Carsen Edwards IS ON FIRE! Full Highlights vs Cavaliers (2019.10.15) - 30 Points, 9 Threes!

  • Published on: 16 October 2019
  • Boston Celtics vs Cleveland Cavaliers - Full Game Highlights | October 15, 2019 NBA Preseason
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  • Runtime : 1:49
  • nba basketball carsen edwards boston celtics


  • Ace Pitch
    Ace Pitch   3 days ago

    Damn carsen is lights out Jesus what a fucking pick in this draft Wowzers 😱😱

  • Tober
    Tober   1 weeks ago

    This guy is ridiculous. I don't blame anyone he scores on.

  • Obie Lara
    Obie Lara   1 weeks ago


  • AJ SC
    AJ SC   2 weeks ago

    THE FUTURE!!!!

  • Justin
    Justin   2 weeks ago

    My favorite guy in the draft behind Ja Morant.

  • 44 Pacino
    44 Pacino   2 weeks ago

    Jesus this boy is gonna be one of the greats he keeps playing like this.

  • Issachar
    Issachar   3 weeks ago

    His knees bend outwards lol shit looks funny af

  • Gogger Mogger
    Gogger Mogger   3 weeks ago

    when you mix lillard's range, rose's unique style and curry's accuracy.

  • equi nox
    equi nox   4 weeks ago

    ...future of the swoosh brothers, but who's gonna be his brother? vs splash brothers...

  • erik puka
    erik puka   4 weeks ago

    Celtics been drafting smart these last years

  • Miles Hall
    Miles Hall   4 weeks ago


  • 555kaneda
    555kaneda   4 weeks ago

    Steph really ruined the game

  • DeputyFuttBuck
    DeputyFuttBuck   4 weeks ago

    He can shoot it off the catch and off the dribble. Also deep deep range. This was a good display even if the cavs are a bad team. It was obvious is summer league that this guy could shoot it. Now he's making a name as a shooter

  • M B
    M B   1 months ago

    Reminds me of Dana Barros

  • M.Y. Niqqa
    M.Y. Niqqa   1 months ago

    Hes D Rose mix with Steph curry

  • Goobweyn Media
    Goobweyn Media   1 months ago

    NAW is still the steal of the draft in my opinion but Edwards is awesome too. He is a walking bucket and when he is on fire the dude can change the game.

  • aka
    aka   1 months ago

    Low arck he should work on that to be more consistent

  • MEHSI 10
    MEHSI 10   1 months ago

    The legs on the dude 😮Crazy size!!!!!

  • Peace on Earth
    Peace on Earth   1 months ago

    TRUTH. Been saying it 2 yrs ago at Purdue. Go back and watch the film lol

  • Levi M
    Levi M   1 months ago

    he got the game on rookie mode

  • King DewBrew
    King DewBrew   1 months ago

    9 threes bet he’s going to brake the record

  • Chelsea Merced
    Chelsea Merced   1 months ago

    Shooting like he on hall of fame limitless range on rookie lmao

  • Patrick K
    Patrick K   1 months ago

    He looks exactly what I'd expect a black guy named Carsen to look like.

  • MrTeeRedd
    MrTeeRedd   1 months ago

    Rumble young man rumble liked his game since Purdue

  • Stinglikeabee502
    Stinglikeabee502   1 months ago

    One thing for sure is this rookie class looks better than last years.