtime : 1:49
  • nba basketball carsen edwards boston celtics


  • Valk3
    Valk3   1 months ago

    God damn I wanna see a duel between him and steph

  • Sexual Kumi
    Sexual Kumi   2 months ago

    If the season is coming back, put Carsen over Wanamaker in the rotation.

  • Brick Stone
    Brick Stone   3 months ago

    1:17 sounded like he suckerpunched the net goddamnBeen a fan of him since the purdue virginia game

  • Prgtoon !
    Prgtoon !   3 months ago

    Cuzzo going brazy🦾💕

  • S a i t a m a
    S a i t a m a   4 months ago

    Ok I’m in 2020 and if Kyrie said he is going back to Boston then it would be tacko kemba kyrie and Edwards and enes then that team might be op and I was thinking about it and if you can correct me with thePlayers or anything like that it would make sense to me

  • Zombie Blends
    Zombie Blends   6 months ago

    I came here from my nba live lineup and god damn I gotta say

  • Ace Pitch
    Ace Pitch   6 months ago

    Damn carsen is lights out Jesus what a fucking pick in this draft Wowzers 😱😱

  • Tober
    Tober   6 months ago

    This guy is ridiculous. I don't blame anyone he scores on.

  • Obie Lara
    Obie Lara   7 months ago


  • AJ SC
    AJ SC   7 months ago

    THE FUTURE!!!!

  • Justin
    Justin   7 months ago

    My favorite guy in the draft behind Ja Morant.

  • 44 Pacino
    44 Pacino   7 months ago

    Jesus this boy is gonna be one of the greats he keeps playing like this.

  • Issachar
    Issachar   7 months ago

    His knees bend outwards lol shit looks funny af

  • I_Eat_Pringles
    I_Eat_Pringles   7 months ago

    Watched him since he was a freshman. Boiler Up!

  • Goga Chinchaladze
    Goga Chinchaladze   7 months ago

    when you mix lillard's range, rose's unique style and curry's accuracy.

  • equi nox
    equi nox   7 months ago

    ...future of the swoosh brothers, but who's gonna be his brother? vs splash brothers...

  • erik puka
    erik puka   7 months ago

    Celtics been drafting smart these last years

  • Miles Hall
    Miles Hall   7 months ago


  • 555kaneda
    555kaneda   7 months ago

    Steph really ruined the game

  • DeputyFuttBuck
    DeputyFuttBuck   7 months ago

    He can shoot it off the catch and off the dribble. Also deep deep range. This was a good display even if the cavs are a bad team. It was obvious is summer league that this guy could shoot it. Now he's making a name as a shooter

  • M.Y. Niqqa
    M.Y. Niqqa   7 months ago

    Hes D Rose mix with Steph curry

  • Goobweyn Media
    Goobweyn Media   7 months ago

    NAW is still the steal of the draft in my opinion but Edwards is awesome too. He is a walking bucket and when he is on fire the dude can change the game.

  • aka
    aka   7 months ago

    Low arck he should work on that to be more consistent

  • MEHSI 10
    MEHSI 10   7 months ago

    The legs on the dude 😮Crazy size!!!!!